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Above and Beyond: The Magic of Their Mind-Blowing Music

Every industry has its legends and music is one of the industries with the most legends. Above and Beyond is one of the most popular music trios in the industry today. Renowned for their ability to create a euphoric atmosphere, this trance trio has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

For decades, Above & Beyond has crafted a unique blend of melodic beats and emotive lyrics. They are highly acclaimed for chart-topping hits and mesmerizing live shows. It’s no wonder they have a dedicated social following.

Let’s discover how the trio managed to cement their status as one of the most respected acts in the industry.


About Dj Above & Beyond

Where Were Above & Beyond Born?

Jono Grant was born on October 22, 1979, in England, Tony McGuinness was born on April 23, 1969, in England, and Paavo Siljamäki was born on April 25, 1977, in Finland.

Who Is Dj Above & Beyond?

Above & Beyond is a trio of DJs who work together to produce and perform electronic music. They often play live shows with keyboards, laptops, and controllers, and sometimes invite vocalists to join them on stage. They also host their events and festivals, such as ABGT (Above & Beyond Group Therapy) and Anjunadeep Open Air.

How old are they

As of 2023, Jono Grant is 43 years old, Tony McGuinness is 54 years old, and Paavo Siljamäki is 46 years old.

Where Above & Beyond Live

According to their official website, Above & Beyond is based in London, UK. However, they also travel frequently around the world for their tours and gigs.

Where are they from

Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness are from England while Paavo Siljamäki is from Finland. They met each other in London in the late 1990s and formed Above & Beyond in 2000.

What’s Above & Beyond’ Real Name?

Above & Beyond is the stage name of the group, but their real names are Jonathan David Grant, Anthony Patrick James McGuinness, and Paavo Olavi Siljamäki.


Above & Beyond Families

Who are Above & Beyond’ Wives?

Jono Grant is married to Zoe Johnston, a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Above & Beyond on many songs. Tony McGuinness is married to Justine McGuinness, a public relations consultant and former politician. On the other hand, Paavo Siljamäki is married to Laura Siljamäki, a yoga teacher and wellness coach.

How Above & Beyond Met Their Wives

Jono Grant met Zoe Johnston through a mutual friend who introduced them as potential musical partners. They hit it off and started working on songs together, as well as falling in love. Tony McGuinness met Justine McGuinness when she was working as a press officer for Virgin Records, the label that signed Above & Beyond in 2001. Paavo Siljamäki met Laura Siljamäki at a yoga retreat in India in 2010. They bonded over their shared interest in spirituality and wellness.

When Did Above & Beyond Get Married?

Jono Grant and Zoe Johnston got married in 2007. Tony McGuinness and Justine McGuinness got married in 2002. Paavo Siljamäki and Laura Siljamäki got married in 2012.

Their Children

Jono Grant and Zoe Johnston have two children: a son named Leo and a daughter named Luna. Tony McGuinness and Justine McGuinness have three children: two sons named Oscar and Felix, and a daughter named Matilda. Paavo Siljamäki and Laura Siljamäki have one child: a son named Aaro.


Starting Above & Beyond’ Music Career

When Did Above & Beyond Start DJing?

They started DJing in the early 2000s after they gained recognition for their remixes of songs by artists such as Madonna, Dido, and Chakra. They made their debut at the Ministry of Sound in London in 2001 and soon became regulars at clubs and festivals around the world.

How Did Above & Beyond Get their Stage Name?

Above & Beyond got their stage name from a motivational poster that was hanging in the studio where they were working on a remix of a song by Jono’s brother James Grant. The poster said “Above & Beyond” and featured an image of an airplane flying over mountains. They liked the name and decided to use it for their group.

When Did Above & Beyond Become Famous?

Above & Beyond became famous in 2004 when they released their first studio album Tri-State, which received critical acclaim and commercial success. The album featured songs such as “Air For Life”, “Alone Tonight”, and “Can’t Sleep”, which became trance classics. The album also showcased their signature sound of melodic, emotional, and uplifting trance music.

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Is Above & Beyond The Best Dj?

Above & Beyond are a very talented and successful DJ group, but whether they are the best DJ is a matter of opinion and preference. Some people may prefer other DJs who have different styles, genres, or personalities.

Some people may also have different criteria for judging the quality and skill of a DJ, such as their technical ability, their musical creativity, their live performance, or their fan base. Therefore, there is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal taste and preference.


The Popularity of Above & Beyond

How Did Above & Beyond Become Famous

Above & Beyond gained fame through production, remixes, DJ performances, and their record label. They started as a duo in 2000, releasing their first single as Anjunabeats. Tony McGuinness later joined. Their remix of Madonna’s “What It Feels Like for a Girl” in 2001 caught attention. They released singles under different names and founded Anjunadeep in 2005.

Their albums, including Tri-State, Group Therapy, We Are All We Need, and Common Ground, reached top positions on the charts. They performed at prestigious venues and events worldwide and are acclaimed for their diverse music styles and collaborations. They have a devoted fan base and are known for their uplifting messages and connection with fans.

Why Is Above & Beyond So Popular?

The group’s popularity stems from their emotionally resonant music. Their songs explore themes of love, hope, connection, and healing, using uplifting melodies and vocals. Their appeal spans across genres, attracting both trance and pop fans.

The group’s loyal fan base is integral to its success, with interactions through social media, live shows, radio, and documentaries. This sense of community is fostered, with fans referring to themselves as the Anjunafamily.

What Is Above & Beyond’ Most Famous Song?

Their most famous song is probably “Sun & Moon”. Released in 2011, it quickly became an anthem for trance music fans worldwide. Known for its emotive lyrics and captivating melodies, “Sun & Moon” has resonated with listeners on a deep emotional level.

The track’s poignant message and uplifting energy have made it a staple in Above & Beyond’s live performances and a fan favorite. Its popularity has cemented “Sun & Moon” as one of the group’s most iconic and beloved compositions.


Above & Beyond and Music Production

What Does Above & Beyond Use To Make Music?

They utilize various tools and instruments to create their music. As an electronic music group, they heavily rely on software synthesizers, drum machines, and digital audio workstations (DAWs) to compose and produce their tracks. Additionally, they incorporate live instrumentation and vocals into their music. The specific equipment and software they use may vary, but their music-making process combines the use of technology and traditional musical elements.

What DAW (Software) Does Above & Beyond Use?

The electronic music group uses different software applications (DAWs) for audio production. They primarily use Apple Logic Pro to produce their tracks from scratch. Additionally, the group uses Ableton Live to mix their radio show and create some rhythms and grooves.  Finally, they use the PreSonus Studio One software to enjoy a streamlined workflow and unlimited tracks.

They also use various plugins to enhance their sounds and effects, such as Omnisphere for synth strings and ArtsAcoustic Reverb for high-quality reverb. They have been making music since 2000 and have their record label, Anjunabeats.

In What Styles Of Music Does Above & Beyond Make Tracks?

Above & Beyond is known for its diverse and versatile styles of music, ranging from trance, vocal trance, progressive trance, progressive house, big room house, and even acoustic and ambient music. They have been influenced by various genres and artists, such as classical music, rock, pop, techno, house, and ambient.


Above & Beyond Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where are Above & Beyond Playing?

The music trio has a busy schedule of gigs, shows, and festivals around the world. They are currently on tour in the US with upcoming dates in San Bernardino, Hollywood, and Morrison. You can find more information about their tour dates and tickets on their official website or Songkick.

They also host a weekly radio show called Group Therapy Radio. You can listen to the show every Friday on various platforms or their YouTube channel.

How Much Do Above & Beyond Charge per Show

The exact amount that they charge per show is not publicly disclosed. However, it’s likely to be high considering their popularity and reputation in the electronic music scene. Some estimates suggest that they charge between $100k to $200k per show depending on the location, duration, and current demand. Contacting their manager or booking agent is the only sure way to get up-to-date charges for their shows.


Above & Beyond and Ghost Producers

What Do Above & Beyond Think About Ghost Production?

Above & Beyond are a famous electronic music group who have shared their views on ghost production. They believe that artists should not take credit for tracks they did not make or participate in.

However, they also respect the teamwork of some producers and want them to be recognized and paid. They also think that the fans have the final say on what music they enjoy and support.

Do Above & Beyond Have A Ghost Producer?

There is no evidence that Above & Beyond have a ghost producer for their music. They are open about their production process and their collaborators on their albums and tracks. They credit and thank other producers for their help and support. They share behind-the-scenes videos and photos of their studio sessions and live shows. Therefore, they do not have a ghost producer for their music.



Even though Above & Beyond has been in the electronic music scene for over two decades, they remain a powerful force. Their unique style of music and production techniques have earned them millions of fans around the world.

They use various software and instruments to create their tracks, perform at shows and festivals, and even host their weekly radio show. Above & Beyond respects the creativity of other producers and are transparent about their production process, as they have no ghost producer.