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Do DJs write their own music?

Most DJs play music created by other people – producers – but the main job of a DJ is to listen to a lot of music and choose the tracks that evoke emotions in the artist and then in the listener. Then he needs to convey these emotions to the listeners correctly, combining tracks with each other and playing with the mood. But there is also a small part of DJs who still write their own music because it helps to further realize the artist’s creative potential, as well as helps to popularize and gain new fans. Below, we’ll tell you more about DJs who compose music themselves or with the help of other specialists, as well as where they get the music to play in their sets.


The best place for DJs to download music

There are many platforms where DJs can buy and download music for their sets and mixes. The most popular among them are Junodownloads, Beatport, and Traxsource. You can also single out Bandcamp, where you can sometimes even find free music. In fact, there are a lot of them and you can spend several hours in a search engine to create a complete list. Most DJs download music from the same sites, so often their mixes are very similar to each other. Separating one DJ from another can be a difficult task, especially for young artists who need to prove themselves at the beginning of their careers. But if they didn’t even work hard on the material for the mix and all the tracks in the mix can be heard by any other DJ, then it’s unlikely that this DJ will be a big success.

On the other hand, if a DJ uses other, less familiar sites to find music, and follows producers’ personal pages on SoundCloud, he or she can find more exclusive material. Sometimes music producers publish unofficial tracks for free. You won’t find such music on Beatport and other marketplaces. Therefore, the best place to download music depends on the goals of the DJ. Finding interesting music will take time, but it will help you stand out among thousands of others and attract the attention of not only the public but also music industry professionals. You will have a better chance of advancing your career as an artist.

Let’s say you’re a beginner DJ and it’s important for you to get a certain number of tracks to start practicing mixing music, to gain the skills to harmoniously combine different tracks. Perhaps at this stage, you are still able to choose music quite well, it takes you more time and you have not yet formed a taste for music. Most people lose money while studying because they spend it on the wrong things. The situation with music is very similar. Start learning by using free tracks.

There are plenty of websites on the Internet where you can download music of various genres for free. But this does not mean that they are of low quality and you cannot use them to play your DJ set or record a mix. Some of them may not have been created in a powerful studio with high-quality equipment, but their quality is sufficient for the tasks of a DJ at the beginning of his or her career. Let’s take a look at some popular sites with free music.

Free Music Archive

The site has a convenient structure of styles and sub-styles of music, and you can even find some very old music that can be used creatively to create a certain atmosphere or even as separate parts to create your own music.


Another site where you can download electronic music for free. There are several types of licenses to choose from, and among them, there is one that is suitable for DJs. That is, you can download tracks and play them in your own sets without any problems. The site offers popular genres of music, but a nice bonus is the presence of high-quality lossless music files among the formats. You’ll agree that not every paid music site allows you to download music in this format, let alone free.


This resource will be appreciated by hip-hop fans because there is a large amount of instrumental music available here and every beat fan will find the necessary tracks for themselves. In addition to DJs, this site will also be useful for rappers who do not create their own music but only write poetry. A real find!


This is a real “dinosaur” among the sites because it’s been around for many years, but it’s still a decent resource for finding tracks. A huge music database will allow you to find exactly what you need. The site also has paid music, but you can easily use the filter and sort it by the “free” criterion only.


Where do DJs get exclusive music?

If you need to get truly exclusive material that no other DJ has, you should contact a music producer. Of course, this is a significant cost, but it should be considered an investment in development. Now we are talking about the case when a DJ does not create music, so there is a need to hire a separate person who will work in the studio and create such exclusive material. This is the classic approach.

But there is a faster way for a DJ to get a unique track under his own name, as well as full commercial rights to it. This service is called ghost production and it is thanks to it that a DJ can get his own track in a matter of minutes and start using it in his mixes under his own name. It can also be easily sent to a record label, and if the track is approved, its distribution can open up many new opportunities for the DJ.

The beauty of this opportunity is that all the tracks have already been created by ghost producers and are in the music catalog, where everyone can go in, listen to the tracks, find their favorite, pay for it, and become the full owner of exclusive music and it will cost less than all other methods. So if you are a DJ and want to get unique tracks, go to our catalog and buy ghost production tracks from dozens of popular genres and use them in your work.

We hope that you have understood for yourself how you can get music depending on the stage of your career as an artist, as well as what needs and opportunities you have. Therefore, gradually use each of these resources as you develop, and if you keep at it, you will have pleasant achievements and impressive results.