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How do I become an EDM Producer?


Many of us admire those artists who create music that carries strong energy and makes the audience feel real euphoria and dance. Some are so delighted with this profession that they have a great desire to start the path of a music producer and try their hand at music and try to gain popularity.


Where does the path begin?

If you have decided for sure that you want to become a music producer, you should definitely understand – it will take a lot of patience, perseverance and time to study from you. You need to decide in which genre you want to work, choose among your idols those you will observe and adopt their experience for yourself. Your entire development path can be divided into several stages, which we will describe in more detail later in this article.


The beginning of the way

Start by getting to know the industry. How do producers work, what software and equipment they use, what knowledge is needed to successfully implement their ideas and plans. What are the ways to gain knowledge and experience? In general, you need to understand how this profession works. You can even write out all the ingredients on paper and make a step-by-step plan for yourself along which you will move. This will make it easier for you, especially if you divide the entire path into stages and specific steps.


Explore your genre

You need to understand how the genre of music came about in which you want to create your music. Watch documentaries about this direction, study the biographies of artists who stood at the origins, as well as those who today are a popular producer in this genre of music. Find their accounts and listen to the mixes and tracks they have written over their careers, what programs and equipment they use to create music, what they did to achieve the results that made them popular.


Music theory

Although modern music production software does not require deep knowledge of music theory, it will still be useful for you to know the basic concepts of songwriting and the basics of musical literacy. This will definitely help you create your music correctly and will not take a lot of your time. To be honest, without these bases it is simply impossible to write a track for it to be done correctly. Do not neglect this knowledge and study it.


Your software tool

Next, you need to select a program for creating music, or DAW for short. In our blog, we have already done an overview of the most popular programs, read it and choose for yourself the one that suits you best in terms of budget, convenience and its capabilities. Your best bet is after you’ve installed and tested some of these programs. This is possible because many of them have a free trial period of 14 or 30 days. Pay enough attention to the choice of software, because then you will spend the most time in it.


Your hardware

A complete basic studio kit for a producer is not complete without equipment. You will need at least a sound card, studio headphones or monitors, a laptop or computer. For starters, you can take budget equipment, but not the cheapest.


Learning process

Well, you have already completed everything required and completed the preparation stage. Next, you need to move through the learning process and use all the knowledge gained in practice. You have to master and consolidate knowledge and experience in mixing, signal processing, arrangement of your tracks. These experiments are time-consuming, but essential for your future work, so be patient. Moreover, you have chosen this path for a reason, right? You will surely be carried away by this activity and you will most likely lose track of time while doing this exciting process.

Even if you have chosen for yourself one genre of music in which you want to work, do not limit yourself only to it. Try to create music in other genres, this will help you develop your skills and diversify your music. Try to develop comprehensively and over time you will become a real professional. Thanks to all-round development, the tracks of the producer are distinguished by interesting sound and unsurpassed ideas.


The process of making music

It is important to understand that when you finally get involved in the direct creation of music, this activity requires a huge investment in time. From time to time will not be the days when you have the desire to do it, there will be moments of frustration and you will not receive anything. At some point you will have a creative crisis and you will not be able to write more than one melody. It is absolutely all producers. It is important to be able to switch, relax and find inspiration in absolutely everything, not just music. Therefore, you will also have such periods, and in the same way they will go away and you will again return to your rhythm with renewed vigor.

Goals that you set for yourself can become an additional motivator for moving forward. This could be releasing an album, hitting a top chart for your track, or receiving some kind of award. When you have a goal like this, you work harder to achieve it.



One day there will come a moment when you feel confident working on a new track, the speed of your work is several times higher and you do not spend a lot of time looking for solutions to some problem in mixing or processing with some kind of filter. You have great, innovative sounding tracks that people love. At this stage, it is important to work on your brand and try collaborating with other producers who already have their fans and create a new track together. You will not only get a new experience, but also new fans. Of course, it will take a long time until this point, but if you move gradually and continuously, you will definitely achieve such a goal – and this is good news for you to cheer you up a little.

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