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Dream to Release Your Track at Record Label


There are two ways how you can release your track on a Record label. The first is fast, while the other one is long. I’m pretty sure that you are interested in a fast method more since everybody of us wants to reach the aim as fast as possible. I am Anatolii Vered and I will tell you how you can quickly receive a personal track of good quality and release it on a label.

To start off, let me tell you who I am and why I want to share this precious information with you.


A Long Way


To reach this result, I had to spend thousands of hours in the studio to increase my level of music production. It allowed me to be seen by famous artists and release on good labels.

Well, now I’m talking about one of the ways that you opt for if you want to release your track on a label. I mean, the long way, which will take a lot of time and effort before you can compose a decent track that will meet the criteria of a good track.

To begin with, you need to learn how to make music. Getting this skill requires thousands of hours from you: this includes both studying and many months of practice. In doing so, you will also face the need to purchase software and samples. If you spend 8-10 hours minimum per day on your studying and creation of music, 3 years later, you will have a chance to release your track on a good label, and famous DJs will most likely play your track on their performances.

To provide evidence that it’s time-consuming, let’s calculate: if you spend 5 hours a day, it will be 1825 hours per year. Now we multiply this number by 3 years more – it is now 5475 hours. Surely, you may release your track at a more-less decent label even after 4000 hours of work, but the chance to release music on a TOP label will be pretty low. To become a pro, you will need at least 5000-6000 hours. Once this goal is behind, you will have all chances that famous DJs will notice your tracks. And that is not my personal experience only. My friends and colleagues – DJs and musicians – marked this pattern.


A Short Way


Now I have good news for you. There is a short path that will allow you not to spend a lot of time and funds on the creation of quality music.

For this reason, I’ve created the ‘I am Ghost Producer’ service, where everybody can buy an exclusive track with 100% of the copyright in our Ghost production shop and release it under the personal name (nickname) on any label.

Tracks are sold in one copy only and removed from the shop right after the purchase.

Now you don’t need to spend 1000 hours on music creation. All you need is to buy a track, receive all the necessary files, and start sending this track out to labels where you would like to release it.

What is essential is that the purchase takes place anonymously. Nobody will know that the track was made by another producer. You will also receive a contract confirming you as an owner of this track.


What will you get after the payment? Together with the contract itself, you will have access to such files:

  • Extended Mix (Wav & Mp3)
  • Radio Mix (Wav & Mp3)
  • Instrumental Mix (Wav & Mp3) If vocals were used in the song, you’ll get an instrumental version as well.
  • All Stems files (Kick.wav, Bass.wav, Lead.wav, etc.).
  • The Midi files


After you’ve paid and received all the files, you can:

  • Publish the track to any social networks;
  • Release your work on any Record Labels under your name, pseudonym, brand and receive 100% of the royalties;
  • Play anywhere (live performances, any media, etc.).




So, it’s up to you to decide: whether to spend thousands of hours on the creation of music or buy ready-made tracks in our online shop.

The result will be the same. But having bought the track now, you can sign it on the label today or in the coming days.

And having started making music independently, you will be able to do it only several years later and after 1000 hours of composing.

Each way is good in its way, but the choice is yours.