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Are Music Producers Rich?


Many of you have heard that music producers earn large royalties and most likely every person who writes his own music has thought about becoming a music producer at least once. There is a big difference between making a lot of money and being rich. In this article, we’ll tell you if a music producer can actually get rich and what are the ways to achieve this goal.

The bulk of a producer’s income comes from royalties. They may be small, and for beginners who are just getting their first experience, they may not be at all. Fees can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event that the producer works with famous artists who already receive a large number of sales of their albums, and their tracks on streaming services collect millions, and sometimes tens of millions of plays.

There are additional ways to get closer to wealth, and below we list the main ones.


Ways to make money for a producer

Let’s take a look at popular and effective ways to generate additional income for a music producer.


Selling your own tracks

This way for a producer can make very good money even for beginners. A producer can release music under his own pseudonym, which brings him closer to the artist, and receive money from the sales and listening of his music. He can also be a guest producer and write music to order or for venues that have their own catalogs of music of different genres for sale. Such a producer sends his music to the site for guest producers and receives a contract, according to the terms of which he receives money after the sale of his track on the site. One of these sites is Become a Ghost Producer!

Sale of goods

A producer can launch his own brand and sell different products: T-shirts, caps and other souvenirs. If a producer has his own brand, it will help him to make more sales and earn at the level of the top producers’ fees. By collaborating with other brands or artists, this money-making channel can scale indefinitely.


DJ sets performances

Music producers often perform at festivals and clubs. Just like DJs, whose main activity is performing, they also write music for themselves. If it is a regular performance, the producer can make good money, especially if he tours with famous artists with whom he works as a music producer.


Creating bundle of samples

This method of additional earnings for producers is one of the most popular and quite simple to start earning with it. The sampling process overlaps with the basic work of a music producer in many ways, so you don’t have to learn new instruments to get started. The only thing that needs to be studied is the sites where the samples are sold: find out what the requirements for samples are, what is popular and selling well, what are the current trends. There is also room for scaling – the producer can create collaborations with other producers who are already successfully selling their samples on the site and join the stream of these sales.


Provision of recording instruments service

If a producer has his own recording studio, he can either rent it out or provide recording services for artists and musicians. This is a very worthy way to make good money, and besides, it allows you not to idle the studio if the work of the producer does not always take place in the studio. In addition, it can be a combination of several services. In any case, if a producer has his own studio, he has a lot of ways to make money with it.


Song arrangement

If a producer has the skill of arrangement, such a specialist is worth its weight in gold, because not every music producer has this skill at a high level and is able to do this work efficiently. This is another niche in which you can stand out from the competition.



Why not? Often this service is included in one of the main processes of song creation. But if the producer is really strong in this particular area, they can only turn to him for this service.



Very often this stage of work is combined with mixing, but this service can be provided separately. This is especially true if the producer has extensive experience and his own studio with high-precision mastering equipment. In this case, his work will be rated much higher. Many producers do not do mastering with their own hands, but use the services of other specialists who have better equipment and more experience for this.


Making music for advertising

Sometimes you can earn even more in this area than on your own music. In the advertising industry, companies invest huge budgets in product promotion and can get tens of thousands of dollars from audio commercials. Your name, your acquaintances and your experience play a huge role here. If you possess all of the above, your price tag will increase significantly.


Broadcast license

This is an opportunity to receive royalties for broadcasting the producer’s music in cafes, restaurants, airports, radio and television, and other public places.



We have listed some of the most popular ways to earn extra money for a music producer. Some of them can bring him even more money than his main type of employment, some are permanent or long-term, others allow him to receive a one-time and large fee.


There are dozens of other ways, but everything is individual for each person separately. Therefore, it is worthwhile to determine your strengths, current and potential opportunities for further development and start working in the chosen directions. With the right approach, a music producer can become not just a famous specialist, but also a full-fledged businessman and a matter of wealth, it’s just a matter of time.