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Camp Bisco Festival: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Music and Camping Experience

If you’re a music enthusiast who loves the great outdoors, then Camp Bisco is the perfect festival for you! This annual event is a three-day celebration of electronic dance music, camping, and good vibes. Every year, thousands of people gather in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to experience the ultimate music and camping experience. With a lineup of world-renowned DJs, mesmerizing light shows, and a vibrant community of festival-goers, Camp Bisco is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t want to miss.

But with so much to see and do, planning your trip can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your Camp Bisco experience. From tips on what to pack to insider insights on the best acts to catch. This guide has everything you need to know to make your Camp Bisco experience unforgettable. Read on to understand why you need to attend this amazing festival and what makes it outstanding.


When was the first Camp Bisco Festival?

The first Camp Bisco Festival was held in 1999 in Cherrytree Pennsylvania.


Who owns Camp Bisco?

Camp Bisco is currently owned by Marc Brownstein, the bass player for The Disco Biscuits, Electron, and Conspirator. He is also the co-founder of Camp Bisco, along with HeadCount, a non-profit organization that promotes voter registration and participation.


Where is Camp Bisco held?

The web search results indicate that Camp Bisco is currently held at the Montage Mountain Resort in Moosic, Pennsylvania. The festival moved to this location in 2015, after being held at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York for several years.


When does the Camp Bisco lineup come out?

Based on previous years, the Camp Bisco lineup usually comes out around March or April of each year. Unfortunately, the lineup for the 2023 festival is yet to be released.


How much Are Camp Bisco tickets?

Tickets vary in price depending on the year and the type of pass. General admission passes can range from around $188 to $235, while VIP passes can cost more than $500. There are also travel packages, parking passes, RV passes, and glamping options available for additional fees.


When Is Camp Bisco?

The Camp Bisco music festival is usually held in July of each year.


Why Camp Bisco is famous

Camp Bisco is famous for its reputation as a leading music festival that combines electronic and jam band genres. Established by The Disco Biscuits in 1999, the festival has become renowned for its diverse lineup, featuring top-tier electronic artists and live bands.

With its immersive camping experience, multiple stages, and interactive activities, Camp Bisco offers attendees a unique and unforgettable festival atmosphere. It has earned its fame by providing a fusion of electronic beats and live improvisation, attracting music enthusiasts from around the world.


Camp Bisco places to stay

Camp Bisco offers three camping options: regular camping, RV camping, and glamping. You need a festival pass and a camping bundle to access the camping area. You can also stay at nearby hotels in Scranton, such as Hilton, Radisson, and Four Points. Check the official website for more details and availability.


Hotels with Shuttles near The Camp Bisco Festival

Several hotels near Camp Bisco offer shuttle service to the festival, such as TownePlace Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and SpringHill Suites by Marriott. These hotels are located near I-81 and have amenities like indoor pools, free breakfast, and WiFi.


When does Camp Bisco end?

Based on previous years, the Camp Bisco festival runs from Thursday to Saturday in July. The festival grounds close at noon on Sunday.


When Camp Bisco Do Tickets Ship?

The festival’s tickets are typically shipped either on the purchase day or a day after. However, your tickets may be shipped later depending on when the concert venue releases the tickets. In this case, your tickets will be shipped to you as soon as they receive them.


What time is Camp Bisco?

The music starts around noon and ends around midnight each day.


Who is performing (plays) at Camp Bisco?

Camp Bisco features a variety of artists from genres such as livetronica, jamtronica, trance fusion, and more. The headliners of the festival are The Disco Biscuits, a band from Philadelphia that plays electronic music in jam style. The lineup for 2021 included The Disco Biscuits, Bassnectar, GRiZ, Tipper, Lotus, San Holo, STS9, Subtronics, Shpongle, G Jones, Troyboi, and more. However, the festival’s website does not provide any information about the 2022 or 2023 events!


Final Thoughts

Camp Bisco is a unique and special music festival experience that brings together music lovers from across the country to enjoy unforgettable performances, camping, art installations, and more. Camp Bisco is an amazing event for all ages; attendees should be prepared with appropriate clothing, as well as safety measures in mind. Whether you’re looking for a memorable vacation or an unforgettable music experience, Camp Bisco is the perfect place to be.

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Is Camp Bisco A Rave?

Based on the images and descriptions of the festival, it seems that Camp Bisco has some elements of rave culture, such as electronic music, dancing, drugs, and colorful outfits. However, Camp Bisco also features other genres of music, such as jam bands, rock, and hip-hop. Therefore, Camp Bisco may be considered a hybrid of rave and other music festivals.

Is Camp Bisco free?

No, Camp Bisco is not free. You need to buy a festival pass and a camping bundle to access the festival grounds and the music. The prices vary depending on the year and the type of pass.

What is the age limit for Camp Bisco?

The Camp Bisco festival has an age limit of 16+. You also need a valid photo ID to prove your age. Camp Bisco changed its policy from all ages to 16+ in 2012, which may affect some fans and parents who want to bring their children to the festival.

Is Camp Bisco the biggest festival?

Camp Bisco is not the biggest music festival. It draws big crowds of fans and features many artists, but it is not as large or popular as some other music festivals, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo.

Can you watch Camp Bisco online?

The Disco Biscuits announced free live streams of their performances at Camp Bisco 2019 on their YouTube page. You can also watch some videos of Camp Bisco on Facebook. However, there is no information about live streams for Camp Bisco 2022 or 2023 yet.

Are Camp Bisco tickets refundable?

The tickets are not refundable unless the festival is canceled. Camp Bisco 2020 was canceled due to the Covid – 19 pandemic and all ticket buyers were refunded in full.

Can you resell Camp Bisco tickets?

Yes, you can resell your tickets through third-party platforms. You can join a Facebook group called Camp Bisco Tickets Buy & Sell, where you can post your tickets and find buyers. You can also use online ticket marketplaces like StubHub or Red Zone Tickets, where you can list your tickets and set your price. However, you may not be able to get the full value of your tickets or guarantee a sale, depending on the demand and availability of Camp Bisco tickets.

Is Camp Bisco Music Festival safe?

Camp Bisco prioritizes attendee safety by implementing security measures, medical staff, and emergency services. While no event can guarantee absolute safety, the festival takes precautions to create a secure environment. Attendees should also exercise personal responsibility, remain aware of their surroundings, and follow any provided guidelines to ensure their safety throughout the event.

Is Camp Bisco 24 hours?

No, Camp Bisco is not 24 hours. The music starts around noon and ends around midnight each day. The festival grounds close at noon on Sunday.

What to wear at the Camp Bisco Festival?

The festival’s outfits are usually colorful, fun, and comfortable. You can wear festival bathing suits, shorts, skirts, tops, bodysuits, harnesses, and accessories that reflect your style and personality. You can also choose outfits that are holographic, metallic, glittery, or sequined to stand out in the crowd.

However, you should also consider the weather and the activities at Camp Bisco, such as the water park, the camping, and the dancing. You should bring layers, sunscreen, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes to stay safe and comfortable.

Can Camp Bisco tickets be transferred?

Camp Bisco tickets are not transferable. You need a valid photo ID to prove your identity and age at the festival entrance. You also need to present your confirmation email and credit card used for the purchase to receive your wristband. Therefore, you cannot transfer your Camp Bisco tickets to someone else.

When did the Camp Bisco Festival start?

The Camp Bisco Festival started in 1999.

Which Camp Bisco Festival is the biggest?

Camp Bisco’s Electric City Stage is the biggest in terms of size and capacity. Based on its past events, the biggest Camp Bisco edition may have been in 2010, when the festival had more than 25,000 attendees and featured acts like LCD Soundsystem, Thievery Corporation, Girl Talk, and Diplo.

How many days is the Camp Bisco Festival?

It’s a three-day festival that usually takes place in July of each year.

Where to stay at Camp Bisco?

Camp Bisco offers three camping options: regular camping, RV camping, and glamping. You need to buy a festival pass and a camping bundle to access the campgrounds. You can also book a hotel or a travel package for more comfort. ADA camping is available with registration.