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DJ Fisher: A Professional DJ Who Gets the Party Started

As the saying goes, “Music is the universal language.” It’s a language that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, race, or nationality. For DJ Fisher, music is more than just a language – it’s a passion. He has worked at some of the biggest clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and he has also played at private events and parties all over the world.

No matter what the occasion, Fisher knows how to get the party started. He has an extensive music collection that includes everything from the latest hits to classic tracks. If you’re looking for a DJ who can make your event a truly memorable one, then look no further than DJ Fisher.


About Fisher

Where Was DJ Fisher Born?

He was born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Who is Fisher?

Fisher is an Australian music producer and DJ. He started his career as a professional surfer before moving to Los Angeles and pursuing music. He was initially part of the DJ duo Cut Snake with his friend Leigh Sedley, but later went solo and released his debut single “Ya Kidding” in 2017.

How old is Fisher?

DJ Fisher is 36 years old as today’s date. He was born on November 5, 1986.

Where Fisher Lives

Fisher lives in Los Angeles, California, where he moved from Sydney in the late 2000s to pursue his music career. He also spends a lot of time in Ibiza, Spain, where he has a summer residency at the famous Hï Ibiza club. He performs every Wednesday from June to September with various guest DJs.

What’s Fisher’s Real Name?

His real name is Paul Nicholas Fisher.


Fisher Family

Who is Fisher’s Wife?

DJ Fisher’s wife is Chloe Chapman, a stunning model, influencer, entrepreneur, and co-host of a podcast called Darling, Shine!

How Fisher Met His Wife?

DJ Fisher met his wife in 2012 at a party in Bali and they hit it off instantly. Chloe was on a girls’ trip holiday while Fisher had traveled there to perform at Savaya Bali, a luxury beach club and resort.

When did Fisher get married?

DJ Fisher got married to Chloe Chapman on February 29th, 2020, in Bali.

Fisher’s Children

Unfortunately, Fisher doesn’t have any children of his own, but he has a goddaughter named Minnie, who is the daughter of his friends Ellidy Pullin and Luke Munro. He often takes Minnie with him on his tours and plays with her backstage. He also has a niece named Indie, who is the daughter of his sister Kate Fisher and her husband Matt Wilkinson. He loves spending time with his family and friends’ kids whenever he can.


Starting the Music Career

When did Fisher start DJing?

Fisher started practicing and developing his DJing skills in the early 2000s when he was a teenager. He played at local clubs and parties in his hometown of Gold Coast, Australia, and quickly gained a reputation for his energetic sets and eclectic music selection.

In 2012, he began DJing in public events while still a pro surfer on the World Qualifying Series. He formed a DJ duo with his fellow surfer Leigh “Sedz” Sedley, called Cut Snake. They started DJing together while traveling on the pro surfing circuit and playing at major parties and clubs. In 2017, Fisher decided to go solo and released his debut single “Ya Kidding”.

How did Fisher get his stage name?

Fisher’s stage name is derived from his last name, which he adopted as his artist name when he began his music career. His birth name is Paul Nicholas Fisher, and he chose to use his last name as his stage name as a way to create a memorable and unique brand identity. He stylized it as FISHER in capital letters to make it stand out more.

In interviews, Fisher has also explained that his stage name has personal significance as it represents his family name and the sense of pride and tradition that comes with it.

When Fisher became famous?

DJ Fisher became famous in 2018 when he released his solo single “Losing It” which became a global hit and earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.

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Is Fisher the Best DJ?

Musical taste is a personal preference and varies widely depending on individual preferences, cultural background, and other factors. It’s worth noting that DJ Fisher is a highly respected and popular DJ in the electronic dance music (EDM) community, known for his high-energy performances and unique sound. Whether someone considers DJ Fisher to be the best DJ or not is a matter of personal opinion.


The Popularity of Fisher

Why is Fisher so popular?

There are many possible reasons why Fisher is so popular. Among them is his ability to create a unique sound that stands out in the overcrowded electronic music scene. Fisher’s popularity is also fueled by the success of his tracks, particularly his hit single “Losing It”.

What is Fisher’s most famous song?

Fisher’s most famous and commercially successful song is “Losing It,” which was released in 2018. The track became an international hit, topping charts in several countries and earning widespread critical acclaim.


Fisher and Music Production

What does Fisher use to make music?

His music production works involve the use of digital audio workstations. He also uses hardware and software synthesizers, drum machines, and effects processors to create his tracks.

What DAW (Software) does DJ Fisher Use?

DJ Fisher uses Ableton Live digital audio workstation in his music production projects.

In what styles of music does Fisher make tracks?

DJ Fisher makes tracks mainly in the styles of techno and house, especially tech-house, which is a subgenre that combines elements of both. He also incorporates some elements of other genres such as disco, funk, and soul into his music.


Fisher Gigs, Shows, and Festivals

Where is Fisher playing?

DJ Fisher is playing at various venues and festivals around the world. Here are some of his scheduled tour dates:

May 12, 2023 – Echostage, Washington, DC, US.

June 10, 2023 – Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, UK.

You can check out his full tour schedule and buy tickets on his official website or other platforms such as Songkick or Ticketmaster.

How much does Fisher charge per show?

The estimated charges for his shows have a starting range of $150,000-$299,000. This may vary depending on the specifications of the show. You would need to contact Fisher’s agent or manager to get the official pricing and availability for your event.

What Does Fisher Think about Ghost Production and Ghost Producers?

Fisher has not publicly commented on his thoughts about ghost production and ghost producers. It is worth noting that he has achieved considerable success as a producer and DJ through his hard work and talent. His opinion on ghost production and ghost producers may depend on his goals, personal values, and preferences as an artist.


Final Thoughts

Fisher is renowned for his ability to read and respond to the crowd. He can sense what kind of music the audience wants to hear and create a set list that will keep them engaged and on their feet. His expertise in sound engineering ensures that every track he plays is of the highest quality. Furthermore, Fisher has proven himself to be a versatile artist as he consistently experiments with different genres, sounds, and production techniques. If you are looking for a professional DJ to get your party started, DJ Fisher is the one for you.