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How do I turn EDM into a hit song?

We’d like to share with you the steps that will help you create a hit record. This mini guide will not make you famous the next day you release your track (although it can happen too), but it will help you move in the right direction. Well, let’s go!


Hum your melody

Many great producers use this method, and it can show amazing results. The idea is to sing or hum each part first and record it, so you can use it as a guide to recreate the segments in your DAW.


Record the melody

This is a process of turning your first idea into music with your DAW. Start just with piano, play the melody from voice memos on your phone. Before you move on to sound design, set up the melodic and chord structure that will shape the basis of the entire song.


Make the bass line

Afterwards, develop the bass line. Then simply include it into the lower register of the same piano clip that you created the melody in. Think of it as filling the whole spectrum of frequency with piano starting from bass octaves and up to high octaves.


Some tips:

  • First off, copy the rhythm of the melody, so that each bass note is in sync with the melody.
  • This requires knowing something about harmony, so you can make chords.
  • Feel which bass note is the most prominent, depending on where the melody notes are taking us in the form of chords. In which sections does the melody last longer?And what chord stands out in it?
  • If you feel like you can’t find a decent bass line with a melody, don’t be afraid to change the melody. It’s just a sketch that is changeable. The bass line can guide your melody.


Create chord harmonies

Now that your melody is in the upper register of the piano and the bass is in the lower register, it’s time to include some chords into the middle register. In order to do this, copy the bass line and add up intervals to each bass note. Use any notes in the key of the song to make fifths, triads, sus2, sus4, chords, or whatever sounds nice.


Sound design for your melody

In order to begin the sound design phase, start off by copying the melody into a good synthesizer to create the sound you want later on. Once you’ve got a good sound, add sidechain compression for pumping and also suppress reverb behind the lead using sidechain compression.


Add extra synthetic layers

Copy the intro for several synths that complement the first one to ‘add weight’. Now you have a big fat sound for the most important part of the song, that is the melody. First, think about the sound ‘colors’ you’d like to use and then find them in your synthesizer.


Add a bass line to your bass synth

After choosing a synthesizer and turning the bass part on, adjust the length of the notes, plus add details such as pitch changes to make it all work together.


Add chord harmony to your synthesizer with a saw wave

With this type of track, you may use Serum to create a beautiful saw wave synth, which is great for EDM chords. After we have our first main synthesizer, we copy and layer different sounds to make one big and deep sound.


Add cinematic sound effects

In this case, it uses different beats, clashes, and bass fills to improve the sound further and make the parts more interesting.


Add high quality drum samples

Start with a quarter note ‘overhead’ to help it cut through the mix. Add a hi-hat for a 1/8 note. Then overlay a hit with a nice clap at 2 and 4.

Then, add a few toms. Now that the drums are on, you should have a full melodic drum with everything else.


Complete the song structure using the main melody and the chords as a guide

Once you’ve sketched out the melody and chord structures of the song, use them to adjust the other parts of the song. Start with more acoustics for this track and then build up rounds until an epic drop.



Do your best at recognizing and using many techniques in your practice, then your tracks will have a unique character and will not look typical. It will allow you to stand out among the huge number of tracks from other producers, and you will have a better chance of creating a hit song.

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