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Best Method How Do DJs Make Money on Youtube

In addition to the main activity, DJs often receive income from several other sources. Today, we’re going to tell you about the possibilities of earning income through YouTube. This platform has its own monetization tools, but in addition to them, we will also tell you how you can use your channel to make money.


Monetization from YouTube

The platform allows channel owners to receive money for views. This is how we organize a list of ideas that can be turned into videos and uploaded to YouTube. If everything is done correctly, high-quality material will be popular and the number of views will start to increase. But in order to have a large number of views, you need to do a lot of preparatory work: choose the right topic, select keywords, and analyze the demand for such a topic.

Let’s assume that we know how to properly prepare material for our channel, so let’s talk in more detail about the types of activities that can be turned into videos.


Record DJing lessons

A large number of aspiring DJs start looking for free tips on YouTube, and this is a very large audience. Even if you upload your video tutorials to your channel for free and they get a lot of views, monetizing your channel will bring you an income from views. If you regularly optimize keywords for your videos, you can keep an attractive number of views for a long time. And this is only for one video. And you can record a lot of them.

In addition to paying for views, the platform also has a sponsorship button, thanks to which your subscribers can donate as a thank you for useful content.


Start your own DJ VLOG

As a DJ can have a very busy and interesting life with a lot of traveling, he can shoot a lot of videos and post them on his channel. The audience likes to follow the personal life of artists. What’s most interesting is that very often simple things from the artist’s life can get more YouTube views than a video of the artist’s performance. The personal life of famous people always receives an increased level of interest.

But in addition to videos from the artist’s life, you can also organize live broadcasts to answer questions from the audience and conduct informal workshops that do not fall into the category of courses or schools. In other words, in addition to entertaining content, you can also add useful content in a live format.

We would like to add that monetization methods can overlap. If a DJ talks about his experience with equipment during a performance or in the studio in his vlog, he can add a link to the video description. The link will take you to a DJ course or master class.


Generating revenue from partners

The description to each video has long been used for marketing purposes. Under each of his videos, a DJ can place a link to the partner’s website. If a person clicks on the link in the description and places an order with the partner, the DJ will receive his commission for the purchase. Partners can be stores that sell equipment for DJs, as well as official brands that produce this equipment.


Link to your own store

Well-known DJs often have their own online stores on their websites where they sell their music and official merchandise. You got it right – we add a link to the official store in the channel description and additionally duplicate the yogi in the description under each video. After watching the video, many people click on the links in the description and buy merchandise and music. If the artist’s videos have a lot of views, the conversion rate of the store will be higher. And if we add marketing to the online store, these sales can be further increased, but that’s a separate topic! It is also important that the DJ periodically reminds viewers in his videos to follow the link in the description or support them through donations.

If you’re a DJ who regularly plays in clubs or at festivals but doesn’t create your own music, but you realize that self-produced tracks will help your career grow, we recommend visiting our online store and buying ghost production tracks and not wasting time learning and producing. In a matter of minutes, you will have a track signed with your name and can send it to the label or post it on popular streaming platforms and music stores.


Monetization of live broadcasts

During live broadcasts, you can use the above methods, i.e. link to the store, connect a button for donations, and other affiliate links. Of course, everything may depend on the topic of the live broadcast, but often the host does not relate his link reminder to a specific topic but simply reminds you that you can buy his merchandise, or music, or use a promo code.


Paid course on DJing

Above, we wrote about free content with lessons that can be monetized using YouTube tools. In addition to free content, a DJ can create his own paid course, and thanks to live broadcasts and free useful content, interest potential students in purchasing his course, where they can learn useful lessons and get feedback under the mentorship of their idol. Today, some artists offer an additional tariff where they give students the opportunity to send their mix to a well-known radio station, which can be a real chance for a young artist to get their first gig and add motivation.

As you can see, even these basic ways to make money on YouTube are enough to turn the remaining free time of a DJ into an additional source of income. Be sure to use at least one method and gradually add the next one. There are times when an artist has few gigs, so in this case, their channel will compensate for this and generate income.

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