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Could a DJ put up the Mixes for Sale?


Every DJ made at least one mix per his career. But what about selling this mix?

In retrospect, mixtapes are playing a really essential role, particularly in hip-hop. Nowadays, DJs are one of the most sought-after artists. You can see them at different events and concerts. DJs don’t make their own tracks. But they create a lot of mixtapes and most of the tracks in these mixes are from copyrighted material. Selling mixes remains illegal. Fortunately, it is now possible to sell your mixes legally and without having to go to every author for permission.


Sell ​​mixes online

Now DJs have rights and opportunities to sell mixes and make money. For example, Beatport Mixes allow artists to upload mixes and earn money from sales. To legally sell a mix, a DJ needs to pay some of the money to the authors whose songs are included in the mix. Putting up mixtapes for sale on the platform is the best way to sell mixes without copyright infringement.


Where to sell your mixes online?

The best place is perhaps your own site. Otherwise, there are still a couple of options: you can use Soundcloud service and the Bandcamp platform. Marketing tools make it easy for listeners to find your mixes on these sites.

Bandcamp has no limit on the number of tracks to upload. In addition, you set the price of the mixes or tracks yourself, and you can even make money on T-shirts and other accessories using the appropriate platform tools.

In addition to that you could sell not only mixes, but your own tracks as well. Have not released any yet? Keep calm, there is a way out. If your production skills are not at the advanced level, you can take advantage of ready-made tracks from the ghost producing store. The procedure is simple: buy the track you enjoy, get full copyrights to it, put it up for sale with your own name and receive income out of the purchases.

This service is great for DJs to sell their mixes directly to listeners without diving into marketing and spending more time creating new mixes.


Share your DJ mixes online for free

If you want to avoid litigation, you post the mix for free. If you are contacted with a complaint, just delete the mix. DJs often post their mixes online to promote themselves. This gives them the opportunity to get more performances. Mixcloud and Soundcloud are great for promotion purposes.


What are the other ways to monetize your music mixes?

The Mixcloud platform we presented above allows you to receive payment from your subscribers every month. At the same time, the DJ can legally upload his mixes and do live broadcasts.

When you pay for a Pro subscription, you get access to the advanced features of the site: you can see statistics and start live broadcasts. In your account settings, you can add a description in which you specify what fans will receive if they pay for a subscription.

An added bonus is the ability to specify the cost of the subscription yourself, the minimum is $ 2.99. This amount includes payments to all owners of music from your mix. You also receive a small percentage of this money.

The most effective way to attract people to a paid subscription is to create exclusivity. Write in the description that subscribers will be the first to get access to new mixes and broadcasts.


How to get promoted on Mixcloud Select

Below you can find some top tips on how to get promoted on the platform:

  • If you perform often and have at your first hundred fans, then you have a chance for your first success. Be realistic.
  • Try to provide high quality broadcast.
  • Don’t forget about “call to action”. Invite people to sign up for a paid subscription in the comments and descriptions of your tracks.
  • Be sure to talk about your Mixcloud profile on social media and invite people to follow you.
  • If you play frequently in one of the clubs, arrange with the owner and create an account for the club to attract club visitors to subscribe to this Mixcloud profile.

To sum it all up, if you pay for the opportunity to legally publish your mix, you could definitely get paid to sell or monetize your mix. Nowadays, there is plenty of sites where you can legally put up your mix for sale. Fortunately, they charge a comparatively low subscription fee. In the end you get a large number of benefits: from mixes monetization to marketing from the platform itself where you post your mix. Be sure to try a hand on these platform tools as it is a legal and effective way for your further success.

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