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How to Become a Famous Dj

How to become a famous DJ

Any beginner DJ dreams of becoming famous in the future, having a lot of tours and high fees. This also applies to those DJs who already have experience, have been playing for a long time, but continue to dream of fame and glory.
We can make you happy – it is possible. If someone succeeds, then you can succeed. You just need to set yourself such a task, schedule the steps of action and complete all the points and gradually move towards the goal. Most people fail to become famous because they don’t know the simple steps, and if they recognize them, they don’t succeed in patiently walking toward the goal. Nevertheless, the way can take several years of hard work. Only those who are persistent go to the end.
However, if you do what you do with all your heart, then we will jump straight to what is worth doing to achieve fame in the future.

Figure out what success and fame mean to you

Some DJs may aspire to become famous within a city, country, and someone wants to be famous internationally. Figure out which level of success you are striving for and stick to it.

Set direction and a goals

Pick your niche. For whom do you want to work as a DJ? Perhaps you want to be an EDM superstar, wedding DJ, House DJ, or even a radio DJ. Considering the above, determine the time in which you want to achieve your goals. After setting your goals break them down into smaller chunks, like 1-2 months of mini-goals.
The sum of the smaller parts is the whole. Thus, if you qualitatively and consistently put effort into smaller goals, you can achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.

DJing and Producing

It is very important to decide if you want to be just a DJ or a DJ-producer. Certain direction is always the golden key to helping you channel your efforts on the right track. Knowing about which direction you want to go in the beginning definitely helps you to get things done more effectively.  A DJ and a DJ-producer have a different set of goals, audience, and niches that you will strive for, so at first, you need to decide what will be prioritized in your work. If things are easier with DJing, creating your own track can take a lot of time and effort.  If you plan to combine DJing and producing in the future, then you can get the tracks right now. Use our Ghost Production Marketplace with ready-made tracks from ghost producers. Choose the track you like by genre and sound, make a purchase and get full rights to it. Now it’s yours as if you wrote it by yourself. You can sign in with your name and release it on the label. Take this chance to save your time and energy!

Get skills you need


Acquiring the necessary skills will allow you to quickly master and achieve a high level of DJing and music production. It gives you a great foundation to discover and display your musical talent.


Important DJing skills include:


  • Beatmatching
  • Using DJ software such as Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor
  • Harmonic mixing


Music production skills include:


  • Using DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) which include: Ableton, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio
  • Sound design
  • Music theory
  • The basics of a piano
  • Mixing and mastering


Knowing the above areas of DJing and production is just a starting point. As you succeed as a DJ producer, you will realize that it is time to master the more advanced techniques. Even if you are looking to become a DJ and work full time in any part of the music industry, knowing the basics of DJing is important. Music production is definitely an added bonus, especially when you’re editing your DJ mixes for Internet promotion.


Pick the name of a DJ or an artist


Choosing a name is a key part of a career start. Make sure the DJ name matches you and the genre of the music. For example, it’s hard to imagine that the name Skrillex would be appropriate for an artist performing a funky house set or playing at a wedding.
Here are some ideas on how to come up with a nickname. Divide your name into two parts, or take several parts from the name and surname and combine it. There are other ways to create a name, like choosing one or two words that define you as an artist.


Create a music collection


In the digital world, it is easy to collect a lot of music, as it is more readily available than ever. The key is to focus on the quality of your music collection rather than quantity.
It helps a lot if you play various music at different concerts as a DJ.
You can create collections in which the tracks are divided into vocal or instrumental, more energetic or lighter ones, and this will help you create a dynamic set. You must be able to captivate your listeners and take them on a journey. Also, don’t forget about the collection of bootlegs, remixes, etc.


Receive and analyze feedback


Get feedback from friends, or better yet from like-minded friends who are also DJing and making music. These people are plausible to give you the most honest feedback that will be helpful. They are most likely to tell you what areas of your mixes or tracks you can improve.
Mentors are another way to get feedback. Choosing a mentor with a fantastic background in the music industry will help you succeed. Mentors can give you the support you need. They have already come your way, so this is a good possibility to learn from their experiences and reach your goals faster.


Get involved in personal marketing and publish your achievements online


Start by creating a logo for yourself as a DJ. Get inspired by other DJs by browsing flyers and festival websites. Usually, there are a ton of DJ logos.
Talk to friends who know designers who can help you create your logo. Show them your design ideas or sketches on paper. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy on this.
Then create multiple banners and illustrations for posting on websites, social media, YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc. Make your DJ brand professional. It demonstrates who you are as an artist and reflects your professionalism.
And remember that there is no exclusive recipe for fast glory. You will be required to do all this work regularly until one day they start talking about you as a famous artist. Who knows, maybe this will happen after six months of effort, or maybe after 5 years. Keep working on yourself and your name and you will definitely achieve your goal.


Good luck to you!