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Best Apps for DJs: Mac and free alternatives

For years, Mac users have been known for favoring dependable and user-friendly software. There is excellent news for Mac users who are DJs because a large variety of outstanding programs are readily available that are especially suited to their requirements. These programs will improve your mixing and performing abilities, regardless of your degree of experience as a DJ or how new you are. The top Mac applications for DJs are listed below.


Best Apps for Mac Users

Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro, widely recognized as one of the industry standards, provides a full set of tools for DJs. It offers a user-friendly interface, sophisticated mixing features, and seamless compatibility with well-liked hardware controllers. Serato Flip for recording and replaying cue point sequences and Serato DVS for controlling vinyl and CDJs make this program a need for DJs of all skill levels.


The user-friendly design and functionality of VirtualDJ make it a favorite among DJs. A number of features are available, including as real-time mixing, video mixing, and karaoke capabilities. Moreover, VirtualDJ offers a sizable plugin library, enabling users to increase its capability. Its interoperability with a variety of MIDI controllers also makes it a versatile option for DJs that favor various gear configurations.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live has grown in popularity among DJs due to its distinctive approach to live mixing and performance, despite being predominantly regarded as a digital audio workstation (DAW). DJs have countless creative options with Ableton Live’s session view and powerful audio modification tools. It also offers close connection with Ableton Push and supports a variety of MIDI devices.

Rekordbox DJ

Rekordbox DJ is a professional program created by Pioneer DJ that combines perfectly with their selection of CDJs and controllers. It includes effective track management tools, cutting-edge beatgrid editing, and a host of performance enhancements. Moreover, Rekordbox DJ has a special function called “Kuvo” that enables DJs to interact with their audience and communicate track details in real-time.

DJay Pro AI

DJay Pro AI is a cutting-edge program that delivers intelligent music suggestions and automated mixing by utilizing artificial intelligence. It is a great tool for DJs who wish to mix smoothly since it employs machine learning algorithms to evaluate tracks and make seamless transitions. Furthermore, Spotify connectivity is available with DJay Pro AI.

There are several outstanding DJ programs available for Mac users. These programs contain everything you need, whether you’re seeking for sophisticated mixing skills, flawless hardware integration, or cutting-edge features. Top alternatives that support various DJing techniques and preferences include Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, VirtualDJ, Ableton Live, Rekordbox DJ, and DJay Pro AI. Mac users may unleash their creativity, improve their performances, and advance their DJing abilities with the help of these tools.

By the way, choosing music for your mixes is a topic for a separate article, but if you want to make your mix as exclusive as possible, it’s a great idea to buy ghost production tracks. In order to avoid creating your own music, you can buy it from a ghost producer, get commercial rights to it, and then use it under your own name in your mixes and performances.

As a rule, you need to pay for Mac apps, so we have prepared a list of free alternatives.


Best Free Apps for DJs

Having the appropriate equipment at your disposal may significantly improve your performance, regardless of whether you are a seasoned DJ or just getting started. Thankfully, there are a number of free tools that may improve your DJing experience and advance your abilities. We’ll look at some of the top free DJ applications in this post.

Cross DJ Free

The feature-rich program Cross DJ Free has a simple user interface and strong mixing skills. You can mix music flawlessly, use effects, and even record your mixes thanks to it. It is simple to locate and load tracks on the fly thanks to the app’s support for a variety of audio formats and access to your device’s music collection.

Serato Pyro

DJs that want a hassle-free experience can use Serato Pyro, a special program that automates the mixing procedure. Pyro will automatically combine the tracks in a playlist you pick from your music library, altering the speed and transitions for a seamless flow. In order to create a coherent mix that keeps the party going, the software also assesses the tracks for energy and mood.

Virtual DJ Home

Popular DJ software Virtual DJ Home also has a free app for smartphones. Using virtual turntables, the program lets you mix records, add effects, and even scratch. It provides a big library of loops and samples to improve your mixes. You may unleash your imagination and try out various mixing methods with Virtual DJ Home.


A flexible program called Pacemaker mixes social networking features with DJing. Beatmatching, looping, and effects are just a few of the mixing options that are available along with an easy-to-use interface. The ability to construct mixtapes and share them with the Pacemaker community is one of Pacemaker’s distinctive features. Also, you may go through and listen to mixtapes made by other DJs, offering a venue for inspiration and teamwork.

DJ Rig Free

A variety of professional DJ capabilities are available in the iPhone and iPad app DJ Rig Free. It offers a mixer, two virtual turntables, and a number of effects and filters. A BPM analyzer, pitch control, and recording options are also included in the program. You may let your imagination run wild with DJ Rig Free and mix music flawlessly from the comfort of your smartphone.

In conclusion, these free DJ applications include a variety of tools and features that can improve your DJing abilities. There is something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a straightforward, automated mixing solution or a feature-rich software. The proper software may help you express your ideas, engage people, and advance your DJing without costing a fortune. Get ready to rock the party by downloading these applications!