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Is it Hard to make EDM Music and how Long does It Take


As you might guess, this question usually arises for beginners who want to create their own music. They are not sure that they will succeed, because it is most likely difficult. In fact, today there are a huge number of courses that literally in a day will help you master the program for creating music and start creating the first tracks.

If everything were really that simple and fast, perhaps there would be many more producers? In fact, there are many of them, but not all of them continue to move on after the first steps, but more on that later.

Let’s take a look at what a beginner needs to get started on their journey into EDM producing, how difficult it is and how long it really takes.


Where do you start?

In most cases, the beginning of the path for everyone is about the same and consists in choosing and buying the right software for music creation or, in short, DAW. Our blog has an overview of these programs, be sure to check it out and choose the one that suits you.

In short, proceed from two points: firstly, choose a program in accordance with your budget, and secondly, take a closer look at what DAW your favorite producers use and, if possible, buy yourself the same one.

In fact, you may know one day studying the program interface. Moreover, video tutorials on using your program are most likely either included or located on the developer’s website or on his YouTube channel.

There you can also find some basic tutorials on how to create your first demo track.


Your first track

After you’ve spent at least two weeks experimenting with your DAW, it’s time to try writing your first track. Do not worry that you are doing something bad. It is important that you go through the entire process of creating a track and gain experience. Do not forget to analyze the tracks of your idols and try to repeat something if you can.

An important tip for the future: Get in the habit of following up on your track. Many producers start a large number of projects every time they have a new idea, and then drop them into the initial stages of creation. So that this does not happen to you, immediately train yourself to finish the track. It may seem difficult for you, but if you force yourself to finish what you started for a while, it will become a habit and discipline you. And this is a very valuable quality not only for a producer, but even just for any person.


Move on

After a couple of months, you will already get comfortable and feel a little more confident. Now is the time to gain knowledge of the next level. You should learn music theory, mixing and other skills. In our blog, we also spent time with this information, we have an article with an overview of courses for beginner producers, be sure to read it and choose the right courses for yourself.

For many, it may seem like learning music theory may seem like a long and arduous process, but you don’t need an academic background to create EDM music. It is important to gain basic knowledge in this area. for this there are also separate courses or separate sections in courses on electronic music creation.

This also applies to mixing skill. To properly place each instrument in your mix, you need to manipulate each set of instruments (drums, vocals, guitars and synthesizers) using the instruments built into your DAW. This will make your track sound cleaner. This skill also comes after practice. Don’t worry, you won’t notice how you learn it and you will start to get good at it. The main thing is a little more practice.

The hardest part of this process is patience and consistency. This is why it can be considered challenging. Many beginners just quit this activity after a couple of weeks when they realize that it takes them a very long time to create one simple track. That is why it is “hard” and “long”.

There is only one advice: if you love this activity, just keep doing it, study deeper and enjoy the process and the result will not be long in coming. Over time, your style will begin to appear and you will understand where you want to move.


Your career

There are many career paths – from working in a studio full-time or as a self-employed producer to opening your own studio. It’s up to you to choose. We will only add that you will get the best experience if you work as hired employees in the studio. As a rule, this works great for any area, including the profession of a music producer.

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