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How to buy songs online

Well-known DJs spend as much time trying to find new, original music as less famous DJs spend their time and efforts on honing their DJing skills.
Tracks should be checked for appropriate play style, potential (whether the tracks will work on the dance floor), etc.
A large part of your life as a DJ is the endless search for great music.

How to purchase music that will both work for you and for the dance floor?

Before the digital era, it used to be easier to buy DJ records. The point is that music stores and the people who worked there really cared about your personal music preferences. You just walked into the store and they were already collecting a few records you were considered to enjoy listening to.
Now everything is completely different. Nowadays, DJs need a system to get the most out of online music resources.

So, how to buy DJ music online? We have prepared a list of recommendations for you:


  • Buy music regularly. If you can buy music once or twice a week, you have a good chance to find out releases that are available only within a couple of weeks.
  • Buy only a few tracks at a time. Avoid lengthy volume purchasing sessions as it’s too easy to get carried away with quantity rather than quality. Buy in short periods of time and do it purposefully. Make sure to maintain a high level of quality of the music you buy.
  • Only buy the music you like. Never buy music kits just on purpose.
  • Check the DJ charts to study the music preferences other people buy and play.
  • Follow artists, producers and labels. A majority of artists and producers use different names for different projects. Thus once you find someone whose music you adore, hunt down their other nicknames.
  • Get rid of the recommendations of the distributors as they have nothing to do with your personal tastes. Therefore they are completely pointless in your desire to create a collection of beautiful music.
  • Save your items in your shopping cart or bookmarks and come back to them later. Always do this. The thing is that after searching for music to buy online for over 30-40 minutes, you will find that your music perception and your decision making quality starts to decline. As a result, you end up buying a bunch of average records that you could easily do without. Save them and return to them the next day to see if they are still worth purchasing.
  • Use YouTube. YouTube is great for finding music. Different kinds of people go to YouTube and upload all kinds of music. So spend some time there and start discovering music that you might never have heard before.
  • Find sensible radio shows and podcasts. If you can find a couple of regular shows that tend to play exactly the music you like, it’s worth taking the time to become a loyal listener. It’s even better if the podcasts also come with a tracklist.
  • Look through the list of remix artists. If someone has remixed a tune that you already enjoy, it is likely that you have common musical tastes. If they have done a great job with the remixes, check them out carefully, as it is highly expected that you will find some originals or more remixes that you like.
  • Use TheHypeMachine. TheHypeMachine is an mp3 blogging aggregator that is ready to help you find new music. Hype Machine indexes hundreds of music sites and collects their latest posts for easy streaming and searching. The tracks with the most approval in the Hype Machine community start on the Popular page.
  • You can also spot the song in your bookmark list so that you are provided with a direct link to buy tracks.
  • Pay attention to Similar Artists. While most music sites will recommend artists to you based on what you’ve already bought, some of them seem completely irrelevant. But not all, of course. These recommendations are definitely worth checking out, as if they create what you like it will save you a lot of time looking for new tracks.
  • Also, do not forget about buying tracks from ghost producers. This is not just an option for buying high-quality music, but an opportunity to write your own name on such a track and receive full commercial rights to it as well. You can learn more about this on our website and select some tracks from the Ghost Production Shop.



If you are going to be a great DJ, none of this will give you a hassle.
Great DJs love finding great original music, trying to search for exclusive material, and surprising the listener. Of course, looking for tracks is not always a piece of pie as usually it turns into a routine that takes away time and effort. But it is worth it to find the kind of musical material that will bring a lot of pleasure to your fans.
Develop an effective system for yourself to find and buy DJ music on the Internet, be original and stay true to your musical tastes and your DJ career.