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All You Need to Know about House Music – From Chicago to the World!

Whenever we hear of entertainment, music rings in our minds. This is because music has been the major form of entertainment for ages. Though music has been there for a long, it evolves from time to time. This has seen multiple genres discovered at different times by various people. House music is among the most famous and historical music genres.

This music is mainly characterized by a repetitive 4/4 beat. Its origin is dated to the 1980s in Chicago. The unique soulful vocal music spread rapidly to the world and gained popularity among listeners of all walks of. Again, house music is respected for making a great influence on other music genres.


The History of House Music

It was in the 1970s that professional DJs in Chicago began to experiment with playing various music styles. Guy like Frankie Knuckles is among the most famous pioneers of this type of music. In the 1970s, he was working as a DJ in a famous club. His music made “The Warehouse” club in Chicago the most famous entertainment joint in the city. Fans of his music referred to him as the “Godfather of House Music”.

After some time, several Chicago-based producers and DJs came together to create house music. They used drum machines and other equipment to make their music. This music gained popularity across Chicago before spreading to other places. It became a universal genre and was played in most clubs in Chicago and other cities in the United States.

Fanatics of this genre will always tell you of DJs like Ron Hardy and Larry Heard who were famous for playing house music in Chicago. This music later spread to the United Kingdom by the mid-1980s and was embraced by music lovers. It is good to realize that various sub-genres rose along the way as house music continued to evolve. Among them are techno music, acid house, and deep house.


How to Create House Music

You might love house music and wish to create yours. After all, creating music is a fun experience and almost everyone may want to experience it. If you are thinking of creating house music, follow the steps below for a successful start.

Choose your software and equipment

This is the first step in any form of music production. You need a reliable computer, some audio equipment, and a digital audio workstation. All you must do is ensure that your software and equipment are up to date to get the best results.

Start with the beat

The most distinctive characteristic of house music is the repetitiveness of the 4/4 beat. For this reason, you need to acquire a drum machine to help you create a drum machine. To successfully come up with the beat, you can choose the MIDI to program the drums. Other times, you can choose to use a MIDI keyboard to record your beats.

Add bass and chords

These two are important aspects that make a song melodious. This type of music features deep soulful chords complemented by unique bass lines.

Incorporate vocals

A personal touch is what you cannot neglect in any house music. Listeners want to get soulful and perfect lifting vocals to make them emotional.

Apply Effects

To achieve the unique sound in your tracks, ensure to creatively apply effects such as reverb and distortion. Samples are also great for adding depth to in-house tracks.

Mixing and mastering your tracks

This comes once you have various track elements. You should mix them to come up with professional track sounds. Compression is highly useful in balancing track levels. If you have no skills in mixing, ghost production services can always be the solution to your problem.

Share and promote your music

Finally, you need to promote your music to reach listeners across the world. This can be on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The use of social media gives you a chance to reach a wider audience at a minimal cost than any other means of advertisement/promotion.


Where to Get House Music

If you love listening to house music, you’re probably curious about where to find amazing tracks for your entertainment. Fortunately, multiple sources will help you access your most preferred tracks. Below are the main sources of house music:

Ghost Production Shops

If you are engaged in various businesses, you can reach out to ghost production shop to get exclusive tracks. You also get all commercial rights on these tracks.

Streaming services

On these platforms, you can conveniently watch various house music tracks. Streaming platforms like Apple Music are a reliable source of house music albums.

Online music stores

With the current world turning to the internet, some online music stores specialize in electronic music such as house music. You can purchase these tracks or albums to get the rights to download and save them on your computer.

Record labels

Various artists avail their house music tracks to record labels for sales and marketing. These releases are available to customers in physical and digital albums. You can get tracks from beginner or seasoned musicians from these dealers.

DJ Mixes

Nowadays, some music producers and DJs share their music content over the internet. This allows lovers of various music genres to easily access their preferred music. With this, you are assured of finding new house music tracks on their personal websites and social accounts.

Local events and clubs

Sometimes, you might find organized house music events in your city or local residence. Though such events are organized for varying reasons, attending will give you a chance to learn of the latest house music tracks in town. You’ll also have a chance to see and probably interact with musicians who have succeeded in the same genre.



Advantages of House Music

You may fail to understand the worth of listening to this music genre. However, music has multiple advantages. Remember, the rich history of this type of music. Here are some of the main advantages of house music:

  1. The music is valued for its uplifting and energizing nature. Because of its positive vibe, listening to these tracks helps in hiking someone’s mood.
  2. House music brings people together on the dance floor. Lovers of this music genre meet on the dance floor to enjoy the unique beats. Whenever these tracks are played, dancers from different backgrounds dance together. Again, cultures and beliefs don’t discriminate against any of the fans.
  3. It has a rich history and culture which may not be identical to other genres. House music is much associated with the culture and politics of Chicago when it started.
  4. Lastly, the music house encourages creativity. From history, we see that it was developed from the experimentation of multiple genres. That alone is creativity and might encourage someone to try their ways of making better music.


Final Thoughts

We cannot dispute the long journey for house music to get to where it is today. Amazingly, it continues to grow as producers develop it to better standards. Those interested in this genre can use the available online and offline sources to learn more. Remember, it’s good for anyone who’s in a low mood! This music will greatly increase your mood as you enjoy the beats if you don’t understand the words.

If you don’t want to spend time creating music and are interested in exclusive tracks, choose ready-made House music ghost producers’ tracks from our professionals who have extensive experience in creating music and can provide high sound quality, which will allow you to get an amazing release.