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How to get more Listeners on SoundCloud


Soundcloud is a great platform to promote your music and find listeners. This audio streaming and distribution platform has 175 million users and the number continues to grow. Soundcloud is used by many artists, both famous ones or those who are just starting. Sharing your music with people online is the fastest way to become a successful artist and find fans.

This platform has a feature that helps creators get listeners’ attention and raise the number of fans. Even the most talented artists still have to promote their tracks and get people’s attention. We’ve prepared some important tips for you to help get more plays of your tracks.


Optimize your profile

Your stage name is the “face” of your profile. Сhoose a suitable name and avoid using questionable words. Here are some tips on how to make a great profile:

  • Choose a name that represents your art. Think about a catchy stage name that can easily become popular. For a music label – use your company name.
  • Get a short and simple URL.
  • If the chosen name is already taken just try to add another word like The, Official, etc.
  • Choose your stage name wisely to introduce yourself to the listeners from the best side.


Promote on different platforms

Use other platforms (like social networks) to attract the attention of new people. Add Soundcloud link to all of your platforms and invite people to subscribe.


Interact with others

Soundcloud – the perfect platform to promote and connect with others to gain more followers. Interact with other creators on the platform. You can leave a comment or share other DJs’ tracks, and that’s how you can boost your audience and increase the number of new people in your account.

Interact with listeners. You should respond to the comments of your followers and ask them to visit your profile on Soundcloud. Be active, and maintain a friendly conversation with your followers.


Advertising budget

If you need an additional promotion tool try to use paid advertising on major platforms – Google, YouTube, and Facebook. These platforms work in a similar way. Plan on how long your ad will run and choose the target market. It may cost you some money before you reach your goals, but the results are worth the effort.


Create a music video

Watching video clips is more interesting than listening to a song. Also, fans love to share video clips on various social media sites so you can use this opportunity as an effective way to gain followers. It takes time and effort to create a good music video, but it’s worth it.

To film a music video, you will have to choose a song. If you don’t have one yet, that’s not a problem. Buy a ready-made track from a ghost producer, and a great, professional track with all the rights to it. You can sign your name, release it on a label and use it for the music video. Go to the Ghost Production Shop and choose the track you like.


Try SoundCloud Pro

If you want to be successful on Soundcloud, switch your account to Pro version. With a Pro account, you can upload more tracks and get access to the audience insights like where and when people are listening to your songs. It will help you understand your listeners better and make a clear plan on how to attract even more followers.

Gaining followers on Soundcloud is not a fast process. You must invest a lot of time and effort to get the results you want. Just focus on your goals instead of getting quick results. To achieve great results and gain loyal followers, stay friendly, patient, and humble.