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how to build a following on SoundCloud

How to build a following on Soundcloud

SoundCloud has already helped thousands of new artists to promote their music and find listeners all around the world. Whether you are a musician, singer, or just a music lover looking to share your creations with the world, SoundCloud is one of the best platforms to start with. SoundCloud allows you to upload your own music, promote it, and also listen to other aspiring but unknown artists.
On SoundCloud, you can share your music with everyone or you can have private playlists and private tracks that you can share exclusively via private links. SoundCloud easily connects to popular social networks and blogs, which allows creators and listeners to interact with each other. Just like on Instagram, SoundCloud creators can grow thanks to their listeners and subscribers.
But if you dream to become a famous artist on SoundCloud, having a certain number of subscribers is not enough. You should be active and put in a lot of effort to attract new people to your profile who are truly interested in your music. Read the tips below on how to get real and active subscribers on SoundCloud faster.

Create an account on SoundCloud

When we talk about creating an account on SoundCloud, this doesn’t mean just registering and starting uploading music immediately. You must set a clear goal. Ask yourself why do you want other people to listen to your music? Visualize your artist profile.

Here are a few things you should consider when creating a SoundCloud account:

  • Choose unique username
  • Set your music genre
  • Think about how often you want to upload music

Write a bio, a unique statement that will be shown on your SoundCloud profile to catch the eyes of your listeners. Remember that it’s important not only to attract new listeners but make them your followers.
Connect with your audience not only through the songs you upload, but also write a personal note about who you are and why you want to share your music with the world.

Use hashtags

Hashtags work wonders! Let people discover you using relevant hashtags to describe the tracks you’ve uploaded. You can check new hot songs and use trendy hashtags of local artists to attract new listeners to your profile.

Use storytelling

People love stories. To elicit the emotion of your listeners, write a beautiful story describing the track you uploaded. Tell them why you like this song. Tell them how this melody affects you or someone special to you. Or initiate a conversation with your listeners, asking them what do they feel listening to the song you shared. Maybe your music helped them bring back special memories?

Make playlists

Make it easier for your listeners to understand what type of music you are sharing by creating playlists for them. Create a list of songs with the same mood that would make a nice playlist. Create themed playlists based on genre, mood, dynamics, etc. Creating playlists could be a good way for your followers to get to know you better.


Connect with other people on SoundCloud. Don’t just be a casual follower or creator, but interact with your listeners and other artists. Leave nice comments under the other artist’s work. Respond to comments under your songs, and let them know that you appreciate their feedback.
If you want to gain more active SoundCloud followers, you can join SoundCloud Groups. To get started, join thematic groups that are related to the music you make.
When you join the SoundCloud group, make sure you interact with other people there. Don’t join just for the sake of increasing your number of subscribers. You’re looking for active followers on SoundCloud, so you also need to be active when interacting with other users on this platform.

Connect with bloggers

Try to reach out to bloggers who write about music similar to yours. You will give them unique content for their website or blog, and you will have a high chance to attract new listeners. It’s a win-win situation. These bloggers already have their loyal readers and a huge amount of daily visitors, so use this tip to learn how to get your listeners interested in becoming your SoundCloud subscribers and fans.

Upload your own music

Releasing your own tracks and uploading them regularly is a key to gaining fans. Your subscribers are most interested in getting new music from you. That’s not a problem if you don’t write your own tracks yet. You can always buy a ready-made tracks from a ghost producer. Choose a track from our catalog of ghost produced tracks, and get all the commercial rights to it. You can sign your name, release it on a label and upload it to your accounts. This will boost your popularity and help you gain fans.

The last piece of advice I can give you is to love your work and enjoy your creative process. Your enthusiasm and passion will surely attract listeners who will like your music. Just focus on promoting your tracks, and upload regularly to increase the number of your subscribers.

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