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How do Music Producers make Money


In general, the responsibilities of a producer are roughly the same whether you are a beginner or a well-known multi-award-winning producer. Today we will look at what the producer’s job is, what his duties are, how and how much he can earn.


The beginning of the process

When a producer starts working with an artist, his primary task is to familiarize himself with the material with which he will have to work. These can be demo recordings or even reference songs. The producer should take some time to listen and analyze the music, come up with a sound for it in order to create the right atmosphere in the song.

In addition, the producer will have to determine what tools will be needed to be used in a future song. His direct participation in the recording of the tracks will also be required to comply with all the ideas that were laid down in the idea of ​​the song and should be implemented. It is necessary to prepare the studio, find the right musicians and discuss all the details with the engineer before starting the recording session.

It is much easier to organize the production process if you do it for your own music, but when you have a group in which there are several people with different instruments and different characters, you need to agree with them what will be included in the final recording and how will this or another tool.

It is important to consider that the entire work process is associated with a budget, which includes studio rent, engineers, additional musicians, and more. Sometimes the decision on the budget is left to the producer, sometimes the final decision depends on the label.


Process management and control

It is important to have everything you need ready before recording in the studio. A group can spend a lot of time rehearsing, but when it comes to the studio, dozens of re-recordings begin. This requires additional investment of money and time. To solve this problem, the producer should prepare all the information on the material that will be recorded in the studio. This includes song titles, instruments, tempo, and more.

When we understand exactly what needs to be done, there is a better chance that the task will be completed accurately and in a shorter time frame. This approach will allow you to get more additional experience with each project and in the next recordings the album can be recorded even during the day!


And how much does a producer earn?

There are several models by which a producer gets paid for his work. This can be a fixed payment, as well as a percentage of sales revenue. This is if you work as a hired producer. To begin with, you need to determine approximately how long it will take to work on a project.

You should also consider what hourly rate you need to choose and then you will understand how much fee you can count on for your work. The cost of your work depends on your experience. Well-known producers receive from $ 200 per hour of work. And if it’s a big project, then their fee can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the name of the producer is known and this may affect the sales of the future album, the cost of the work of such a producer rises significantly.

The producer can negotiate a percentage of revenue from sales or auditions on streaming platforms. This payment model can sometimes generate significantly more income for the producer than the flat fee, especially if it is a job for a popular artist.


How else can a producer make money?

The film industry can be another way for a producer to generate income. In many cases, producing music for movies is even more profitable than producing albums for musicians. Some producers can do just a couple of projects in a year and earn enough money to feel free for a whole year. But this is only if you have a lot of experience and the industry knows you.

At first, your salary may be the average salary of the average worker in any other field. But in the case of producing, there is practically no limit on earnings. It is important to get to know people more, attend various thematic events, raise your level and the cost of your work will only increase.


For a beginner producer

But what about a novice producer who wants to become highly paid and recognizable in the industry? To begin with, this is not a fast track. As in many other areas, you need to work hard and build a portfolio and experience. Learn constantly, gain new experience, listen to a lot of music of different genres, analyze the stories of various projects. Read biographies of successful producers and take notes on ideas on how you can apply their experiences to your success.

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