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10 Best Trance Songs with Mesmerizing Female Vocals You Can’t Miss

Trance music has always been a favorite among electronic dance music (EDM) fans and Deejays. When it comes to trance music with female vocals, there’s no denying the fact that it’s magical. The blend of ethereal sounds, uplifting beats, and enchanting lyrics can take you to a whole new world of euphoria.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best trance songs with mesmerizing female vocals that you simply can’t miss. Whether you’re a die-hard trance fan or just starting to explore this genre, these tracks will surely leave you spellbound.


1.      “Waiting” by Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt

This uplifting trance anthem combines Dash Berlin’s energetic production with the captivating vocals of Emma Hewitt. Hewitt’s voice beautifully complements the euphoric melodies, creating an emotional and empowering atmosphere.

Its lyrics speak of longing and anticipation, perfectly capturing the essence of waiting for love. With its infectious energy and heartfelt vocals, “Waiting” has become a beloved track within the trance community, capturing the essence of the genre’s uplifting and euphoric nature. The Dash Berlin music duo is among the top professional EDM production duos in the world.

2.      “Shivers” by Armin van Buuren feat. Susana

“Shivers” is a captivating trance track that showcases the incredible vocal talent of Susana. Her powerful and emotive voice blends seamlessly with Armin van Buuren’s dynamic production, creating a hauntingly beautiful piece of music.

The lyrics evoke a sense of longing and desire, while the driving beats and euphoric melodies take listeners on a captivating journey. “Shivers” stands as a testament to the ability of trance music to evoke strong emotions and connect with its audience on a deep level. This track is among the many that you can rely on to acquire skills needed in crafting outstanding songs. However, you can choose to buy exclusive trance tracks from ghost producers if you find it challenging to come up with fans-oriented lyrics and sounds.

3.      “You are not Alone” by ATB feat. Olive

This is an exceptional classic trance song that features the enchanting vocals of Olive. The track’s dreamy atmosphere and ethereal melodies create a sense of introspection and emotional vulnerability. Olive’s soothing voice adds a touch of melancholy, emphasizing the song’s theme of solitude and inner reflection.

ATB’s signature production style, characterized by uplifting beats and melodic hooks, blends seamlessly with Olive’s vocals, resulting in a timeless trance anthem that resonates with fans around the world.

4.      “Go” by BT feat. JES

The high-energy trance anthem combines BT’s innovative production skills with the fascinating vocals of JES. The song’s pulsating beats and infectious hooks create an electrifying atmosphere, while JES’s powerful voice adds a sense of urgency and passion.

“Go” stands out for its dynamic arrangement and seamless fusion of trance and progressive elements. It’s a thrilling and energetic track that showcases the collaborative synergy between BT and JES, making it a favorite among trance enthusiasts and dance music lovers alike.


5.      “Out of the Sky” by Lange feat. Sarah Howells

The song stands as one of the most captivating trance songs and showcases the angelic vocals of Sarah Howells. Lange’s melodic production sets the stage for Howells’ enchanting voice to shine, creating a sense of soaring through the sky. The track’s uplifting melodies and euphoric energy evoke a feeling of liberation and freedom.

Howells’ emotive delivery adds depth and emotion to the lyrics, which speak of overcoming obstacles and reaching for the sky. “Sky” is a beautiful blend of powerful vocals and uplifting trance elements, making it a standout track in the genre. Lange’s excellent performances have made him one of the biggest names in the competitive music industry.

6.      “Not enough Time” by Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt

The song combines emotive lyrics with a pulsating rhythm, creating a sense of urgency and longing. Hewitt’s vocals soar effortlessly over the uplifting melodies, capturing the essence of time slipping away and the desire to make the most of every moment. “Not enough Time” is a powerful and emotive collaboration that resonates with listeners, evoking a range of emotions and leaving a lasting impression.

7.      “Clear Blue Water” by OceanLab

This OceanLab’s hit’s dreamy atmosphere and melodic hooks create a sense of serenity and tranquility. Suissa’s captivating voice perfectly complements the lush production, transporting listeners to a world of calm and introspection. She is a great woman in the industry and never frustrates her colleagues and fans owing to her songwriting and singing skills.

The track’s lyrics tell a story of healing and finding solace in the purity of nature. “Clear Blue Water” is a timeless trance anthem that showcases the synergy between Suissa’s vocals and OceanLab’s emotive production.

8.      “In and Out of Love” by Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel

“Love” is a powerful trance ballad that combines Armin van Buuren’s masterful production with the haunting vocals of Sharon den Adel. The song’s introspective lyrics explore the complexities of love and its ability to both uplift and tear apart.

Den Adel’s emotive delivery adds a raw and vulnerable quality to the track, while the dynamic instrumentals evoke a sense of emotional intensity. “Love” stands as a testament to the emotional depth that trance music can convey, captivating listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies.


9.      “I want you here” by Solarstone with Thea Riley

When you listen to this song for the first time, you’ll note the enchanting vocals of Thea Riley, accompanied by Solarstone’s melodic production. The song’s lush harmonies and euphoric melodies create a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Riley’s delicate yet powerful voice adds a touch of longing and devotion to the lyrics, expressing a desire to be with someone regardless of the location. “I want you here” is a captivating collaboration that combines heartfelt vocals with uplifting trance elements, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic journey.

10.  “Songless” by Lange feat. Jennifer Karr

The track’s infectious energy and driving beats create a sense of empowerment and resilience. Karr’s emotive voice adds depth and emotion to the lyrics, which speak of finding strength and reclaiming one’s voice. “Songless” stands out for its energetic and anthemic nature, embodying the essence of trance music. It’s a powerful collaboration that showcases the synergy between Lange’s production skills and Karr’s captivating vocals.

Final Thoughts

These 10 trance songs with mesmerizing female vocals are sure to captivate trance fans around the world. From uplifting melodies to emotive lyrics, these tracks offer a range of emotions and experiences. Whether you’re looking for an anthem of empowerment or a soothing sonic journey, these songs have something to offer. Put on your headphones and get ready to explore some of the best Trance music with mind-captivating female vocals.