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How does Tunecore work?

Tunecore makes it possible for musicians to distribute tunes via streaming services, web retailers, and other internet venues. Artists may register for an account and upload their works, which will then be made available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. As well, the business provides resources and tools to help musicians with royalties collecting, earnings tracking, and marketing of their work. The service, which operates on a subscription-based economic model, requires artists to pay a yearly fee to keep songs available for people.


What is Tunecore?

Composers are now able to disseminate songs to the whole world thanks to this service. It acts as a link between musicians and well-known websites, enabling them to post and disperse their works to broadcasting websites. By using the service, songwriters can track and earn money, keep tabs on the success of songs, and gain access to helpful resources that will advance their musical careers.


Who owns Tunecore?

Tunecore is owned by Believe, a well-known music distribution provider. Its goal is to expand its presence worldwide and provide better services to independent creators. Believe acts as Tunecore’s management company, overseeing its operations and strategic direction.


How long does Tunecore take to get on iTunes?

After a song has been uploaded and given the go-ahead by their review staff, Tunecore aims to have it available within 24 to 48 hrs. The amount of submissions received and the veracity of the provided information are just two examples of the variables that may affect the actual processing time. It’s crucial to remember that Tunecore’s delivery estimate may occasionally experience delays due to operational or technical issues.


Is Tunecore legit?

Absolutely. It is a trusted and legitimate delivery platform. It has been supporting thousands of producers globally for more than ten years in the industry. With a solid track record, this company has assisted numerous musicians in distributing their albums to well-known streaming sites and online retailers. Yet, it’s necessary for authors to do their own study and come to a decision based on their unique requirements and objectives.


Is Tunecore free?

It is not free. It has a subscription-based business model where musicians pay an annual fee to use it to share their melodies. The cost of song delivery, management, and using its tools and resources for music marketing and revenue generation are all covered by the subscription price. Additionally, artists could be charged for extra services like the manufacture of tangible goods or licensing.


How long does Tunecore take to upload?

This procedure often takes a few minutes to finish. Musicians can transfer their releases via the web-based interface after registering an account and filling out the required information. The size of the files and the speed of the artist’s internet connection have a major impact on how much time the uploading process takes. The system will manage uploaded files and start the process of transferring them to the chosen sites.


Is Tunecore a scam?

It is not a fraud. Songwriters have long relied on it as a reliable source for sharing songs. The company has a reputation for successfully distributing releases to significant internet specialized websites and conducts business with openness. In addition, it gives clear information about its possibilities and prices. But as with any service, it’s important for authors to read the terms and conditions in full, comprehend the costs, and make selections that are tailored to their individual requirements.


How much does Tunecore cost?

Depending on the services composers need, the company provides a variety of rate alternatives. The basic price is $9.99 per single and $29.99 per album. Such payments pay for access to Tunecore’s promotional tools and resources as well as the publishing of songs on numerous channels. Also, songwriters have the option to select extra possibilities, such as management of sharing, which may come at an additional cost.


Does Tunecore copyright your music?

The  song is not protected by copyright at Tunecore. As soon as an original creative work is produced and fixed in a tangible form, including music, copyright protection is automatically conferred. By default, copyright belongs to the musicians. But the company does provide services to aid musicians in copyright registration. These possibilities are optional, and completing the copyright registration process may involve extra stages or separate costs.


How does Tunecore make money?

The primary source of income for the firm is its subscription-based business model. To use the possibilities for publishing their tracks to web channels, artists must pay a yearly membership fee. The cost of music delivery, management, and access to marketing tools are all covered by this fee. Additionally, the firm provides sharing management, and physical sales, all of which add to the company’s revenue sources.


Technical Details at Tunecore

Creators can consult the official support manual for comprehensive technical details about the platform, file specifications, metadata guidelines, and other technical issues. For formatting files, optimizing metadata, and resolving frequent technical problems, the support guide offers thorough instructions and best practices.


How to delete a Tunecore account

Artists can follow the directions listed on the Tunecore website to remove their account. The procedure often entails entering into the account, going to the profile or account settings section, and looking for the option to delete or close the account. It’s vital to understand that removing a Tunecore account will remove all music that has been submitted as well as any related data, and that once removed, it might not be possible to recover the account or its content.


How to remove a song from Tunecore

Members can ask customer care to remove a particular song from the company’s list by getting in touch with them directly. The artists must supply the names of the websites the song will be released on as well as any other relevant details. The support staff will walk the artist through the procedure and make sure the song is taken down from the chosen sites.


Payment at Tunecore

For composers to obtain any earnings, the firm proposes a number of payment alternatives. The methods for payment to authors are direct deposit (ACH), PayPal, or Payoneer. Members can securely and easily get all income and revenues from the streams through these payment methods. The system’s payment settings allow authors to manage their profits and set up their preferred payment method in their Tunecore accounts.


When does Tunecore pay?

Regularly, usually once a month or quarterly, Tunecore distributes earnings to authors. Based on the payment method selected by the musician and the earnings level established by the platform, the precise payment timeline may change. To prevent any delays or problems with collecting their money, creators should study Tunecore’s payment procedures and ensure payment information is up-to-date.


How much does Tunecore pay per stream?

The amount paid for each stream on Tunecore might differ depending on a number of variables, such as the streaming service, the nation where the stream happens, and the specific publishing contract the artist has with the company. Typically, they give authors a portion of the money made through listening services. Due to elements like platform-specific royalty rates, currency exchange rates, and other variables, the precise payment rate per stream may change.


How often does Tunecore pay?

Tunecore regularly compensates musicians, usually on a monthly or quarterly basis. The frequency of payments may vary based on things like the artist’s preferred payment method, Tunecore’s earnings threshold, and any current payment regulations. To find out the precise payment frequency that applies to their profits, authors can consult their profile settings and Tunecore’s payment paperwork.


How does Tunecore pay you?

They provide creators with a variety of payment options for obtaining their income. The options for payment to authors are direct deposit (ACH), PayPal, or Payoneer. When an artist reaches the payment threshold and the payment cycle is started, Tunecore will use the set payment method to transfer the revenues to the artist’s chosen payment account. Using their accounts, creators may modify their payment preferences and view their income.

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