I am Ghost

“I am Ghost producer” –
is a service that offers exclusive tracks for Djs and up-and-coming artists:

who are trying to make their own music, but don’t get a good result.

who have a lot of performances or deals and have no time for producing music.

who want to become successful DJs quickly and easily.

We are the team of professional producers composing songs in High Quality.

Ghost Produced

100% exlusive and unique
All tracks are absolutely original and do
not contain any unauthorized samples,
vocals or loops. Only exclusive,
royalty-free samples.

our deal
is 100%

– You own 100% of the copyright

– You earn 100% of royalty

– When you purchase a track, you receive all legal documents and get a copyright that acknowledge you as an owner of this track.

– We waive all rights to the song and agree to remain anonymous.

– We sign a contract with a producer which states that he is not an author and copyright owner anymore, and that he will never claim any authorship.

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