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Ghost Producer Contract

How Does a Ghost Producer sign a contract

There are many ways for ghost producers to make money by creating music, but one of the most popular is to partner with Ghost Production online stores who sell ready-made tracks. Such websites consist of music catalogs with almost all well-known genres of electronic music. Any DJ or artist may go to this website, pick a track they like, and pay for it to become the owner. This means they get a document confirming the rights to the track, also the track in its different versions, and the original sources of the project.
In this article we will talk about what a producer needs to know about signing a contract and what to look for on the website you want to cooperate with, as well as what are the pros and cons of this cooperation.

Picking and analyzing the website

To begin with, you, as a producer, need to find a few websites that you will analyze according to specific criteria. Use a search engine. When you have a list (the bigger it is, the better), get to analyzing.
What should you check at the selected websites before the next step?

Look at the track catalog, how big is the variety there?

If a platform has a catalog with a big number of tracks, this means it is constantly growing and engaging new producers, and regularly posting new tracks. Also pay attention to the number of tracks that have already been sold. This tells you how many people visit the website to buy music.

Are there music genres you work with present on the platform?

Look through the catalog to see if there is a section with the genre of music you create, how many tracks there are in total, and how many are sold. Listen to these tracks and assess their quality. This analysis influences the competition in your niche and your potential to make money in this genre on this platform.

Check out social media and blog

Take a look at the website blog and check out how much content they post, and if it is good quality content. What topics do these articles cover? Do the same to all social media listed on the website. Go look at the number of subscribers and check out how often is new content being released.

Evaluate content marketing

Pay attention to the blog and social media, or rather, whether the website owners entice customers through content marketing. You might notice that articles and posts on social media contain CAT links in the description. This means that customers come to the platform through both search engines and social media. This is a good indicator and it means that the marketing on this site is up and running.

Learn about platform marketing tools

Write an email to the website administration (it is usually indicated inthe contacts section)or fill )out the feedback form on the website to ask how they ensure selling tracks and what marketing tools they use. This will also help you evaluate the potential of this platform for you to make money.

Read all the FAQs

As a rule, a significant part of the answers to your questions are already in this section. Make sure to read it in order to understand the specifics of the platform better and look over some of your criteria.

Look through the terms of cooperation

We are getting closer to the main reason to stay on the website, which is potential for cooperation. This section usually gives you all the necessary information to understand how the interaction of the ghost producer with the platform is arranged and on what are the conditions. That is how much the producer will make from selling their track, the procedure of making a contract, technical requirements for the files, and other details.
Then do all these steps with other platforms from your list. It would be great to create a spreadsheet and enter the analyzed data there. As a result, you will get all information in one spreadsheet, so it will be easier for you to analyze it and make up your mind about what platform is the most suitable for selling your tracks and looks attractive in terms of making money.

Sign a ghost producer contract

As soon as you have all the necessary information about a specific website and everything about it is great, move on to the next step. That is starting to cooperate.
Let’s use our platform as an example for convenience, to tell you how you can post your track on our site to be sold and make a deal.
When you go to the Become a ghost producer” section at the bottom of our website, you will see a form to fill out. It is assumed that you are fully satisfied with all terms and conditions, and that you are ready to cooperate with us. Fill out the form and submit your request. If your track meets all the conditions specified on our website, you will get a contract to be signed.

Example “How to sign the Ghost Producer contract”

This form of cooperation has many advantages for a ghost producer. Let’s list some of them:

  • You have a flexible schedule. You work when you can;
  • Your earnings are unlimited. Make as many tracks as you can;
  • You do what you love and make music the way you want it;
  • You get tons of experience if you create a lot of different music;
  • You are free to experiment with other genres to earn more.


If your vocation is to create music and you have no interest in being famous or performing, this will bring you real pleasure, where you do not depend on anyone, make music for pleasure, evolve in your art, experiment, and make nice money.

If this sounds like you, we welcome you on board!

Listen to Dj Mixes from the founder of “I am Ghost Producer” - Anatolii Vered