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How to submit a demo to a record label

How to submit a demo to a Record label

Once you learn how to make good music, sooner or later you might want to start releasing it on the record label. We’ve prepared a guide for you on how to send the demo track to a label and get approved.
So, what should you know before sending your tracks?


You don’t need to send the final track, but this must be mastered file. The song should stand out from the rest ones and should sound at a normal level of volume. It should sound professional.
Maybe your making skills are not good enough to please your track on the label but you can consider the option of buying a track from ghost producers.
The result will be the same: you will get a professionally made track under your name with all the commercial rights to it. You won’t have to worry about quality because everything will be done at a high level. This way you will get a good chance to sign with a label. If this option is ok for you, go to Our Store, choose the track you like, and move on to the next step of sending the track to the record label.

Photos and bio

Take good pictures of yourself. Professional conceptual photos will help you to create a good impression.
Write a few sentences with main info about yourself. Avoid writing about unnecessary things. Write only about your path as an artist. Tell more about your creativity and about yourself as a musician. The text should be easy to read. If you are not good with words, ask someone who’s a skilled writer to help you write an impressive text.

Create your list of record labels

So, now let’s make your own list of potential labels. Write it down, and leave a comment next to each one, and put the reason why you think this label is good for you. Ask yourself why should you send the track to that label and don’t waste your time sending your track to all record labels you can find. Don’t make a huge list, pick only labels that suit your style and requirements.

Send an email with your demo

We prepared a few tips for you to help write the correct text for mail.
Before sending your track, make research and read their submission policy. You should never attach the track to the email. It’s better to create a private playlist on SoundCloud with your tracks and add the link of this playlist to your mail text. Maybe you’re wondering, how many songs should be on the demo? Just pick the best 3-4 tracks, that will be enough.
Introduce yourself and add your text with a bio you’ve prepared beforehand. Also, add some photos. Describe why you think you’re a great fit for the label, add your private link with the demo track, and don’t forget to ask for feedback.
When all is done, re-read your letter, checking if all the links are correct and working. Now you can send a letter. 
Wait for 7-10 days, and if there is no answer, send a second short letter just to remind them about your previous letter.
So it’s okay to send two follow-up letters, but not more. Record labels get many emails with demos, and it takes time to check all of them. If your letter stays unanswered, it means that the label is not interested in your track.

How to respond to rejections

You must know that most of the submitted tracks get rejected and it’s a common thing – it’s just business. Discovering new talents isn’t the main goal of the labels, they are focused on their current residents. If you receive a rejection, say “Thanks for your time, but can you leave feedback on my track, please?”. There’s no guarantee that they will answer you, but it’s worth trying. Moreover, if you have a good record in the future that may be suitable for this label, there’s a chance they remember you.

Important tips

We prepare some tips that will help you avoid mistakes:

  • Stop sending letters to every contact of the label;
  • Follow the submission policy;
  • Write short, personalized letters;
  • It’s a bad idea to attach your demo track to your letter; just add links to your track; Otherwise, your letter may end up in spam;
  • Wait 7-10 days and then you can send the next letter. But not more than two ones.

If it’s your first submitting, you may get upset a lot or feel like giving up. Waiting for the response for weeks, getting rejected and other negative aspects – are the main reasons to lose motivation.
Maybe you have no success at this time, so try again. And try to never stop.  Successful people don’t make excuses. They continue to try until they reach their goal. Sure, it can be exhausting, but it’s worth it. You have to keep working! Many artists fail just because they give up too soon.

So, be patient, keep trying, and improve. You will definitely see the results if you continue working hard. Good luck!

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