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How does Ghost Production work?


Today we’ll talk with a founder and owner of “I am Ghost Producer” – Anatolii Vered.



Anatolii, talking details, what is that?

– I am Ghost Producer is an online service that offers (sells) exclusive tracks.


Who will find your service useful?

– The service will come in handy for Djs, artists and producers.


How does it help DJs and artists?

– For DJs and artists it can be useful in such a way that when they purchase tracks in our online store, they become full-fledged owners of the track. So, they can promote the tracks under own names (or nicknames). Thus, it will result in boosting their career as well because tracks bring success and new fans.

Plus, they get free time on improving their career.

Those having a busy schedule receive time on recovery and rest.

They don’t need to worry about composing new tracks as we’ll do it instead of them.

More time on a family and themselves. Music creation is often a difficult process taking a lot of time. In fact, we become a skillful member of their team.

Some DJs and artists can’t compose music. However, their charisma is well developed and they are quite good at public. And by creating music we, in turn, can compensate for the artist’s weak points.  

He receives fame and recognition and we get the satisfaction and the income from the business we are fond of.


As far as I understand, the deal is fully anonymous?

– Yeah, we work 100% anonymously and don’t appear anywhere inour client’sactivities. The name of the track includes only the artist’s name (DJ). We are mentioned nowhere. All the income and royalties are received by the artist (DJ).

Once the track has been purchased, the artist receives a track contract proving that he is a full owner of this song.


Does this mean that all the income from the track is received by a buyer?

– Yeah, that’s absolutely right. If you purchase a track via our platform, you’ll receive 100% of royalties.

We only take a one time commission for the sell, and after that won’t take any additional fees or royalties.


Is a track sold only once?

– Yes.

After the track has been sold, it will become unavailable for listening or purchase.


When the track is purchased, do you delete it from the website and other social media?

– Yes, we do. After the purchase, the track is automatically marked as SOLD. And nobody can listen to it or buy again.

Also, we publish the previews of our track on Instagram. So, after we’ve sold the track, our manager goes to Instagram page and deletes the sold track from the newsfeed and stories.


How does a client receive the track and all files to it after the purchase?

– After the successful payment on the website, the client will be redirected to another page, where he can download all the necessary files. Also, we’ll send a letter to his e-mail with a similar link for downloading.


What files does a client receive after the track purchase?

– He receives a Zip-archive including 5 folders + a contract:

A Master folder has got 3 mastered version of a track in WAV and MP3 formats. These are Extended Mix, Radio Mix, and Instrumental Mix (only if the track contains vocals).

An Unmaster folder includes unmastered extended version of the track in WAV format;

In a Midi folder, there are all midi files of the track.

Vocal Info has got text files with lyrics (if we were able to write it) and a text file telling where the vocal was taken from.

Stem Filles in WAV format.

And, surely, we attach a contract itself. It states that the current track is fully yours and you are an owner of it.


What are the Stem files?

– Stem files are the separate tracks of your song in a WAV format. For example, Kick, Clap, Percussion, Chord, Bass, Fxs, Synth, Pads, Snare, and others.

You can import them into your DAW (Fl, Cubase, Ableton, Logic etc.) and play the song.

Stem files are used for track editing, for cooperating with other sound engineers, for second mixing and mastering.

In addition to that, you can send your tracks to other producers and musicians so that they could remix your track. In fact, Stem files and midi are the remix pack. And you can send it to anyone you want.


What platforms (DAW) do you use while composing tracks?

– As a rule, we create music in FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Logic.

Every track page mentions the DAW it was composed in. You can see it at the picture below:


What Daw we used to making the track


Do you send the projects to customers as well?

– We sell the projects separately. They cost +$50.

If you see nothing in the DAW field, it means that the track is sold without a project. Sometimes producers don’t want to sell their projects.


And how to buy a track?

– In just a few minutes you can add your favorite tracks to the cart and easily pay for them using various payment methods: by credit card or PayPal.


How to buy a track with a project?

– In order to buy a project, you need to tick Buy the project on the stage of checkout.

An example is below.


What can I do with the track after the purchase?

– The track is yours. You can sign and release it on any record label, sell the track on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, and so on.

You can publish it on any social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), or play it on any gigs.

There are no limitations as the track is now yours!


Can a client return the track after the purchase?

– No, he cannot. The tracks are non-refundable.


Where is your company located?

– We come from Ukraine. But a lot of our producers live in other countries. 


Thank You so much for your answers Anatolii!

You are welcome! We will be very glad to start coperation with new clients. So if you are ready, You can visit our Ghost Production shop and find exclusive tracks for yourself. Good luck!