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How to Submit Your Music to DJs

Every music producer dreams of having their track played by a famous artist, because it’s not only recognition but also a great opportunity to make yourself known to the world and get new opportunities. Today, we’re going to tell you what steps you need to take to increase your chances of getting your track on popular radio.


Choose the best track

It is advisable that you have created several tracks during your career because submitting your first-ever track is unlikely to be successfully approved. If you already have experience and have created several tracks, choose the best one in your opinion. Once you’ve chosen a track to send, you need to understand who you’re going to send it to and to what address.


Contacts of famous DJs

Most newcomers don’t know about the concept of conversion used in marketing. They try to send their track to several DJs and get rejected or left without a response at all. After that, they believe that their track is of poor quality and should not be sent to anyone else. In fact, the whole secret is that the number of DJs you need to send your music to should be 50, 100, or maybe even 150. If your music is of high quality, then most likely one or two DJs will agree to play your track in their mix.

We have published the number of sends. Next question: “Where can I get DJ contacts?”. Start by creating a list of artists you plan to send music to. These should be well-known people who have official pages on popular music platforms, or even better, their own website. Do you remember the number of emails you need to send? In this case, you realize that it can take you a long time because first, you need to select DJs who play music of your genre, find their pages and websites, and check them for contacts to whom you can send your track. After that, you need to spend time sending messages, which is also a significant time commitment.

We have good news for you, we have prepared a large list of contacts of famous DJs for you. All you need to do is select the ones that match your genre and send them your demo. Go to our store and buy a ready-made contact list of DJs and save your time.


Tips for sending tracks to DJs

In addition to the fact that your music should be of high quality and professionally produced, you should write a cover letter that will encourage the DJ or his manager to take an interest in you and listen to the track. You don’t need to write a long text and tell your biography, it’s better to write briefly and concisely about why you wrote to this DJ and why he should listen to your demo. Be sure to be polite: say hello, thank them for taking the time to read your email, and add a little wish for a good day or something similar at the end. Read the text a few times to make sure it’s a pleasant experience.

A tip for sending an audio file. Do not upload your file directly to the body of the email. Such an email may even end up in the SPAM folder and may not be read at all. Use external services like Soundcloud. Upload your track to it and make a personalized link to this track and paste it into the email. Now you’re good to go, you can send it.

Now you’ve designed only one email and spent a considerable amount of time on it. You also realize that you need to do this at least 50 more times. But remember your goal. Do you want your track to be played by a dancehall star? Then you should work hard for it. Be patient and keep sending emails, and don’t forget to do it well. Every email can be the winning ticket that can change your career!


There should always be a “Plan B”

Be persistent and patient. Don’t expect your letter to be read instantly and you’ll get a response right away. It will take a few days, maybe two weeks, because there are hundreds of other DJs and producers sending emails to artists besides you, and all of these emails need attention and time to process.

If you’ve sent a significant number of emails, you wait two weeks and still haven’t received a response. Keep sending emails further down the list of DJs. If you believe wholeheartedly and feel that your track is worthy of being played on a radio show, one day it will be played!

We do have one piece of advice. You may not get a letter of approval for your track, but it will still be played in the mix of one of the artists you sent the letter to. It’s worth periodically checking the radio airwaves for your track to see if it’s in the tracklists.

If you’ve extended your email list for the second time and still haven’t received a result in quite some time. It’s worth analyzing your work and understanding why. Maybe your track is not as good as you thought it was. You should verify the idea and let your friends listen to it, or better yet, let other producers who already have considerable experience listen to it. If the track is really good, maybe it’s the lyrics you write in your email.

Let’s say you’re convinced that your track is worthy of being featured in a mix by a famous artist, and your lyrics are also well-written. Try sending another email to the same addresses. In the text, politely remind them that you have already sent a letter, but have not received a response. Try to find out the reason: ask if they were able to listen to the track, and if so, ask what they didn’t like and what you could improve on the next time you send your demo. Of course, even if you do get a response, you won’t necessarily get a long answer and production tips, but you’ll still be able to collect some feedback and use it to analyze your actions and improve your next tracks and emails.

We hope these tips will be useful to you and will help you hear your music in the mix of your favorite DJ, and maybe even more!