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DJ ATB: Exploring the Captivating EDM Music of a Pioneer

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with its infectious beats and uplifting melodies. Among the pioneers of this genre is DJ ATB, whose innovative sound and electrifying performances have made him a household name in the EDM scene.

Born as André Tanneberger in Germany, DJ ATB has been at the forefront of the EDM movement since the late 1990s. In this article, we will delve into the world of DJ ATB and explore the captivating EDM music that has brought joy and bliss to countless fans around the globe.


About DJ ATB

Where was ATB Born?

He was born in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany in 1973.

Who is DJ ATB?

DJ ATB is a disc jockey and producer of electronic music, mainly of the trance music. He’s well-known in the electronic music scene and has been active as a DJ since the late 1990s. ATB has achieved international success and is considered one of the top DJs in the world.

He has released numerous albums and popular singles. His music is characterized by melodic trance sounds and has been featured in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll multiple times.

How old is He?

He is 50 years old as of 2023.

Where ATB Lives?

Though there’s very scanty information about ATB’s residence, it’s believed that he lives in Bochum, Germany. Some of his social media posts have shown Bochum as the posting location. Again, he may have a home in his birthplace – Freiberg, Germany.

Where Is He From?

The outstanding trance music DJ and producer is a German citizen from Freiberg.

What’s ATB’s Real Name?

His real name is André Tanneberger.


ATB’s Family

Who’s ATB’s Wife?

ATB has married twice. His first wife was Anna Tanneberger whom he divorced after some differences. He later married Laura Gabriela in July 2018 and have been living together since then.

How ATB Met His Wife

It’s unclear how DJ ATB met either of his wives before dating and marrying.

When Did ATB Get Married

It’s not known when this DJ married his first wife. However, he married his second wife, Laura Gabriela on July 6, 2018.

His Children

From various posts on Twitter and Facebook is seen holding his son. He probably has one kid.


Starting ATB Music Career

When Did ATB Start DJing?

ATB’s journey as a DJ began around 1993 when he became a member of the dance music group Sequential One. During this period, he also ventured into music production using a mini-studio that he obtained through the group’s earnings. His career took off in 1995 when he secured a position as a resident DJ at the renowned TARM Center nightclub in Germany.

How Did ATB Get His Stage Name?

ATB derived his stage name directly from his initials, A ndré T anne B erger. He adopted this name in 1998 when he embarked on his solo career following the disbandment of Sequential One.

When Did ATB Become Famous?

ATB’s fame skyrocketed in 1999 with the release of his debut solo single “9 PM (Till I Come)”. The track not only reached the top spot on the UK Singles Chart but also achieved remarkable success in numerous other countries.

It’s worth noting that the song’s distinctive synthesized slide guitar riff became ATB’s signature sound, further contributing to his rise to prominence.

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Is ATB The Best DJ?

Whether ATB is the best DJ is subjective. It depends on personal opinions and preferences. ATB has achieved success in the trance music genre and consistently ranks in the Top 100 DJs list. However, determining the “best” DJ is a matter of personal enjoyment and can be debated among fans and critics.


The Popularity of ATB

How Did ATB Become Famous?

ATB became famous by releasing “9 PM (Till I Come)” in 1999, which topped the UK chart and had a unique guitar riff. He made more hits in various genres of electronic dance music and collaborated with many famous DJs and artists. He also performed at many festivals and clubs worldwide.

Why Is ATB So Popular?

ATB’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. First, ATB’s unique style and sound, particularly in the trance genre, have resonated with a wide audience. His tracks often feature catchy melodies, uplifting vibes, and memorable hooks, which have contributed to their popularity.

Second, ATB’s consistent output of high-quality music over the years has helped him build a dedicated fan base. Additionally, ATB’s success can be attributed to his performances as a DJ, where he connects with his audience through energetic sets and captivating live shows.

What Is ATB’s Most Famous Song?

ATB’s most famous song is “9 PM (Till I Come)”. It gained significant popularity and topped the charts in multiple countries. The track featured a distinctive synthesized slide guitar riff that became ATB’s signature sound. The song has over 100 million streams on Spotify and tens of million views on YouTube.


ATB and Music Production

What Does ATB Use To Make Music?

ATB uses a variety of equipment and software to make music, such as synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines, samplers, sequencers, effects processors, mixers, monitors, microphones, etc.

What DAW (Software) Does ATB Use?

According to a past interview, DJ ATB disclosed to use of Presonus Faderport One software in his entire production process.

In What Styles Of Music Does ATB Make Tracks?

ATB is versatile in producing tracks across various genres of electronic dance music. Some of them include trance, progressive house, electro-house, and tech-trance. He’s known for his melodic and emotional style of music that often features vocals and guitar riffs.


ATB Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where Is ATB Playing?

This German DJ has been touring various countries and has three upcoming concerts. His next performance will be at the Glücksgefühle Festival in Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany. You can visit Songkick or his official website to get details about this concert and others.

How Much Does ATB Charge Per Show?

There’s no definitive answer to this question as ATB’s booking charges may vary with time. DJ fees mainly depend on the event’s location, duration, type of event, and the DJ’s current demand. However, the average booking fee for a DJ like ATB can range from $25K to $40K per show. This is just an estimate and not an official or confirmed figure. Contacting him or his manager is the only sure way to get accurate and up-to-date information.


ATB and Ghost Producers

What Does ATB Think About Ghost Production?

In an interview with in 2016, he said that he produces all his music by himself and that he does not use any samples or presets. He also said that he respects other artists who use ghost producers as long as they are honest about it and do not claim the work as their own.

He said: “I think it’s okay if you’re honest with your fans. If you say, ‘Hey, I’m a DJ and I love to play music, but I’m not a producer,’ then it’s okay. But if you say, ‘Hey, I’m a producer and I make all these tracks,’ and then you have a ghost producer behind you, then it’s not okay. That’s cheating.”

Does ATB Have a Ghost Producer?

No, he doesn’t use a ghost producer. He has stated that he produces all his music by himself and that he does not use samples or presets. Again, ATB has shown his studio and equipment in various videos and interviews.



ATB has made an impressive mark in the EDM music world by producing captivating tracks and collaborating with some of the world’s biggest names. His sound is unique, incorporating elements of trance, progressive house, electro house, and tech-trance – along with his famous synthesized slide guitar riffs.

This blend of genres creates a melodic and emotionally charged atmosphere that draws in audiences and keeps them dancing. With his upcoming gigs, shows, and festivals, it will be interesting to see what new music ATB has up his sleeve.