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How to make a DJ website and get more gigs

In the current digital era, having a polished and interesting website is crucial for DJs to sell their services, show off their ability, and engage with fans. An effective technique for building your internet profile and generating new chances is a well-designed DJ website. In this essay, we’ll look at how to create a DJ website, including free choices, and give some examples of motivating DJ websites.


How to Make a DJ Website for Free

A DJ website doesn’t have to be expensive to make. You may get started with one of the many free website builders that provide customizable designs and user-friendly interfaces. A step-by-step tutorial for creating a free DJ website is provided below:

Pick a website builder in the first step. Website builders like Weblium, Wix, Weebly, and provide free plans with essential features and themes made just for musicians and artists.

Step 2: Choose a template – Go through the templates that are offered and pick one that fits your DJ brand and style. In order to successfully present your music, events, and images, look for a template.

Step 3: Personalize your website. Include your logo and change the layout, colors, and fonts to better reflect your brand. Add areas for your contact information, discography, forthcoming events, and biography.

Step 4: Put your song online. Provide a special area where people may hear your mixes or tunes. On well-liked streaming services like SoundCloud or Mixcloud, you may embed audio players or link to your tunes.

We’d like to emphasize that having your own music goes a long way toward attracting the attention of people who are interested in inviting you to perform at a music festival or club. If you don’t have your own music yet but want to create a DJ website, use a service where you can buy music from ghost producers. For example, in our online store, you can buy high-quality ghost production tracks of popular genres and get commercial rights to them. After the purchase, add the music to your website and increase your chances of getting gigs!

Employ a calendar function or a specific events page to advertise your future performances in Step 5. Add information like the date, time, location, and ticket details. The sixth step is to make your website mobile-responsive because so many people use smartphones to access the internet. This will deliver a unified user experience across various devices. Step 7: Include social media integration – Connect your website to your social media accounts to entice people to follow you on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


DJ Website Examples

Searching for ideas? Two DJ website examples that stand out for their layout and usability are provided below:

Example 1: DJ Jane Doe –

The website for DJ Jane Doe has a slick, contemporary look. An excellent backdrop movie on the homepage establishes the tone for her brand. Visitors will find it simple to explore her music, future shows, and social media feeds thanks to the site’s simple and straightforward design. Fans may subscribe to the mailing list on the website to be informed about her newest publications and activities.

Example 2: DJ John Smith –

The website for DJ John Smith is all about grace and simplicity. A professional and elegant appearance is created by the simple style and layout. Visitors may listen to his mixes without interruption on the music page, while the homepage has a sizable graphic slider featuring his most recent tunes. Also, the website has a booking form so that potential customers may easily enquire about his services.

Example 3: DJ Alex Ramirez –

The website for DJ Alex Ramirez is a colorful and lively expression of his musical taste. On the webpage, there is a vibrant background with vibrating images that perfectly express his performances. The website has a one-page layout that enables users to easily scroll down and browse various parts. Visitors may listen to and quickly engage with his music thanks to the playlist of his most well-known songs in the music area. Also, there is a blog part on the website where DJ Alex Ramirez writes about his experiences, most recent releases, and behind-the-scenes information. Ultimately, the website captures his upbeat personality and provides followers and potential customers with a comprehensive experience.

Example 4: DJ Sarah Evans –

The website for DJ Sarah Evans distinguishes out for its classy and refined aesthetic. A stunning full-screen graphic that perfectly encapsulates her musical aesthetic may be seen on the site. The website has a minimalist design aesthetic with clear lines and a tidy structure. Her mixes are included in the music area, making it easy for anyone to play and enjoy her songs. Also, a thorough biography that showcases her accomplishments, teamwork, and standout performances is available on the website. Also, a section for bookings has a contact form so that interested customers may easily ask about her availability and services. The website for DJ Sarah Evans oozes professionalism and provides a smooth user experience for both fans and event planners.

These illustrations highlight how crucial it is to have an aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly DJ website. Incorporate your own sense of style and personality into the layout of your website, and make sure that all the necessary information is readily available.

A DJ website is a powerful tool for establishing an internet presence, promoting your music, and interacting with fans and business leaders. The idea is to design a visually beautiful and user-friendly website that reflects your brand and highlights your ability, whether you decide to use website builders to construct a website for free or invest in a more sophisticated platform. Create a website that genuinely stands out and aids in the achievement of your musical objectives by drawing inspiration from the DJ website examples previously discussed.