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How much do Music Producers get Paid


Thanks to the producers, we are able to make songs better, because a good song idea is not enough. The music producer makes an invaluable contribution to the future of an artist and of course, producers earn money for this job. In this article, we will help both artists and aspiring producers understand the conditions under which producers work and how much they are paid.


Beginning of producer’s work

To begin with, you should select from among potential songs that have commercial potential and which can become hits. Most likely, you will need to make adjustments to the arrangement in order to improve it and make it memorable. Perhaps something must be removed altogether, or perhaps some instruments need to be added to emphasize them.

After all, the elements are approved and the instruments are recorded, the project is sent for mixing and mastering. The producer participates in most of the processes and thanks to his experience, everything goes as it should and the desired result is obtained at the output. For this, in fact, he receives money. Sometimes a lot of money. We will talk about this further.


Producer’s earnings

His fee starts at 0. Yes, that’s right, beginners are working for the sake of experience and a portfolio, so if they are invited to work for the sake of gaining experience, such a chance is more valuable than money. As for the more experienced producers, their fees depend on their experience, the number of songs and the popularity of the artist for whom they are producing the album.

A significant proportion of producers receive a percentage of the album’s sales. This is roughly 3-4% of the price for which the album is sold, or 20-25% of the artist’s royalty. Percentage of sales is a good choice, especially if you expect the album you are working on to sell well. This means that you can make good money in the future. This understanding of the terms of cooperation comes with experience.


Service pricing tips

When a producer says the cost of his work, it doesn’t have to correspond to the time it takes to complete it. For example, if it took 2 hours to work on one song, then it will be $ 2 x $ 100 and you will receive $ 200. You definitely spent a lot of time and effort to do your job efficiently and in a shorter time. In this case, the cost of your work should be increased. You must respect your work, just as other people must respect your experience.

When determining the price that a producer indicates for his work, it is important to consider: personal experience and skills, what level of recognition you are in the music industry, as well as what prices your competitors have. Considering these elements, the assigned cost of your work will be well-reasoned.

There is also a per-minute pay for the producer’s work. As a rule, this applies to the film industry and here producers can really make good money. Consider the box office grosses after a movie is shown in cinemas around the world. The cost of one minute starts at $ 40 and can go up to $ 2,500. Some well-known producers receive 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars each. If you think about it, these numbers are astounding and working as a music producer in films can be very lucrative.

How else can you estimate the cost of your services? An additional factor that can affect the price is your equity. It includes your costs for professional training, for which you spent money and time, the costs of purchasing the professional sound equipment necessary for the work, as well as directly for your studio (perhaps you have your own studio or you rent it).



Let’s summarize how much producers can earn depending on their level.

If the producer is a newbie, they should charge between $ 150 and $ 850 per song and 3% of the sale price of the album. For an experienced producer, the range is $ 850-3000 per track and 3-4% of album sales. Top producers can ask for 9000-34000. The elite of the producers boldly receive from 100 thousand dollars for one song.

We want to especially emphasize one important tip – this is your circle of acquaintances and connections in the industry. He probably plays one of the key roles in the development of your career. Therefore, we can say that the more connections you have, the more you will earn. Be sure to keep this in mind.


In fact, it doesn’t really matter how many years of experience you have, you can start making money some time after you’ve learned how to create your own music and were able to create several tracks. If you feel that your music is already at a decent level and you have received good feedback from other people about your tracks, you can move on and start making money creating and selling your tracks as Ghost producer.

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