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How to Become an Edm Artist

How to become an Edm Artist

So, you are eager to become a professional artist. You watch those guys touring the world and releasing music non-stop, and you probably think there is a huge difference between you and them. But if you ponder it over, you will see how easily and quickly you can achieve the same.

Watch Successful Artists

If we talk about the very beginning of your career path, you should take a closer look at those artists and DJs who are already successful in the EDM scene, keep listening to their sets, coming to their performances, watching their streams, and analysing their mixes. All in all, to observe the ways they present their music to the audience and understand the real reason for their sets to be that energetic.
At some parties you have probably noticed the DJ to be in close distance to the audience instead of standing somewhere high on stage and out of reach. You can watch him working right near him or her. Thus such a method makes the audience and the artist closer. Looks like there is nothing unusual. So why do people observe and admire the work of a DJ so closely? It’s all about the way a DJ presents the material, moves, interacts with the people and reveals his charisma. All this works in a complex and the audience feels it at once. So it is highly important to do the same – though sometimes it is not that easy.
Make sure to subscribe to the music accounts of your idols. How do I find a producer and music on SoundCloud? We all often use the search line – as a result we receive several accounts or tracks and cannot identify the official channel. Look at other resources (on the website or social networks) as usually there are links to the artist’s official accounts. Now you will always stay tuned to the release of new music from those guys, as well as music updates, for which you might have already spent your time looking for. In this case you can cut down your expenses.

Keep practicing mixing

The great thing about EDM is that it’s easy to mix and it’s a great genre for practicing and gaining new experience. One of the quickest ways to learn good mixing is to record your practising. You can listen to them over, pay attention to your weaknesses and work on them at the next mixing training. Moreover, the successful ones you can save for use in the future.

EDM Production

Sooner or later, you will definitely want to write your own music. If you have the time and resources to spare, you can get the necessary equipment, sign up for producer courses, or take advantage of the free lessons (to get you started at the very beginning). Be aware that this is a hard-working process and it can take months or even years to study and write your first tracks.
It is the music that drives this world. To be an artist you need music, that’s all. Whether you create your own music or consider yourself a brand and want to hire a music producer, you, as a performer, have to be deeply involved in the process. The real artist tells a story and achieves it with the help of the available means. There is no shame in hiring a music producer. Or, for example, buy a ready-made tracks from ghost producers in our store and have a full right to sign it up with your own name, publish it on a label and play it to the audience.

Do not stop. Promote yourself!

Okay, so, you spent many hours, days, weeks, months on practising…
You even started performing at parties and got a little experience (You can also read how to get your first performances in other articles on our blog).
You should start promoting yourself as an artist. We have already posted an article about it in our blog. So don’t be lazy and make sure to read it right after you finish this one!
Then you need a good brand so that you can transform it into an electronic press kit known as EPK in the music industry. This includes your logo, press photos, all your songs, and social media links. Your EPK is a business card that you send to the promoters.
Once you have your music and your brand, it’s time to create your social media strategy and start creating your content. Artists are known primarily for their music, but these days, an artist is also a character whose posts are monitored from any available location and device. If you put yourself first and express yourself in a unique way, you will reach more people. Make sure you are pondering your thoughts and not posting random stuff just for the sake of posting.
It is very important to depict a clear, credible message and provide the audience with enough information about yourself. So that you could become an alive personality in the heads of your fans. However, be careful – the things you say will stay with you forever. Thus make sure you don’t alienate potential audience members with aggressive, extreme, or overly personal messages.

Of course, to become a professional artist takes much more than we discussed above. This is not an easy step-by-step process. Everyone should find his or her own path and work hard to follow it. Some elements remain the same all across the board – your music, your brand, and your content. But the way you broadcast them to your audience stands you out from the crowd. Think long and thoroughly  about your path, believe in yourself and be brave to take action!

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