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Discover the Electrifying Sound of DJ Illenium: A Deep Dive into His Life and Music

Are you a fan of electronic dance music and looking for a new artist to add to your playlist? Look no further than DJ Illenium. With his unique blend of melodic dubstep and future bass, Illenium has taken the EDM world by storm. His electrifying sound and emotional lyrics have captivated audiences around the globe, solidifying him as one of the top DJs in the industry. In this post, we’ll explore his life, his most popular tracks, and the secrets behind his success.


About Illenium

Where Was Illenium Born?

DJ Illenium was born in Downers Grove, Illinois. He later moved to San Francisco, Seattle, France, and Denver.

Who is Illenium?

He is an American DJ, record producer, and songwriter who makes electronic music in genres like future bass, dubstep, and pop punk. He has released five studio albums.

How old is Illenium?

Illenium was born on December 26, 1990, and hence is 32 years old as of today.

Where Illenium Lives

DJ Illenium lives in Denver, Colorado. He moved there in 2013 and has been residing there ever since.

What’s Illenium’s Real Name?

Illenium’s real name is Nicholas Daniel Miller.


Illenium’s Family

Who is Illenium’s Wife?

Though he isn’t married, Illenium has a fiancée named Lara McWhorter. The girlfriend is a model and influencer who has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

How Illenium Met His Girlfriend?

He met his girlfriend, Lara McWhorter, while she was a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. They began their relationship in January 2019.

When did Illenium get engaged?

Illenium got engaged to his girlfriend, Lara McWhorter, in June 2022. He proposed to her during a vacation in Italy, at Lake Como. He shared the news on his social media with a series of photos of the happy couple.

Illenium’s Children

The popular American DJ has not known children and has never talked about his kids publicly or on his social accounts.


Starting the Music Career

When did Illenium start DJing?

His DJing career began in 2008 while attending college at the University of Colorado Denver. He began by producing music in his dorm room and playing at small local venues in Denver, Colorado.

How did Illenium get his stage name?

The unique stage name is derived from a chemical element called “illenium” which does not exist. In an interview with Your EDM, Illenium explained that he had been searching for a name that sounded cool and unique, and stumbled upon the word “illenium” while researching chemical elements. He liked the way the name sounded, and since it was not a real element, he felt that it gave him the freedom to define what it meant to him and his music.

When Illenium became famous?

Illenium began to gain significant attention in the electronic dance music (EDM) community with the release of his debut self-titled EP in 2013. However, it was his 2016 album “Ashes” that launched him into mainstream success. The album featured popular tracks such as “Fortress,” “It’s All On U,” and “Feel Good,” which helped to establish his melodic dubstep and future bass sound and earned him a dedicated fan base.

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Is Illenium the Best DJ?

The matter remains open to subjective opinions. Many talented DJs in the EDM scene have their unique styles and sounds, and it is up to individual listeners to determine who they enjoy the most. Some people may think that he is the best DJ for them, while others may prefer different styles or genres of music.


The Popularity of Illenium

Why is Illenium so popular?

His popularity in the electronic dance music scene can be attributed to his unique sound, emotional depth in lyrics, collaborations with popular artists, impressive live performances, and strong engagement with his fans on social media.

What is Illenium’s most famous song?

His most famous song to date is likely “Good Things Fall Apart” released in 2019 as a single from his third studio album “Ascend.” This song features his signature melodic dubstep sound with powerful vocals and emotional lyrics. It quickly became a fan favorite and reached the top 10 on the Billboard US Dance/Electronic chart. Amazingly, this song earned hundreds of millions lives streams on Spotify and YouTube.


Illenium and Music Production

What does Illenium use to make music?

DJ Illenium said in interviews that he prefers to use user friendly DAWs because they allow him to experiment with different sounds. Some of the plugins that he uses are iZotope Ozone, Fabfilter Pro Bundle, Soundtoys 5 plugin bundle, Native Instruments Massive, LennarDigital Sylenth1, Native Instruments Kontakt, Omnisphere, and BT Phobos.

What DAW (Software) does Illenium Use?

Illenium uses Ableton Live digital audio workstation. He has also used Logic Pro and Pro Tools in the past.

In what styles of music does Illenium make tracks?

Illenium primarily produces music in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, specifically in the sub-genres of melodic dubstep, future bass, and pop. He is known for his epic and melodic version of the dubstep sound which also draws on influences from trap, Hardstyle, and future bass.


Illenium Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where is Illenium playing?

According to the search results, Illenium is playing at various venues across the world in 2023. He has 35 upcoming concerts in countries such as the U.S., Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Australia, and Mexico. His next tour date is at Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington on May 28. He is also performing at Chase Center in San Francisco, California on June 2 and 3. You can find more information about his tour dates and tickets on his official website or Ticketmaster.

How much does Illenium charge per show?

Illenium is a popular DJ, musician, and music producer who has released albums such as Ashes and Awake. His estimated minimum fee for U.S. dates is $150,000-$299,000. However, this may vary depending on the type and location of the event, the availability of the artist, and other factors. You may need to contact his booking agent or manager for more accurate pricing and availability information.

What Does Illenium think about Ghost Production and Ghost Producers?

Illenium hasn’t publicly shared his opinion about this topic. Some fans at some point speculated that some of his songs may have been influenced by or ghost produced by other artists, such as Porter Robinson. There is no evidence to support these claims, and Illenium has not confirmed or denied them. Illenium is known for his original and creative style of music, which blends elements of melodic dubstep, future bass, trap, and pop.


Final Thoughts

DJ Illenium is one of the most popular and influential DJs and producers in the electronic dance music scene. His melodic dubstep sound, emotional lyrics, collaborations with other artists, live performances, and social media presence have made him a fan favorite. He makes use of various music production tools to produce his unique sound including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and more. He has upcoming shows in the US, Europe, and Australia. If you’re a fan of EDM music, be sure to check out Illenium’s music and live shows!