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Can You be a DJ without being a Producer


The capabilities of modern instruments allow absolutely everyone to become a DJ. Previously, DJs needed to create their own music in order to be successful in the music world. In this article, we’ll take a look at ways how you can be a DJ without making your own music.


How do I get music?

There are many services that allow DJs to access music for their performances. Let’s consider the most popular ones.


Virtual DJ

Today it is one of the popular virtual DJing programs, and now it has the ability for DJs to use the Soundcloud platform to play music from the catalog. To use VirtualDJ with Soundcloud, you need to subscribe for $ 5. This is a very convenient way for DJs to get millions of high quality DJ tracks. For a DJ who does not create his own music, this is the perfect tool to broadcast music to his listeners.


YouTube DJ

This is a unique service and free of charge. You get virtual DJ equipment and you can download YouTube videos and audio to decks. It’s the perfect way to get just about any song on the planet for free and send it to your mix.



Yes, you read that correctly. If you purchase a Premium subscription, you get access to an unlimited number of high quality tracks that you can download and use in your DJ sets. For the convenience of downloading music, there is a Sidify service. It allows you to access songs on Spotify even without a paid subscription. After downloading the audio files, you can load them into any DJ software or use an external controller.


Music pools

Another useful resource for DJs looking to replace custom-made tracks are DJ pools. These paid services allow DJs to download an unlimited number of tracks from different genres. You can see new items on the site every day, as well as trend tracks. A nice addition to digital DJ pools is that different versions of the same track may be available to you: radio version, full version, instrumental or acapella. This allows you to create even more varied mixes without having to look around the internet for additional versions of a track.



Types of “non-producer DJs”

We are used to hearing that the DJs we know have, as a rule, created at least a few tracks during their careers. This is a kind of evidence that this is a real artist who creates his own music and plays it at concerts and in clubs. Therefore, if a DJ wants to tour the world a lot and strives to become a recognizable and popular artist, he should regularly create new music and broadcast it through streaming services, play live and sell it on records.

But is it really so important for a DJ to create his own tracks today? It’s not obligatory. And we want to list for you several types of DJs who do without copyright tracks in their performances. These DJs include wedding DJs, corporate and club.

Such DJs can be either self-employed or work for an agency that recruits them, if the agency has an order for a festive event – it can be a corporate party, a wedding, or the opening of a new store. The musical repertoire of such a DJ has little in common with the musical culture of the electronic scene and here the public does not care much whether this DJ creates his own tracks or plays only the tracks of other producers. The main thing is that the event goes according to plan and solemnly.

Your own tracks

What if a DJ one day wants to have his own music, participate in charts and sound on radio stations, be signed to a label? Many producers spend months and years learning how to write energetic and trending tracks. But you want to be able to make the track faster …

This possibility exists. It is for such cases that platforms have been created on which guest producers post the tracks they have created for sale, while the author of such a track remains anonymous. As soon as the DJ buys such a track, I send him a document that confirms the transfer of rights to this track. Now a DJ can call a track by his name, sign to a label and use it in his performances and mixes. This is an incredible opportunity for a DJ to save time and not spend it on training and accompaniment in the studio, but directly engage in performances, preparing new material and promoting his DJ brand on the Internet.

In the music industry, guest producers have already become the standard solution. As in any other field, where each person specializes in some narrow area, guest producers are also busy creating music for artists while they are busy with their specialization – touring.

Not many artists are able to keep up with everything when they have a busy schedule of tours and other events. Therefore, they are helped by such assistants who know their job well, have extensive experience, constantly follow the trends, regularly master work in new genres and trends of music in order to be in demand throughout their career.



If you are a DJ who does not create his own music, but would like to get all the benefits that your own tracks provide, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our ghost produced tracks. Here you will find dozens of different genres and hundreds of tracks for sale and for every taste. Choose which track you like, make a purchase and become the full owner of your own tracks!