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Can you learn music production on your own (1)

Can you learn music production on your own?

It’s not hard learning how to compose tracks if you wanted to turn off all the needless and irrelevant content. The whole additional info will be used later, after beginning your moving along the music-making road.
According to your aims, we’ll inform which facilities you must have, so after it you will receive an outline from us for making your first track.
Next comes, a discussion regarding what is needed to have more of this, in addition the following kit with necessary studio stuff. In case you wish to widen your repertoire, you must have the necessary stuff. Thus, you can choose how seriously you want to go into as music director, also whether it would be a job or extra work.
All right, it’s possible to study how to compose on your own. Next, we might inform you in what way is preferable to do this and where to start.

Base set

It’s possible to dispense with simply a laptop and a mouse if you’re fond of Techno Music, Deep or House Music. Besides, preferable to come up with a program which studies how to make music for yourself. They are referred to as Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). We guess it is known what such a Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or Ableton Live already are.
It’s required: a desktop or laptop; music making soft program; any headphones or loudspeakers.

Recording equipment and instruments

In the case when you must record a hit, apply vocals or keyboards, you prefer to understand that many laptops have their own microphones, factory ones. Anything needed is to mount this microphone as a lead-in origin to DAW and then may record whatever sound you wish. To utter a demo’s record what full of it takes, thus, for beginning and working.
It will be discussed later, moreover,  secondary action on the path to cool quality songs should be worth an audio interface or transmitter.

DAW using

There are many recommendations on the network to download FL workshop for Windows, but it is paid, or there exists a free analogue – Garageband on Mac. In addition, Avid has released a free Pro Tools First, in a bounded edition. Thus, it is sufficient to start exercising.
You will basically have to understand how to take any other DAW, if you recognize any of these ones as soon as you realize  you are committed and do not waste your money, you would  update it later (prof DAWs may be costly, as Pro stuff for Windows or Logic Pro for Mac).
With a clavier, you may set MIDI data and create tracks in case you own a MIDI-USB rope. In spite of this, the mouse may be used to insert notes. Plus, by connecting two tracks together, you may make one cool hit.

Your 1st song

Maybe it will make a nice finished track, maybe some kind of sketch – you train, at least. Do not be worried if you aren’t able to obtain something worthwhile for a pretty long: you are trying and gaining experience. DAW requires training, as larger and larger functions would open up over time. So do not stick or suppress.  Easy go and attempt that you might surely be aware of.

Theory studying is needed

This truth cannot be avoided. If you already know how to compose a base, a little knowledge will not help you create more (chords, melody, etc.). First, let’s learn the keys and chords, then you need to be able to understand the bass parts well and take from the desired melody with your chords. Imagine how much you prefer to understand. But this is already easier to get to a high level. You mustn’t get too deeply into jazz. First of all, as in any field, you are having to study the stems and the way it is used.

Explore the arrangement and orchestration

Later step on this ride is discovering orchestration and arranging tracks. Orchestration is knowledge of how instruments collated to create  a group. Every of them act a definite part in the periodicity spectrum and is selected so as not to clash with others sounds.
The instrumentation determines, while each of them in orchestration performs and  not. Realizing when and what instrument is playing may append passion or breath to your tracks, by increasing the power degree upon given parts, such as a choir.

Practice the stems of mixing and mastering

Finally, you are already creating, mixing and mastering. Frankly, redeveloping songs is not preferable besides understanding that it is. Thus, mixing is essential, whether you wish your own final tracks to sound well.
Mixing – or panning, is the operation of positioning loudness balancing at varying stereo ways in area and reporting appliances.(EQ). You mustn’t attain a pro, but the best is just not to seem like a beginner.

Become a professional

Here, you found out how DAW operates, differ music fundamentals and mixing rules. Now, explore music created outside of the early stages. Usually it entails extensive terms, where doing your own job periodically.
The diversity is, with strong attention and intention, you will reach great heights. Iteration is a recipe for achievement. It is advisable for you to record a lot of tracks. It’s not demanding to show every one of them, but going all the way from beginning to end is the key to growth.
Do not refer, as in the competition if you wish to improve skills.  Better to be concerned as if it were trained and purposeful practice.So you had better study increasingly music theory, mixing tricks, or else.

Ways to practice making music

Desired training and process needn’t be dull and rigid.  While you started boring, making an effort to come up with new ideas are about a couple of things you superbly start doing process fun and use new techniques to gain extra experience.
First of all, we recommend trying to redo favorite hits- remakes. This is about figuring out their tone, chord advancement, instrumentation and orchestration and setting them up the best possible way.
Remixing is another agreed technique to remix hits your fancy. Take different directions, for example, accapella, it can be broken into parts and set a different tone. Take famous songs and make something new and different that you would like if you heard it for the first time.


That’s it. Use the methods written in the article and repeat everything, never leave it in the middle. It is the way of an expert. It takes insurance, even training to build excellence and recruit followers. You would even be upgraded home-studio at the beginning. You must comprehend how to set up a  recording studio and also find the best facilities.
Eventually, after, you start having employees, collaborations with various directors so you would be able to learn new skills from. It will give you the motivation and assist you rise up. Besides the tips described above, in other articles on our blog we talk about courses, which can help you get the necessary knowledge for all stages of this article. Learn, practice, and when you’re ready to make decent quality tracks – we are waiting for you on our platform for guest producers, where you can monetize your favorite business – make music and get paid for selling it on our website.