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Discovering Oliver Heldens: The Story Behind the EDM Superstar

The EDM scene is flooded with thousands of producers, DJs, and other music professionals. However, they all differ in skills, experience, and popularity among fans. For any serious electronic dance enthusiast, Oliver Heldens or his music is likely known to you. This Dutch DJ and producer has been taking the EDM scene by storm.

His career is a good example of an incredible journey in a music career. From his early days as a bedroom producer to his current status as an international superstar. Read on to understand why Oliver Heldens is among the most exciting and innovative DJs out there today.


About Dj Oliver Heldens

Where Was Oliver Heldens Born?

Oliver Heldens was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Who Is Dj Oliver Heldens?

Heldens is a professional and highly skilled Dutch DJ and music producer. His music career is defined by catchy melodies in his music, groovy basslines, and energetic live performances. Some of his hit tracks are collaborations with artists such as Tiësto, Calvin Harris, and Nile Rodgers. Again, he’s performed at major festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, and EDC.

How Old Is He

Born on 1 February 1995, Oliver Heldens is aged 28 as of 2023.

Where Oliver Heldens Lives

Heldens has his official residence in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He also tours various countries for his performances and hence isn’t always at Amsterdam.

Where Is He From

Oliver Heldens is from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

What’s Oliver Heldens’ Real Name?

Oliver Heldens’ real name is Olivier J. L. Heldens.


Oliver Heldens’ Family

Who Is Oliver Heldens’ Wife?

As of 2023, Oliver Heldens is not married. He has not publicly revealed any details about his romantic relationships.

His Children

Heldens hasn’t publicly shared any information about his children or even plans to have a family.


Starting Oliver Heldens Music Career

When Did Oliver Heldens Start DJing?

After getting inspired by Tiesto’s performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, he started DJing at the age of 10 in 2005. He taught himself how to produce music using FL Studio and uploaded his tracks to SoundCloud.

How Did Oliver Heldens Get His Stage Name?

His stage name comes from his real name, Olivier J. L. Heldens. Oliver is derived from the artist’s first name while Heldens is his mother’s maiden name.

When Did Oliver Heldens Become Famous?

The release of his song “Gecko” in 2013 caught the attention of popular industry DJs. Tiësto signed it to his label Musical Freedom and later released a vocal version with Becky Hill as “Gecko (Overdrive)”. The song topped the UK Singles Chart and became an international hit. This made Heldens a figure of interest in the industry.

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Is Oliver Heldens The Best Dj?

Whether he is the “best” DJ is subjective and depends on individual preferences and opinions. The title of the “best” DJ is often a matter of personal taste and can vary greatly from person to person. Different DJs have their strengths, styles, and fan bases. Some may prefer Oliver Heldens’ energetic and groovy sets, while others may have different favorites. The “best” DJ is more about finding the DJ whose music and performances resonate with you the most.


The Popularity of Oliver Heldens

How Did Oliver Heldens Become Famous

Oliver Heldens’ fame skyrocketed after his breakout single “Gecko” was picked up by influential DJs, such as Tiësto, who released a vocal version of the track titled “Gecko (Overdrive).” The track became a commercial success and earned him a wider audience and recognition in the EDM community.

Why Is Oliver Heldens So Popular?

His great popularity is attributed to originality, versatility, consistency, and influence in the electronic music scene. He has won several awards and accolades for his work. He won the Edison Pop Award for Best Dance Artist in 2015, the MTV Europe Music Award for Best World Stage Performance in 2016, and the DJ Mag Award for Best House DJ in 2017.

He has also been praised by critics and fans alike for his innovative and diverse productions. He’s also resected for his energetic and engaging live sets. Heldens is also made popular by his support for emerging talents through his label Heldeep Records.

What Is Oliver Heldens’ Most Famous Song?

His most famous song is “Gecko (Overdrive)”, which reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart and number 2 on the UK Dance Chart in 2014. The song has hundreds of millions of streams on both Spotify and YouTube.


Oliver Heldens and Music Production

What Does Oliver Heldens Use To Make Music?

Oliver Heldens produces tracks using a variety of hardware and software tools. His unique sound is a combination of synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI controllers, headphones, monitors, microphones, audio interfaces, laptops, and DAWs.

What DAW (Software) Does Oliver Heldens Use?

Heldens’ main DAW is FL Studio. The program is versatile and convenient for use by both beginners and industry experts. He also uses Ableton Live for live performances and Logic Pro X for mixing and mastering.

In What Styles Of Music Does Oliver Heldens Make Tracks?

Although Oliver Heldens makes tracks in different styles of music, he’s primarily known for producing tracks in the genres of future house, deep house, and progressive house. His signature future house sound combines deep house elements with EDM influences. He also produces techno tracks under the alias HI-LO, which are more underground and experimental. Helden has also tried to push the boundaries by incorporating elements of dance, electro, trance, and disco in his music.


Oliver Heldens Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where Is Oliver Heldens Playing?

Oliver Heldens is playing at various venues and events around the world in 2023. Some of his upcoming shows are the Granatos Live Festival in Rumšiškės, Lithuania, and the Medusa Festival in Cullera, Spain on August 5, 2023, and Aug. 11 2023 respectively. For more information and tickets, visit his official website:

How Much Does Oliver Heldens Charge per Show

Like most DJs, his charges for performances aren’t fixed or publicly disclosed. This is because they vary depending on the type, size, and location of the event. According to some sources, he averagely charges between $100,000 and $200,000 per show. Top-tier DJs like Heldens often command substantial fees for their performances. It’s advisable to contact his manager to enquire more about the DJing fees for your event.


Oliver Heldens and Ghost Producers

What Does Oliver Heldens Think About Ghost Production?

Fortunately, Oliver Heldens has expressed his opinion about ghost production in several interviews and social media posts. He said that he respects ghost producers as long as they are honest about their work. He’s for the idea that artists shouldn’t take credit for someone else’s work.

Does Oliver Heldens Have A Ghost Producer?

No, Oliver Heldens does not have a ghost producer. He produces all his music by himself or with collaborators. He has also revealed some of his production secrets and tips on his YouTube channel.


Final Thoughts

Oliver Heldens has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the EDM industry. His sound is unique and his live sets are energetic and captivating. He’s developed a loyal fan base due to his frequent social media interactions and his willingness to share tips on music production.

The artist has also been recognized for his accomplishments, earning the Beatport Music Award for Best Future House Artist of 2020. Oliver Heldens is playing at various venues and festivals in 2023, so be sure to check his website for upcoming performances and ticket information.