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How to get your Music heard by Record Labels: Best Tips and Ideas


It takes a lot of effort to get noticed by a record label. Both big and small labels are primarily interested in the potential of the artist who submits his application. Start by researching information about how labels work and how they listen to artist tracks. Remember that in most cases you will have to do all the work in order for your track to be heard. Only well-known musicians are offered contracts by the labels themselves.

You need to find a label and work hard enough for that label to show interest in you. If you are overly persistent, you will only create a negative impression of yourself once again. The ideal way to declare your intentions is to write them in a letter and send them to a potential label, and also take part in events in which its representatives participate, meet, communicate.


Basic Tips for Making Your Music Heard

If you spend your resources on advertising, you have a better chance of getting noticed by a good label. But even in this case, the probability that a contract will be signed with you is not 100%. We’ve prepared tips for you to help increase your chances of being heard by your record label.


Write a great bio

Start by having a decent online presence. Make sure your profile links contain your name or nickname and social media is styled and filled with quality content. It is important to regularly publish new content on your sites and update your bio as they become available.

If your bio contains interesting accomplishments and facts about you, photos are taken professionally, your brand will look an order of magnitude better. This can be the first step and will increase your chances of becoming more recognizable and popular, getting more feedback from the public. Accordingly, the chances are increased that the label will show interest in you and want to listen to your music. This is a good start. Let’s continue …


Prepare your tracks

Pay enough attention to the quality of the music you want to deliver. If you have created a track from low-quality loops and in general the music was created without the investment of effort and energy, an experienced label representative will immediately notice this and you can expect failure.


Be relevant

Don’t waste your time with all the labels available. Focus on a list of labels that are interested in your style of music. See which artists and music have already been released on the label and see if there are those among them who are similar to you.

Don’t forget that it is important to stand out from the rest of the artists. Get creative and original – write a letter that grabs attention and sets you apart from other artists. They may be better than you, but with your writing you can make a better impression of yourself, thereby attracting more attention and being one step closer to the chance to be heard.


Be the best artist you can be

An important tip – regularly write new music, implement fresh ideas in your tracks. Labels receive a huge amount of music, but pay attention to a small part of it. Once again, you will get a chance to stand out if you can demonstrate that you have a lot of ideas, you develop and know how to surprise.

Try to record your rehearsal sessions and listen to them several times. You need to make your material better every time. Pay attention to the style of your idols and borrow ideas for your music from them.


Increase the number of live performances

The more you tour, the more chances you have of getting more new acquaintances and connections. Very often the representatives of the label visit concerts and festivals to find new talented artists. If a label representative hears quality music and sees potential in it, he can offer the artist cooperation. You have every chance to be such an artist.

Plus, you can form your dating network while touring. Meet and communicate more. Concert and festival guests and visitors may include people who belong to a label looking for artists who create music in your style. Don’t miss your chance and make the most of your touring potential.


Work on building a fan base

Do not forget about your activity on social networks. You need to keep active around your posts, you need to have your music and your work discussed in the comments.

Social media can help you grow your fan base if you pay enough attention to your content. Labels pay special attention to artists who already have a fan base on the Internet and this may indicate the potential of such an artist for the label.


Collaborate with advertisements, movie video games and video makers

Another good way to be more visible is to create music for various projects. You may not make a lot of money in this kind of job, but it will be an excellent chance for you to get publicity. Most often, in the Tatras or in the description of such a work, the name of the author of the music will be indicated, why not yours?


Think like labels

The main way that labels receive demo tapes from artists is through email. Remember, never attach your audio files to the body of the letter. Such a letter will most likely not even be read. The best idea would be to use a third-party file storage service. Upload your demos there, get a link to your files and paste this link into the body of the email along with the text and send.

Another tip worth paying attention to. Show that you are capable of promoting your brand and have at least a basic knowledge of marketing. Today, digital music broadcasting services have gained immense popularity. If you will be present at such venues and you have music listening statistics, this will be a great advantage.


Submit your demo

Submit your tracks to multiple labels in one go. You will most likely not get an answer, but you need to keep doing this until you get an answer. When you have a new track created, be sure to send it to the labels you rejected. This will demonstrate that you are constantly working and releasing new music.

It’s a great idea to submit songs to the label that your fans have already heard and approved of. By doing this, you will demonstrate that your music is popular and approved by your audience. Therefore, submit only the best works from your portfolio, this way you show your best side of creativity and your potential as an artist.

I would like to mention an opportunity that will be useful to both a beginner and a more experienced producer – this is the use of tracks already written by guest producers. For a beginner, this is an opportunity to quickly get to a label and become a popular artist and producer, for experienced ones – freeing up time if more time is needed for other tasks, such as promotion or performances. Go to our Ghost Production Shop and choose a track to your liking.



There are a myriad of ways to get your music out there for record labels to hear. The best promotion idea is to create quality tracks. Despite the fact that marketing is a great promotion tool, the first thing you need is a quality product. In the future, it all depends on your actions and perseverance, which will help make sure that the labels pay attention to you.