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Amelie Lens: The Hardcore Icon Who is Shaping the Future of Electronic Music

In a male-dominated industry such as techno, it can be difficult for female DJs to get their voices heard. However, Belgian DJ Amelie Lens is breaking the mold, becoming one of the most sought-after and respected artists in the scene. Her energetic and melodic sets have captivated fans from around the world and catapulted her to the top of the industry. Let’s find out more about her.


About Amelie Lens

Where Was Amelie Lens Born?

Amelie Lens was born in Vilvoorde, Flemish Region, Belgium.

Who is Amelie Lens?

She is a Belgian electronic music DJ, record producer, and owner of the Lenske record label.

How old is Amelie Lens?

Amelie was born on 31 May 1990 and hence is 32 years old.

Where Amelie Lens Lives

Amelie currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium. She also has a summer residency at DC-10 in Ibiza.

What’s Amelie Lens’s Real Name?

Amelie Lens’s real name is Amélie Lens. She also used to DJ under the name Renée before becoming famous. She changed her name from Renée to Amelie Lens because she wanted to start fresh and be herself. She said in an interview: “I was playing under a different name before and I was playing a different style of music. I was playing more minimal techno and I was not happy with it. I felt like I had to play what people expected me to play and I was not enjoying it. So I decided to stop everything and start over with my real name and play the music that I love, which is more hard and fast.”


Amelie Lens Family

Who is Amelie Lens’s Husband?

Amelie Lens’s husband is Sam Deliaert, who is also a DJ and producer under the name Farrago. They have been together for 14 years and they announced their wedding in March 2022. They met as teenagers at a rave and share a passion for techno music

How Amelie Lens Met Her Husband?

Amelie met her husband Sam Deliaert (Farrago) as a teenager at a rave. They fell in love with each other and with techno music. They have been together ever since and supported each other’s careers as DJs and producers.

When did Amelie Lens get married?

Amelie and her husband Farrago announced their wedding in March 2022. They later wedded in Tuscany on July 4, 2022. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with their friends and family. Amelie Lens shared some photos of their wedding on her Instagram account and wrote, “I married my best friend”.

Amelie Lens’s Children

She has not mentioned having any children on her social media accounts or in interviews.


Starting the Music Career

When did Amelie Lens start DJing?

Amelie Lens started DJing in 2009. She began by playing in small clubs in her hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. She started DJing under the name Renée in 2014, playing mostly bass-heavy minimal techno.

How did Amelie Lens get her stage name?

Amelie did not get her stage name from anywhere. It’s her real name – she was born Amélie Lens. She used to DJ under the name Renée before becoming famous, but she decided to start over with her real name and play the music that she loved.

When Amelie Lens became famous?

Amelie Lens became famous around 2016 when she released her debut EP Exhale on the Italian label Lyase Recordings. The title track became a hit in the European techno scene and caught the attention of Pan-Pot, who signed her to their label Second State. She also won the Breakthrough Artist Of The Year award at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards in 2016. Since then, she has been playing at major festivals and clubs around the world and releasing more EPs on Second State and her label Lensk.

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Is Amelie Lens the Best DJ?

That is a subjective question that depends on your taste and preferences. Amelie Lens is certainly one of the most popular and influential DJs in the techno scene right now, but there are many other talented and diverse DJs out there who might appeal to different audiences.


The Popularity of Amelie Lens

Why is Amelie Lens so popular?

There are many possible reasons why Amelie Lens is so popular. First, she has a charismatic and energetic presence behind the decks, engaging with the crowd and dancing along to the music. Again, she has a loyal and passionate fan base that supports her on social media and at her shows, where they often bring gifts and signs for her. Finally, Amelie has a humble and authentic personality, sharing her love for music and animals with her fans and peers.

What is Amelie Lens’s most famous song?

Amelie Lens’s most famous song is In Silence, which was released in 2017 on Second State. The track has over 10 million streams on Spotify and was featured on many techno playlists and charts.


Amelie Lens and Music Production

What does Amelie Lens use to make music?

According to the web, Amelie Lens uses a variety of equipment to make music, both in the studio and on stage. Some include Access Virus TI2 Desktop Synthesizer, Sennheiser HD 25 Headphone, and Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer among others.

What DAW (Software) does Amelie Lens Use?

Amelie Lens uses Ableton Live 11 as her main DAW software. She also uses other DAWs such as Avid Pro Tools and Pioneer DJ rekordbox on a few projects.

In what styles of music does Amelie Lens make tracks?

Amelie makes tracks mainly in the style of techno. She also incorporates elements of other styles, such as acid, tribal, and industrial techno, which add more variation and intensity to her sound.


Amelie Lens Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where is Amelie Lens playing?

Amelie is expected to perform in various places across the world. On 5 May 2023, she will perform at the Time Warp Sao Paulo and Time Warp Chile events at Huechuraba, Chile, and Sao Paulo, Brazil respectively. Other events’ dates are available on her official websites and other legit ticketing websites.

How much does Amelie Lens charge per show?

Unfortunately, her website does not provide any information about her booking fee. However, the amount is estimated to be $150,000 – $299,000 for US events. Contacting her manager or the booking agent is the only sure way to receive an accurate quote.

What Does Amelie Lens think about Ghost Production and Ghost producers?

In a past interview, Amelie said, “I think it’s a shame that some people use ghost producers because they are taking away opportunities from people who make their music. I think it’s dishonest and disrespectful to the fans and the scene. I think everyone should be proud of their work and not pretend to be someone they are not.” She also said that she produces all her music and that she learned how to do it by watching tutorials and experimenting with different software and hardware.


Final Thoughts

Amelie Lens is a rising star in the world of techno music. From her humble beginnings as an underground artist to her current status as a major player in the international EDM scene, she has come a long way. Her loyal fan base and energetic performances have made her one of the most sought-after DJs around. With more releases and live shows on the way, Amelie Lens is sure to keep shaping the future of electronic music.