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Discovering Nicky Romero: From a Teenage Drummer to World-Renowned Producer

Nicky Romero is one of the most recognizable names in electronic music today. Starting as a teenage drummer, he eventually went on to become a world-renowned DJ and producer. Throughout his career, Nicky Romero has released numerous hit singles and earned millions of fans around the globe. He also performs at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the incredible journey of Nicky Romero and how he became one of the most celebrated artists in the industry.


About Dj Nicky Romero

Where was Nicky Romero born?

He was born in Amerongen, Utrecht, Netherlands on 6 January 1989.

Who is Dj Nicky Romero?

He is a Dutch house DJ, record producer, remixer, and rapper. He is the owner of the label Protocol Recordings. He is known for his tracks such as “Toulouse”, “I Could Be the One” and “Legacy” among others.

How old is he?

Considering his date of birth, he’s 34 years old as of 2023.

Where Nicky Romero lives?

According to his official website, he lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, he regularly travels to various countries for his performances at global events.

Where is he from?

Romero is from Amerongen, Utrecht, Netherlands.

What’s Nicky Romero’s real name?

His real name is Nick Rotteveel.


Nicky Romero’s family

Who is Nicky Romero’s Wife?

Nicky Romero is neither married nor dating at the moment. However, he’s rumored to have ever dated an international model, Nathalie den Dekker.

His Children

DJ Nicky Romero hasn’t publicly shared any information about his children or whether he has any.


Starting Nicky Romero’s music career

When did Nicky Romero start DJing?

He started DJing in 2007 when he released his first tracks “Privilege” and “Qwerty”.

How did Nicky Romero get his stage name?

His stage name is derived from his real name Nick Rotteveel. He took his first name and added a “y” to the end to create “Nicky”. There is no particular story or reasoning behind it, as he has mentioned in interviews that he just liked the way it sounded.

When did Nicky Romero become famous?

He became famous in 2011 when he released his hit “Toulouse” which reached number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and the top 10 on the Dutch Top 40.

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Is Nicky Romero the best DJ?

This is a subjective question that may depend on personal preferences and tastes. However, according to some rankings and awards, he is one of the best DJs in the world. For example, he ranked 26th on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list in 2021.


The Popularity of Nicky Romero

How Did Nicky Romero Become Famous

Nicky Romero started his career in 2007 by releasing tracks on various labels such as Once Records, Spinnin’ Records, and Toolroom Records. He gained more recognition in 2010 with his track “My Friend” which reached number 4 on Beatport worldwide chart and number 1 on the Dance Tunes chart.

He also remixed many popular songs such as “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta, “What A Feeling” by Alex Gaudino, and “Stronger” by Erick Morillo. In 2012, he collaborated with Avicii on the song “I Could Be the One” which became a worldwide hit and reached number one in the UK. He also launched his own label Protocol Recordings in 2012 and hosted his own radio show Protocol Radio.

Why Is Nicky Romero So Popular

Nicky Romero is popular because of his talent, versatility, and creativity as a DJ and producer. He can produce and play different styles of music such as EDM, electro house, progressive house, big room house, future bass, dance-pop, and psychedelic trance. He is also known for his energetic and engaging live performances at various festivals and clubs around the world. He has a loyal fan base that supports him and his music.

What Is Nicky Romero’s Most Famous Song?

Nicky Romero’s most famous song is probably “Toulouse” which was released in 2011 on Spinnin’ Records. The song became a viral sensation on YouTube with over 450 million views and was featured in many commercials, movies, and video games. The song showcases Nicky Romero’s signature sound of catchy melodies, heavy basslines, and electro-synths.


Nicky Romero and Music Production

What Does Nicky Romero Use To Make Music?

Nicky Romero uses various hardware and software tools to make music. Some of the hardware he uses are keyboards, mixers, synthesizers, speakers, headphones, and microphones. Some of the software he uses are Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sylenth1, Nexus, Massive, Serum, and Spire.

What DAW (Software) Does Nicky Romero Use

Nicky Romero mainly uses Logic Pro as his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to produce music. He also uses Ableton Live for live performances and sometimes FL Studio for certain projects.

In What Styles of Music Does Nicky Romero Make Tracks?

Nicky Romero makes tracks in various styles of music such as EDM, electro-house, progressive house, big room house, future bass, dance-pop, and psychedelic trance. He is also known for experimenting with different genres and sounds to create unique and innovative music.


Nicky Romero Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where Is Nicky Romero Playing?

Nicky Romero is playing at many events and venues around the world. You can check his official website for his upcoming shows and tour dates.

How Much Does Nicky Romero Charge Per Show?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nicky Romero charges around $150,000 per show as of 2020. His net worth is estimated to be $10 million.


Nicky Romero and Ghost Producer

What Does Nicky Romero Think About Ghost Production

Nicky Romero has expressed his opinion on ghost production in several interviews. He said that he does not have a problem with ghost production as long as the artist is honest about it and gives credit to the producer.

He also said that he respects the producers who work hard behind the scenes and that he has helped some of them to get recognition.

Does Nicky Romero Have A Ghost Producer?

No, Nicky Romero does not have a ghost producer. He produces all his music by himself or with collaborators. He has also denied the rumors that he used a ghost producer for his song “I Could Be the One” with Avicii.



Nicky Romero is a world-renowned producer and DJ who is known for his talent, creativity, and versatility. He has released many popular songs such as “Toulouse” and collaborated with artists like Avicii on the song “I Could Be The One”. He also hosts his own radio show Protocol Radio and created his own label Protocol Recordings. Nicky Romero has expressed that he is open to ghost production as long as the artist is honest about it and gives credit to the producer. He does not have a ghost producer but produces all his music.