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How many Hours a Day do Music Producers Work


As with most other professions, a music producer often works full-time. This of course depends on the specific project that the producer is working with at the moment. To be more precise, the average producer works 4-12 hours a day. A large number of factors can affect the duration of work in the studio, and we will consider several of them in our article.


Number of projects

This is an obvious and fundamental factor that affects how much time a producer needs to spend in the studio. If he has three projects and each of them requires three hours of studio work per day, then this is already a nine-hour working day. The more clients a producer has, the more he has to work. Sometimes he even comes to work at night. Experienced producers raise the value of their work when their orders grow. This is necessary in order to get more money, but at the same time not work more than 12 hours every day. Not everyone is able to withstand this pace for a long time.



In addition to working directly in the studio, the producer has other tasks in his work. These can be trips or interviews, master classes or work on additional business, if any. All of this also takes time and it is important to strike a balance so that all these tasks are completed on time.


Collaboration with the label

If a producer works with a label, then the label sets a schedule for him. If the producer has his own label or he is an independent producer, then he has the right to plan his working day himself and have complete control over his time.


The balance between working days

It is also important to distribute the workload between the different work processes on projects. For example, perform more labor-intensive processes on ordinary days, and complete the rest on weekends. Now we are talking about the case when the producer has a lot of work and it is necessary to use 7 days of the week. Correct load balancing will help to complete all tasks on time.


Producer status

Through producing, you can become more famous. This can mean that you will have a lot more work in the studio and even vice versa. We already talked about this above: well-known producers can charge more money for their services, but at the same time work less and get decent pay.

If the producer has assistants, this can free up even more time and also increase revenues. For example, a producer may outsource the mixing or recording of instruments to a separate person.


Tips for optimizing working time

First, determine the number of projects you will be working on per day. In this case, you will know exactly how much tasks you have every day, how much time it takes to solve them. You can also be sure that you will have time to complete all projects on time.

If a music producer has a growing number of projects and cannot manage to complete them, this means that it is time to hire a team of specialists for individual project work processes. You may need to take a separate person who will record the instruments in the studio (sometimes the recording can last a whole day). Maybe he needs a technician to tune all the equipment before recording. Or maybe you need a dedicated mixing or mastering specialist? If there are really many projects, the decision to assemble a team will be the most optimal. One person simply cannot do all this work, and no one wants to lose the opportunity to make good money, right?

Another important tip is to improve efficiency. This applies to both personal performance and your team. To work faster does not mean to make your work less efficient. Music creation software is constantly updated, and its creators add new features and optimize the performance of previous versions. With each new version, they try to make sure that routine tasks can be completed faster and not spend a lot of mouse clicks on it, because it not only takes time, but also takes energy and patience.

In addition to improving the skills of working with the new tools of the program, you need to do time management. If you analyze the working time and tasks that have been completed, you will notice that among them there are 2-3 hours that were not wasted unnecessary things. And if such loss of time occurs on a regular basis, then you essentially lose the opportunity to quickly complete work and your earnings.


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