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Get to Know Don Diablo: The Multi-Talented Musician and DJ

Don Diablo is a multi-talented musician and DJ who has made a name for himself in the music industry. His unique sound and style have won him countless fans around the world. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music and has released several albums that have achieved international success. In this post, we’ll get to know more about Don Diablo and his career, from his early beginnings to his most recent work.


About Dj Don Diablo

Where Was Don Diablo Born?

Don Diablo as known in the electronic music scene was born in Coevorden, Netherlands in 1980.

Who Is Dj Don Diablo?

In the music industry, Don is recognized as a professional DJ, digital artist, music producer, musician, and songwriter. He’s among the pioneers of the future house music genre and was ranked ninth in the Top 100 DJs – 2022 list by DJ Mag.

How Old Is He

Don is currently aged 43 years.

Where Don Diablo Lives

Don’s permanent residence is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, it’s good to note that he travels regularly to various countries for live performances.

Where Is He From

He is from Coevorden, Netherlands. This is the same place he was born and raised

What’s Don Diablo’s Real Name?

Though he uses Don Diablo as his stage name, this DJ was named Don Pepijn Schipper at birth.


Don Diablo’s Family

Who Is Don Diablo’s Wife?

Despite his fame and popularity, Don Diablo is currently single and doesn’t have any history of dating anyone.

His Children

Unfortunately, Don has never shared information about his children or plans to have a family in the future.


Starting Don Diablo Music Career

When Did Don Diablo Start DJing?

The Dutch DJ signed his first record deal to begin his music career at the age of 15. This was back in 1995.

How Did Don Diablo Get His Stage Name?

The super unique stage name is a combination of his first real name, Don and Diablo” which is the Spanish name for ‘devil’. During a past interview with Liselotte Doorduijn, he said that he liked the name while young and thought it was powerful enough to market his career on flyers. He went on to say that he used it to avoid his last name, Schipper which was ineffective. Don wanted to use an easy and marketable stage name.

When Did Don Diablo Become Famous?

Don became famous in the music industry between the late 2000s and early 2010s. His original tracks and remixes were supported by major DJs by then. Axwell, Nicky Romero, and Steve Angello are among the many top DJs whose love for his songs gave him a kickstart.

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Is Don Diablo The Best Dj?

This is a subjective question whose answer depends on an individual’s tastes and preferences. However, he’s certainly one of the most popular and influential DJs in the world, as evidenced by his rankings in DJ Mag and 1001Tracklists.


The Popularity of Don Diablo     

How Did Don Diablo Become Famous

Becoming famous is a typical process because in most cases it takes time. For Don Diablo, his fame could be attributed to his talent and dedication. He was known to the world after releasing the ‘Make You Pop’ track in 2011. This track was a collaboration with the renowned rapper, Diplo.

Additionally, he founded a record label HEXAGON in 2016 and his music has topped lists on Beatport and other music platforms.

Why Is Don Diablo So Popular?

To begin with, Don is popular for being a future house genre pioneer. He also has a distinctive sound that combines exceptionally catchy melodies, groovy basslines, and energetic drums. Again, the Dutch DJ is respected for his innovative NFT projects, the HEXAGON clothing line, and the famous HEXAGON record label.

What Is Don Diablo’s Most Famous Song?

The popularity of a song or songs may vary from one region to another or from one person to the other. Since this question is subjective, the answer depends on personal tastes and preferences. However, some of Don’s famous tracks include “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)”, “Cutting Shapes”, and “On My Mind” among others.


Don Diablo and Music Production

What Does Don Diablo Use To Make Music?

He uses a keyboard, programming software, and a digital audio workstation (DAW) to make his highly acclaimed music tracks.

What DAW (Software) Does Don Diablo Use?

According to an interview with Future Music Magazine, he uses Logic Pro X as his main DAW. However, Don uses Ableton Live and FL Studio digital audio workstations in some projects.

In What Styles Of Music Does Don Diablo Make Tracks?

Though he mainly makes tracks in the future house genre, he also experiments with other styles such as house, drum and bass, tropical house, future bass, and pop music.


Don Diablo Gigs, Shows, and Festivals    

Where Is Don Diablo Playing?

Like most artists, Don Diablo is touring several countries across the globe to perform and entertain his fans. On August 4, 2023, he will perform at New City Gas in Montreal, CA. He’ll also attend the VELD 2023 edition event at Downsview Park, Toronto, CA. The VELD event is scheduled to run from Friday 04 August 2023 – Sunday 06 August 2023.

Don will also perform in other events with his last date this year scheduled for Stereo Live Dallas, TX, US on November 17, 2023. To see more information on these and other tour dates, visit his official website or Songkick.

How Much Does Don Diablo Charge per Show

The specific fee or charge for booking Don Diablo for a show or event can vary depending on factors such as the type of event, location, duration, and popularity at the time. The starting range for booking Don Diablo is approximately $150,000 to $299,000.

However, these figures are estimates based on past events. They are subject to change based on factors like recent popularity and market fluctuations. For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it’s advisable to contact a booking agent or representative of Don Diablo to discuss specific details and negotiate fees.


Don Diablo and Ghost Producers 

What Does Don Diablo Think About Ghost Production?

In a past interview with DJ Mag, he said that ghost production is a common practice in the industry. He argued that it can be beneficial for both parties if done ethically and transparently. He also said that he has never used a ghost producer himself. Instead, he prefers to collaborate with other artists openly.

Does Don Diablo Have A Ghost Producer?

No, he does not have a ghost producer. He produces all his music by himself or with other artists that he credits on his tracks.


Final Thoughts

Don Diablo is a multi-talented musician and DJ who has gained immense popularity for his work in the future house genre. He uses different tools to make music such as a keyboard, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and FL Studio. He also tours several countries to entertain his fans and has upcoming shows in Canada, the US, and other countries. Lastly, he is against ghost production but doesn’t have a ghost producer himself.