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How to Sell your Music on SoundCloud?


If you are planning to release an album or a track, you need to take care of music sales. More precisely, you should prepare a plan that you will follow in order to monetize your tracks. SoundCloud allows you to enable monetization for each track played, as well as sell music without leaving the site.

Your tracks will definitely sell well if you have worked on marketing, and also if you have a large number of subscribers and the tracks are listened to regularly and this number is growing regularly.

Unfortunately, there is no way to sell music directly through a personal profile on the site. But you can add your own link that will lead the buyer to the site where the track is directly placed. All that is required to purchase a track is to click on the button, which will contain a link to purchase. The user clicks on the button and redirects to the store’s website. where he can pay for the track and download it.

In short, SoundCloud plays the role of creating a stream of listeners to your music, who later become your SoundCloud and buyers.


Preparatory stage

Follow a few steps and you will get a way to get sales for your music:

  1. Prepare sites where your music will be sold and be sure to enable online payment (if this is your personal site).
  2. Post links to your sites or venues on your SoundCloud profile.
  3. Create separate purchase buttons for all your tracks.
  4. Connect marketing tools.
  5. Add additional promotion methods for scaling.

Now let’s pay more attention to all points.


Prepare sites

You need to upload all your music to platforms for subsequent sale and properly format each track. Use as many popular sites as possible, as this will help you get more sales. In addition to your own promotion, each platform is also interested in attracting buyers, because they receive a percentage of the sale of your music. Be sure to take the trouble to create a personal website where you can not only sell music but also other souvenirs.


Place links to your music sites in your SoundCloud profile

Here’s where you can paste links on your profile:

Track description. This method must be used and it is very effective. Almost every visitor to your profile after listening to a song will read its description if he liked this song. Thanks to the link in the description, the listener can go to your site and buy the track. If you’ve uploaded tracks to your profile before, check each one and add links to the descriptions where necessary.

Your biography. Do they read your biography on your profile? This is a good sign. This means that you as an artist are showing increased interest. If you have tried and compiled a high-quality biography and added your sites to the text, then with a high probability people after reading the text will want to evaluate and purchase tracks and other goods. Do not underestimate the potential of this section – give it enough attention.


Create purchase links directly for each song

A button with a link can be placed under each of your tracks. After the listener clicks on it, he goes to one of your sites, where you have already prepared your tracks for purchase. To enable this feature for your profile, you need to pay for Pro Unlimited.

Please note that you can specify any name for the button. We advise you to try different names and see which one has the best effect on conversion. You can name the button and add a link to this button in the Metadata section.

All advice is certainly useful for those who write their own music. But even for those who do not yet have their own tracks, it is possible to get their own track written by a professional producer in a few minutes. Such a track is no different from the usual: you also get all the commercial rights to it, it is named after you and you have the right to upload it to your sites for further sale or sign a label. Go to our catalog of hundreds of ready-made tracks from Ghost Producers and buy juicy music for yourself among many genres.


Profile promotion

If you do not promote your profile and leave it in passive mode, then even the number of subscribers will not help you much. Life must flow in the profile, it must be interesting and constantly develop, create trust and interest among the public, which in turn will be more willing to pay you. SoundCloud has great paid tools, be sure to check them out. This will give you an increase in plays and subscriptions, but this is to attract attention, otherwise, your task will be to keep this audience and make them your fans.


Use other channels to promote your store and increase sales

We have already mentioned this important point more than once in other articles on our blog, and this time we also want to remind you that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. You must have social networks, a blog on the site, email newsletters launched, etc.

It happens that a channel stops working as it should: the site rules change, some settings fail, and your sales and traffic fall. Almost all the most popular social networks and other services have built-in marketing tools. Use them, they will bring you new fans and in general such diversification of your music business will allow you to regularly receive sales of your music!

For those of you who are already creating music and want to get additional income, and maybe the main one – we invite you to our platform for ghost producers. You can continue to do what you love – create music and upload it to our marketplace. After the sale, you will receive your money. We are separately engaged in the promotion of our music catalog, so the catalog of tracks is regularly visited by many people who are ready to buy tracks. Check the terms of cooperation and start earning on our marketplace.

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