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Everything You Need to Know About Future Rave Music

Future rave music is a style of electronic music that has been gaining popularity around the world. A fusion of techno, trance, and hardstyle, future rave is designed to make you dance, and it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest sounds in EDM. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about future rave music:


What is Future Rave?

Future rave is a genre of electronic music with a combination of rave and bass music elements. It’s a unique, high-energy sound that is growing in popularity with both new and established music producers. Future rave music draws from different genres like UK hardcore, jungle, grime, dubstep, and electro, fusing them into a distinct sound. Its lively beats are often complemented by hard-hitting synth lines and melodic breakdowns. Its characteristic vocal samples, rolling basslines, and banging beats make it an ideal genre for large-scale club shows and festival stages.


Where did it originate from?

The music genre known as future rave is a fusion of various electronic music styles such as rave, breakbeat, UK garage, and dubstep. Its origins date back to the early 2000s, and it has gained increasing popularity since then. Future rave draws inspiration from other genres like hip-hop and house, which has enabled music producers to experiment and create a distinct sound.

Future rave also has an emphasis on atmosphere, with producers often creating dark and atmospheric soundscapes with distorted synths and samples. This sound can be heard on classic future rave releases such as Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” and Bok Bok & Tom Trago’s “Voices of the Wilderness”.

The sound of future rave combines classic rave sounds from the 90s with a modern twist. It often features heavy drum and bass rhythms, deep sub-bass lines, distorted samples, and layers of reverb and delay. This sound was popularized by producers such as Jackmaster, El-B, Zed Bias, and others, who created the UK Garage sound.

In recent years, future rave has become populous amongst DJs, producers, and their fans. These artists have taken the genre in new directions and have been responsible for a resurgence in interest in sound. Some of these artists include Mura Masa, Kaytranada, SOPHIE, and many more.


Future Rave Artists to Check Out

If you’re looking to get into future rave music, there are plenty of artists to check out. One artist that immediately comes to mind is footwork master Jlin, who has made waves in the scene for her dark and intense rhythms. Other established acts include Yamaneko and Murlo, who have all made a huge impact on the sound of future rave.

For those wanting to check out something a bit more experimental, try out Gage and Deft, two UK producers who bring their unique style to the genre. Also worth checking out are Ezrakh, DJ Nate, and 6th Boro – all of which bring their flavor to the mix. There’s so much amazing talent out there – you just need to find the right sound for you!


The Sound of Future Rave

The defining characteristic of the future rave is its combination of classic rave sounds with modern production techniques. The result is a sound that is both energetic and current. Future rave often combines elements of other electronic sub-genres, such as dubstep, house, and drum & bass, to create a unique sound.

Future rave can often be heard on the dancefloor, with DJs pushing the boundaries of the genre by blending it with other styles. While it’s not necessarily a style that everyone loves, many DJs are experimenting with it to create something new and exciting.

The genre also features the use of voice samples, which help to add texture to the track and give it a unique flavor. These samples often come from classic rave tracks or old-school hip-hop records, giving them an extra layer of nostalgia.

This genre features pulsing beats, alongside more melodic and experimental synth patterns. Future rave also tends to have an underground vibe, with tracks featuring dark and distorted basslines, minimalistic percussion, and clever samples. It has a harder edge than more mainstream genres of dance music but remains accessible.

In addition to creating music, many future rave artists are also using digital instruments and effects to create live visuals that accompany their sets. This adds an extra dimension to the performance and helps to bring the audience into the world of future rave.


Where to Hear Future Rave Music

If you’re looking to hear some future rave music, you have plenty of options. Streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud are great places to start your search. On these platforms, you’ll find a wide variety of tracks from the genre’s top artists, including names like Charli XCX, Raito, and Disclosure. You can also follow up-and-coming producers and DJs who may not be as well known yet but still produce amazing music.

Live events are also a great way to experience future rave in its full glory. From small, underground raves to large-scale festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to dance to the genre’s fast-paced rhythms. Additionally, you can find local promoters and crews who host regular future rave nights and parties in many cities.

Finally, don’t forget to look for online mixtapes and compilations featuring future rave music. These are often produced by passionate fans and DJs looking to share their favorite sounds with the world. With a little bit of searching, you can easily uncover hidden gems that will take your playlist to the next level.

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Final Thoughts

Future rave music is an EDM genre combining classic rave sounds with modern production techniques, creating an energetic and fresh sound. There are plenty of talented producers pushing the genre in new directions, while live events provide listeners with a great opportunity to experience it in its full glory. With streaming services, online mix tapes, and local promoters all hosting future rave nights, there’s never been a better time to explore this exciting genre.