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How to Release Your Own Music on Spotify

Today, many musicians use streaming services as an excellent tool to expand their fan bases and boost the popularity of their music. There is no longer a requirement to sign a deal with a label in order to release a single or album. It is sufficient to create accounts on several sites and post your tunes there. The artist must next start focusing on promotion and popularization.

Today, we’ll talk about how the Spotify platform can help musicians get their music out there and reach a wide audience.


How to add my own music to Spotify?

Create an account on the website of the music distributor, purchase a subscription to their services, and upload your music to the platform are all requirements for making your music available on Spotify. Moreover, keep in mind that publishing your music requires a license.

You won’t run into any issues if your music is protected by commercial rights. By the way, there is a fantastic opportunity for musicians who perform as DJs but do not produce music to swiftly obtain their own track with commercial rights and send it to distributors for distribution on platforms. Therefore use our service to buy ghost production tracks and send them to a distributor if you’re seeking for a quick and dependable solution to gain new followers. then begin marketing it.

The management of the distribution organization will begin distributing your song on various music-purchasing websites and streaming services once you’ve finished all of the preparations (including Spotify).

By the way, you will need to validate your artist profile on Spotify if the distributor’s services do not require the setup and verification of an artist account. We already covered the creation and validation of artist accounts in another blog article. Hence, we won’t go into too much detail at this time.

The website allows for the publishing of music after the artist’s account has been authenticated. Start interacting with subscribers and promote your songs after that. It will be tough to attract a sizable audience without this work. After all, the success of the artist’s goals depends on the number of subscribers and listeners. Also, it is crucial to announce the release date. When there is some suspense from the expectation, people adore it.

Artists occasionally offer different teasers as fans wait for the release date; they can be clips from the forthcoming album mixed with a video or an excerpt from a live performance at a concert where the artist has already performed a song that will soon be officially published. Pre-sale and a limited supply of tickets or other items are key additional steps. This encourages customers to pre-order more frequently to guarantee delivery of their purchases. Also, if it is a numbered, limited edition, it is an exclusive. The music industry actively uses this strategy of monetization because it provides the artist with additional cash.

Many of the readers of our blog are already aware of the fact that when an artist has a significant fan base, it is much easier for them to monetise their music and other creative endeavors. Selling goods, concert tickets, new songs on tangible media, and other items might be part of this. Keep in mind that you will receive royalties from individuals who hear and buy your music. Unless you are a world-class artist with millions of fans, your main sources of income will be from performances and item sales.


How to release my songs on Spotify for free?

Although releasing an artist’s music in Spotify’s catalog is free, you typically have to pay a distributor for this service. The good news is that you may release your tunes to well-known streaming platforms using free services. You can try the following services for free: Amuse, Songtradr, or RouteNote. To learn more, use a search engine and be careful to review the terms of service. On occasion, the service will state in its online description that, after a year, they might charge you a small fee. Examine the list of streaming services that will host your music as well as the FAQ section of each website.

For individuals who have chosen to try publishing their own tunes for free for the first time, a free service can be perfectly acceptable. Young musicians who wish to boost their chances of gaining more listeners can consider this option as well. This is a fantastic opportunity because once your music is put to streaming services, algorithms will suggest it to users. If they enjoy it and add it to their favorites or recommend it to friends, the service will notice this and start recommending that music more frequently.

It’s similar to a promotion, just free. It’s amazing! One might only have imagined such a chance in the past. The world has evolved, and there are now countless options for artists. included without cost. Thus make use of any resources that can help you at least somewhat advertise your music. Generally speaking, they develop a strong system that will provide outcomes for you.


How to release a single, album, or remix on Spotify?

What kind of release format you intend to upload for distribution doesn’t actually matter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single or an album; the algorithm is the same. Nevertheless, we advise reading the service description, particularly when it comes to paid distribution services since the price of publishing an album and a single may vary. A release’s formatting and uploading procedures are typically very similar.

We want to remind you once more to schedule the release dates of your songs or albums in advance and to include this information on all of your artist sites. The information on music moderation that is directly available on each streaming service should also be taken into consideration. Determining how long it takes for moderators to examine your song and list it in the library is therefore the first step.


What is the best day to release my music on Spotify?

The ideal day for a release is difficult to determine. Everything is dependent on a few elements. The industry has a custom of scheduling most launches on Fridays, which generates some competition. Young and mid-sized musicians may find it more advantageous to release their music on different days of the week than established artists, whose fan bases are already eagerly anticipating new music. Knowing your audience and conducting more research will help you determine the ideal time to schedule a release. You can then release music on the day when your target audience is most engaged and receptive to hearing new music.

Every step that an artist takes to publish their music on Spotify and other platforms is entirely unique to them. Powerful distribution services must be paid for; they are more expensive but offer many more chances for promotion and monetization. Other musicians want to share their music as much as possible across all platforms in order to gain more listeners without investing a lot of money.

Also, the release date might be crucial for any musical genre and performer, therefore it’s important to consider your audience and any available data. As you already know, it is no longer a challenge to persuade the listener to hear the music of the artist, so get started right away and win over some new admirers!