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How to promote your music on Spotify

One of the tasks that streaming platforms can help artists accomplish is making a promotion for their tracks. Unfortunately, the passive method does not give an effective result, so you need to take several necessary steps that will help you get more music listeners and grow your fan base. We’re going to look at the main ways available to every artist that will help them accomplish their promotion tasks on the platform. We would like to note that all the tips can be applied to any other platforms, so use these methods to the maximum.


Basic Spotify profile preparation

In addition to registering a profile on the platform, you must also verify it to confirm that you are an artist. This is necessary so that music distributors can publish your album or single on the platform.

Before you start following the promoting steps, you need to design your profile well so that it looks attractive and informative. First, upload a high-quality photo that will attract attention. It is worth ordering a photo shoot from a professional photographer. Professional photos always stand out from the crowd, so it gives you an added advantage and your profile will be noticed if it appears in search results.

Add a description to your artist profile and don’t forget to add keywords people can use to search for new music. This increases the chances that your profile will be found and someone will be interested in your music. Also, add links to your social media pages – this way, you’ll grow your fan base not only on Spotify but also through social media. If you regularly post information about new releases and remind your followers about your tracks, they will visit your Spotify profile, appreciate your music, and share it with friends.


Some ways to promote music

The first method is quite popular in many areas of activity: it can be business or services, and it also applies to music. This method is to collaborate with influencers. You need to find bloggers who can potentially make a post on their social networks and use your music or a link to your Spotify page. Perhaps each of you has noticed the icon in stories and the name of the song next to it. If you click on this name, the app opens and you can listen to the song.

You need to analyze each potential influencer, research their audience, and understand whether they will be interested in your music and whether the topic of your blog fits your genre. To clarify, send them a personal message and tell them that you want to post on their profile. Find out if he agrees to this and how much such a service costs. Additionally, ask him about his statistics and analytics to make sure that your music might appeal to his audience. Of course, you won’t know for sure, but you’ll get a rough idea.

We have already mentioned social media promotion above, so let’s talk about it in more detail. People visit the Spotify platform only to listen to music, while they spend several hours a day on social media. The conclusion is that you should share the music on social media as much as possible with a link to it on Spotify. If you already have a significant number of subscribers, this will help generate additional traffic, and the increase in listens will trigger the processes of the streaming platform and some tracks will be recommended more often.

Try to actively respond to comments under your posts, but also comment on posts in specialized groups or on the pages of other artists of your genre. Be sure to build a relationship with your followers, actively respond to their comments, and thank them for their support. Such interaction creates a strong connection and loyalty, as well as attracts new listeners.

You may also have noticed music ads in stories from artists you don’t know with links to their music. This is a very effective tool for social media to quickly gain new subscribers. For a few dollars, hundreds of people can listen to the music you are advertising.

Another efficient way to attract new subscribers and listeners is to create playlists with songs by other artists. This way you show your style and another side of your creativity. You can also create such playlists together with other artists. This way, you will have the opportunity to exchange followers and increase the effectiveness of your promotion to another level.

Remember that the basis of everything is your art, your albums, and your singles, so you should work hard on new releases and experiment more, gain new skills, and look for fresh ideas. After all, your success on Spotify, on social media, and in the music industry depends on the quality of your music. If you can’t regularly publish new tracks, or if you only play other producers’ music as a DJ, you can use our service to get your track and use it under your name on a commercial basis. Our ghost producers have already created tracks and they are ready to use, so go to our catalog, buy ghost production tracks, and feel free to send them to Spotify.


How to get more streams on Spotify?

If you use all of the above methods and do your best, the number of your subscribers will keep growing. Don’t forget to use an effective marketing tool called a call to action. Regularly invite your subscribers to follow your links and leave comments, as well as repost. It sounds simple enough, but it really works effectively and can significantly increase the number of streams. In addition, you need to create a maximum presence on various platforms and pages of different social networks, as well as provide links to your playlists and music everywhere.


Can artists see who listens to their music on Spotify?

If you want to work more effectively, you should regularly review the statistics and adjust the strategy. The platform provides the artist with information about the number of listens, the age of the people, and which playlists you received traffic from. Using this information, you will understand where to focus to optimize your strategy for the listening channels that give you the best results.

Imagine that you have several playlists, some of which you created and others that you shared with other artists. You open your analytics and see that the playlist with a particular artist has the most plays. This prompts you to look for new ideas, for example, to create another playlist with this artist and diversify it. If the trend of listening growth continues, it may be worth making a series of playlists and numbering them. In this way, subscribers will understand that the next playlist is coming and will look forward to its publication in advance. Thus, you will get even more new subscribers and more streams.

Finally, we would like to advise you to always look for new ideas and experiment more. You may not even realize it, but a new hypothesis can show great results when applied. And if this hypothesis is innovative, you might be the first to get a lot of new followers. So don’t stop and work on your promotion as creatively and efficiently as possible.