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How Do DJs Get Noticed?

How to Make Your Potential Work for You

These days, single performances are not enough for an artist’s popularity (surely, unless you are a famous artist). In order to be noticed, you need to be active and prove yourself in any possible way. Of course, the easiest way to do that is on the Internet. There are many methods and platforms where you can increase your popularity: these are, for instance, a personal website with a blog, social media, and platforms to publish mixes on — and these are only the most widespread ones. To put it shortly, any content that will reflect your activity as a DJ will benefit your popularity and recognition.
All famous DJ regularly release mixes, podcasts, stories on Instagram, thus, drawing the attention of fans. Today there’s an immense struggle for attention going on; that’s why you need to be on everyone’s lips, pay attention to your fans and regularly create content for them. For example, to record new mixes and podcasts, stream, make announcements, share moments of your life with them, and not forget to stand out in these directions so that you stay original and different from other DJs.
The essential thing is that new content should be created regularly. Only in this case, you’ll be able to hold fans’ attention, increase their engagement, and stay in touch with them. Let’s consider in more detail several most popular ways to get noticed better both by your audience and people interested in working with you as an artist.

Record Mixes Regularly

It’s not a rare case when DJs record mixes not regularly, but just from time to time when they have inspiration, so to say. A smart and effective solution would be to record mixes with a defined periodicity and regularly, dividing them into thematic ones. Thus, you’ll be able not only to discipline yourself but also create a habit for your fans to wait for a new mix. So, plan your days when you pick out music and record a new mix, so that it doesn’t run counter your schedule.
Besides the publication of mixes themselves on your website or social media, it may also be used as a guest mix in radio shows or podcasts, which we will dwell on later.

Try to Release More of Your Own Music

There is no doubt that besides new mixes, fans, surely, wait for the new music of their favorite DJ. Some producers release new music quite often (one track weekly), while some may be thoroughly working on a new composition for half a year. Choose the pace you’re comfortable with based on your working schedule and free time but don’t forget that regularity matters here as well. That’s because a nice track that gets the hype in the charts may make you significantly noticeable and positively affect your career, even bringing it to the top.
Even though your own music affects a DJ’s career positively, it takes a lot of time to create tracks and learn this craft, and some producers spend months or even years to start composing like a pro. If you understand that you need your own music immediately, you may use ready-made tracks from ghost producers. When you buy a track, you receive all the rights to own it, will be able to release it on a record label under your name, and that will definitely boost your development as an artist. Go to our shop, choose the appropriate track among numerous genres, and join the ranks of full-fledged artists with their own music.
Also, don’t forget about mashups and remixes. The titles will include the names of those artists based on whom you create remixes, and that is one more step towards your recognition!

Start a Podcast

To add interactivity and become even more noticeable, start recording your podcasts. Everything’s plain: you continue recording your mix on your equipment, but simply add a mic and a voice to the process. You can make small comments between the tracks and tell people about a track you’ve mastered recently, share your plans for the future, or make announcements. When your fans hear your voice and interesting info besides your mix only, you will surely strengthen the ‘artist-fan’ link.
Such podcasts can be made both with new mixes and those recorded before. Just add voice comments in necessary parts of the mix, and your publication is ready!
When the podcast is recorded, upload it to your platforms, such as MixCloud, Soundcloud, or make use of services capable of sending out your podcast to many platforms in just several clicks.

Collaborate With Other DJs

Most DJs are rather your colleagues than competitors, and you should think about how you can work together with other DJs in mutual projects. By doing so, you’ll unite your audiences, and you will receive extra future fans. These may be mutual podcasts, guest mixes, remixes, b2b performances on the stage, interviews, or streams. Remember that this point, like any other, should be done regularly.

Develop your pages on social media and start vlogging

The fastest and most useful tool for content creation is your smartphone. You may take photos, capture videos, and voice. You may even edit simple videos as well as publish them into your blog in several clicks. The regularity of publication on your social media is vital here as well: the algorithms will promote your content if it is regular and exciting, thus, increasing the reach of your audience. Publish news and moments from your life to stories and news feed, create surveys, and add other interactivity to engage the fans. People spend a lot of time on social media, so pay special attention to your accounts.
The use of YouTube as a search engine is only increasing, so make use of this information. In fact, YouTube can be considered a social media of video content. That is an awesome place to promote your music, vlogs, and online streaming.
As long as you develop, you receive experience, so there is more you can share: for example, interesting stories or pieces of advice for novice DJs. Create a text blog (for instance, on Medium) and periodically post articles there. What is important here is to create a content plan with sections and topics of the articles so that you may plan your work and follow the list with no worry.



We’ve covered only several options of how to increase your recognition. But even this number of tips will be enough for your seminal work on your promotion. At first glance, it all may seem complicated. But if you develop a plan of action and sort all things out, you’ll have a vision, and it will be easier to complete the tasks. You shouldn’t remember everything: just make sure you know how to plan your work, and even it will help you stand out. In addition, such work with content is a creative and pretty engaging one, not telling about its use for your business. We wish you good luck and let your recognition as a DJ come ASAP!

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