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A Journey through the Career of a Musical Genius – Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud is a name that resonates with electronic music lovers across the globe. Known for his exceptional skills as a DJ, producer, and remixer, Garraud has been setting the music scene ablaze for many years. With a career spanning from the 90s to present-day, he has produced hit tracks and has helped shape the electronic music landscape.

In this article, we’ll take a journey through Garraud’s career, exploring his early beginnings, his rise to fame, and his continued contributions to the music industry. We’ll uncover the secrets behind his unique sound, his creative process, and his unwavering passion for music.


About Joachim Garraud

Where Was Joachim Garraud Born?

He was born on September 27, 1968, in Nantes, a city in western France.

Who is Joachim Garraud?

Joachim Garraud is a French DJ, remixer, and record producer. He is known for his electro house, new beat, and acid house music. He is also the co-founder of Gum Records and the host of a weekly radio show called Zemixx. He uses a Space Invader mascot to identify with his fan community and his live shows feature 3D video and sound.

How old is Joachim Garraud?

This French DJ is 54 years old. His zodiac sign is Libra and his Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey. He has French nationality and Caucasian ancestry.

Where Joachim Garraud Lives

The information about his current residence remains unclear. However, he was born and raised in Nantes, France and he created his recording studio in Paris, France. He also travels around the world for his live shows and festivals.

What’s Joachim Garraud’s Real Name?

His real name is Joachim André Garraud.


Joachim Garraud’s Family

Who is Joachim Garraud’s Wife?

DJ Joachim Garraud is probably married but the name of his wife remains unknown to the public! In a past interview, Garraud said that he once visited Miami with his wife and kids for a holiday. However, he never mentioned the name of his wife.

How Joachim Garraud Met his Wife?

It’s not known when or how Garraud met his wife.

When did Joachim Garraud get married?

The information about his wedding and marriage life remains private to him. He hasn’t discussed it in interviews or on social media.

Joachim Garraud’s Children

In a past interview with, he said “… Last time I came with my family – I have four kids, and I was with my wife and kids on the beach. …” Their names or birth details aren’t available as he keeps most of his personal life private.


Starting the Music Career

When did Joachim Garraud start DJing?

His DJing career came to the public in 1989 at The Boy, a Parisian club that first initiated the discovery of the techno phenomenon in France.

How did Joachim Garraud get his stage name?

Joachim Garraud does not have a stage name. He uses his real name as his artist name. His full name is Joachim André Garraud. However, he has been involved in the development of music software and hardware, creating his line of products under the brand name “Garraud Industries.”

When Joachim Garraud became famous?

He gained widespread recognition in the early 2000s with his work as part of the electronic music duo Space Invaders, which he formed with fellow French DJ and producer David Guetta. The duo released several successful tracks and remixes, and their work helped to popularize the electro-house genre.

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Is Joachim Garraud the Best DJ?

In most arts – where music is inclusive, “the best” remains subject to one’s tastes and preferences. While Joachim Garraud is a respected and influential figure in the electronic dance music scene, it is ultimately up to individual listeners to decide which DJs they consider to be the best based on their preferences and tastes in music.


The Popularity of Joachim Garraud

Why is Joachim Garraud so popular?

Garraud popularity in the EDM scene can be attributed to his innovative mixing style, technical skills, and use of technology in his performances. He incorporates live production elements into his sets to create customized performances that are tailored to specific audiences and venues. Additionally, he develops music software and hardware, creating his line of products under the brand name “Garraud Industries”.

What is Joachim Garraud’s most famous song?

It is hard to say which song is Joachim Garraud’s most famous, as different songs may have different levels of popularity and recognition in different regions and platforms. However, “Love Is Gone” is among his most successful songs. The song earned over 80 million streams on Spotify and significant views on YouTube.


Joachim Garraud and Music Production

What does Joachim Garraud use to make music?

In terms of software, he uses a digital audio workstation and also uses various virtual instruments and effects plugins. He also uses hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic instruments in his music production and performance, such as the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines.

What DAW (Software) does Joachim Garraud Use?

Joachim Garraud mainly uses the Apple Logic Pro digital audio workstation in his music production projects. He also uses other DAWs such as Ableton Live and Image Line FL Studio depending on the project.

In what styles of music does Joachim Garraud make tracks?

Throughout his career, he has explored different subgenres of electronic music, such as house, techno, electro, and progressive. His music often features energetic and driving beats, intricate melodies, and unique sound design elements.


Joachim Garraud Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where is Joachim Garraud playing?

According to the information on his official website, Garraud has two upcoming concerts in 2023. He will be playing at the Venoge Festival in Cossonay, Switzerland on August 17 and at the Elektric Park Festival in Nanterre, France on September 3. You can follow him on Songkick to get notified when he adds new concerts near you!

How much does Joachim Garraud charge per show?

The amount he charges for both local and international events is unclear. However, we all know that fees can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the venue, location, and the artist’s popularity and demand. To get an accurate quote for your festival or event, contact his manager or booking agent.

What Does Joachim Garraud think about Ghost Production and Ghost Producers?

DJ Joachim Garraud has been critical of ghost production and ghost producers in the past. He spoke out against the use of ghost production. Instead, he advocates for a more collaborative and open approach to music production, where artists work together and share ideas and expertise to create music that is unique and genuine. He also emphasizes the importance of developing technical skills and creativity, rather than relying on others to produce music on one’s behalf.


Final Thoughts

Joachim Garraud is a highly respected and influential figure in the electronic dance music scene. His innovative mixing style, technical skills, and use of technology have made him an inspiration for aspiring DJs and producers. He has also taken a stand against ghost production and encourages collaboration among artists. Whether you think he’s “the best” or not, there’s no denying that Joachim Garraud is an important figure in the EDM world.