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How to get your song heard on SoundCloud

How to make your song be heard at the SoundCloud platform

The SoundCloud platform offers a great toolkit for a user to find out your music tracks among a huge amount of music pieces. So that he can become your listener and, perhaps, your dedicated fan.
Do you want your music to be heard by a large number of people? Then read this article up to the end and start using the tips at practice. Ready, steady, go!

There are some effective tips you can find below to help you to spread your music and reach your audience at the platform. So, there they are:

  • Use the popular tags
  • Add an active link so that one can buy
  • Keep commenting on your music
  • Make the proper cover
  • Share your music pieces privately before you release them
  • Reupload music with zero losing of comments, likes or listenings statistics
  • Share admirable music of other artists
  • Include the active link to your SoundCloud account on other sites

Let’s take a precise look at each point.

Use popular tags

How could new fans find out the music by yours? The best working way is to give tags to the music tracks. Adding tags allows you to find your music pieces faster and more efficiently when a listener searches for something on a peculiar topic at the SoundCloud platform.
The better selected your tags appear, the easier way it is to find you. The best policy in tagging is to be purely honest. Have you created a Deep House piece? Then set it to the main genre of Deep House. Add location and mood of your tagging as well. All this really gives a hand in finding your music faster.
Keep making one main genre to appear clear to your fans. Just for you to know: adding a range of genre groups will not make your music track more visible in search results. The more succinct and precise your tags are, the easier it will be for the listeners to find your music. Especially for those who are eager to hear it.

Add an active link with the possibility to buy

SoundCloud gives you a chance to add an active link to buy a particular track. Just click on the Metadata tab while uploading. Be sure to add the correct links of URL addresses: Buy from iTunes, Juno, Beatport, Bandcamp, or other sites you use to sell your music online.

Keep commenting on your music

The SoundCloud platform gives your fans an opportunity to leave a comment on your music track right at the place where the waveform is displayed. However you can also comment on the track, thereby creating a kind of story underneath. Use comments like these to tell your fans and the community about your activity process. Be honest about the way you make your music. Do not hesitate to ask for rapport. By the way, you don’t need to record the entire track in order to publish it. Try another algorithm: submit drafts, get feedback, and make improvements to your music.

Make the proper cover

Album art (album cover) really matters – even more at the SoundCloud platform. If your track is published on a blog, your cover art will also be posted. If you repost your track on Facebook, the album cover will also appear there. Keep in mind that the cover of your album or music track reflects your music wherever it is. So this is highly important.

Share your music pieces privately before you release them

SoundCloud lets you share personal links to your music. It’s great for sharing unfinished tracks with co-authors, sending demos to labels or blogs. Also it is a good idea to connect with other publications like radio stations, for example.
Private link sharing gives your music a personal touch and a sense of exclusivity, which is great for connecting and setting a rapport with trendsetters and influencers. This is a simple thing to do. Just upload a track and give it a status as a private one. Update it and switch to your profile. Click on the track name you want to privately share and then click on the “Share” button below the waveform. You will see a personal URL address that is unique to your track. Besides, you can even make the whole playlist private if you want to share your new album.

Reupload music with zero losing of comments, likes or listenings statistics

Having subscribed to a Pro SoundCloud feature, you can change the music track anytime on any of the following downloads. The interesting fact is that you do not lose all the likes and comments of your fans. This option is just the one you need for sharing unfinished tracks for feedback. Make improvements to your track based on the critics or remarks and upload it once again to your SoundCloud account.

Share admirable music of other artists

Avoid the habit of posting only your own music. Re-publish the music of artists you admire. Sharing information with other artists and helping your audience to discover new music fields builds trust and credibility between you and your fans. If you really enjoyed someone’s work, let your audience know about it.
Support other artists by sharing their music in your feed. Be sure, they will probably do the same for you. Republishing another artist’s music is also a great first step to performing, collaborating, and rewarding partnerships.

Include the active link to your SoundCloud account on other sites

Try not to be limited to the SoundCloud platform. Share your music on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Furthermore, you can automatically post your tracks to all of your profiles at social networks by simply linking to your accounts. This will save you a bunch of time.
Let us remind you that even if you don’t make your own music, you can always buy a ready-made track in the store and get full copyrights to it, as if it was written by you. In this case, you can do whatever you want with your music tracks, including the commercial purposes.

Take advantage of all the possibilities at the SoundCloud platform correctly, be easy-going and more and more people will hear your tracks!