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How to create a Spotify artist account

Streaming services are well-liked by both casual listeners and independent musicians since you no longer need to submit your song to a record company in order to reach a huge audience. Musicians are able to sign up for services like Spotify, submit their music to the site, and use the service’s advertising features. We’ll go through how an artist may join Spotify and become verified right now.


How to Become a verified artist on Spotify

At first glance, signing up for the platform and verifying your status as an artist for verification seems like a straightforward process, just like most registration procedures on other websites. In actuality, however, you need to first satisfy a number of requirements and have artist status on other platforms.

The problem is that before authentication is necessary, an artist’s song must first be posted to the site. To get your music displayed on Spotify, you must sign a deal with a music distributor. These providers distribute your tunes to streaming services and online music retailers. You must first register for an account on the website of one of these distributors, such as CD Baby or TuneCore, then submit your music.

But wait a bit before beginning the verification. You must put in some advance work and maintain activity on Spotify. You must engage the audience, attract more listeners, make playlists, and advertise your music. Regular releases of new music, a sizable subscriber base, as well as articles and news about the artist are some of the main requirements.


How to add artists to Spotify

First, you must create an account on the Spotify website. After that, go to and log in. Now that you have a significant internet presence and have worked hard on your profile, you are eligible to request for verification. The site has its own specifications so that only genuine artists may acquire evidence. You will be required to supply information and answer a series of questions in order to prove that you are an artist. It will be straightforward for you to supply all the necessary information and pass the verification because you’ve already taken some measures.

You will have to wait a while before your application is verified after you’ve submitted it. The platform receives numerous requests for verification, so please be patient and wait for the outcome as it may take some time. Don’t stop, however, and continue to work on your music, promote it, and engage with your fans.

It is crucial to work on building your profiles across various platforms as this will improve your chances of receiving verified artist status, as you might get rejected. You must put forth your best effort to be recognized as an artist deserving of verification because Spotify gives preference to artists who they believe meet certain criteria.


How much does a Spotify account cost?

Users can open an account for nothing. Artists are also affected by this. You only need to register on the platform to begin creating your own playlists and listening to music. All other costs are associated with the promotion of music and have nothing to do with the Spotify account; artists are also free to use all the tools. The price of distribution services should be mentioned: you pay an annual subscription fee, and the distributor publishes your music on stores and streaming services.

Another illustration: Since DJs and producers are also fans of the music created by other DJs and producers, it would be nice if they were free from restrictions that would make it difficult for them to use their accounts effectively and listen to music in a convenient manner. It still makes sense to pay a tariff for this purpose in order to be able to do away with all limitations. The platform offers a number of plans, but the Individual plan, which costs $9.99/month, is the most popular (for the US). There are also collective plans, which are advantageous if your band is registered on the platform because each member will pay less than they would under an individual plan, which is very practical.


Do distributors make a Spotify account for you?

They can actually create and properly set up your Spotify profile for you, which is a nice bonus. The service of creating and designing a profile should be offered, so the artist should make sure by reading the terms of service and the list of services in advance.

You must give the distributor all the required materials, including music files, track titles, album titles, other descriptions, and cover art, if the service allows for the creation of an account. You must send a text message with the artist’s information, a profile photo, and other details in order to create a profile. Each platform will have an account set up, a profile made, and music uploaded by a service specialist. Additionally, they can assist you in passing verification and achieving official artist status, giving you more time to concentrate on your creative work and other tasks like further music promotion.

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By the way, if you already have your own tracks, you should definitely register on Spotify, verify your account, and start working with a distributor. This will allow you to get a presence on the most popular platforms on the planet for a small annual fee and more listeners will learn about you.