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Master of Sound: The Rise and Legacy of DJ GORDO

In the world of music, few names command as much respect as DJ GORDO. He’s renowned for his unique talent for mixing and his unparalleled ability to read crowds. DJ GORDO has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the industry.

GORDO has had a humble beginning and has gone along to performing at the top clubs and festivals around the world. His rise to success is a testament to his unmetered dedication, passion, and undeniable skills.

This blog explores the incredible rise and lasting legacy of DJ GORDO. It will briefly highlight his contributions to the music scene and the key factors that have propelled him to the top.



Where was GORDO born?

GORDO was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, on January 3, 1991.

Who is DJ GORDO?

DJ GORDO is a Guatemalan-American DJ and record producer who is also known as Carnage or Thirty Rack. He has released music in various genres such as EDM, hip-hop, trap, and tech house. Additionally, he has collaborated with artists such as Borgore, KSHMR, Timmy Trumpet, and Headhunterz.

How old is he?

He is 32 years old as of 2023.

Where does GORDO live?

DJ GORDO’s permanent residence is in Los Angeles, California. On the other hand, he travels regularly for performances and hence can’t be in his residential town at all times.

Where is he from?

He is from Guatemala City in Guatemala.

What’s GORDO’s real name?

His real name is Diamanté Anthony Blackmon.


GORDO’s family

Who is GORDO’s wife?

GORDO is neither dating nor married as of 2023. However, it’s speculated that he was in a relationship with Usain Bolt’s Australian ex-girlfriend, Holly Young. They started dating in June 2020 but split after less than a year of dating.

His children

DJ Carnage as who’s better known as GORDO in the industry doesn’t have children at the moment. The DJ has neither talked about them in public interviews nor shown them on social accounts.


Starting GORDO’s music career

When did GORDO start DJing?

At the age of 16, he began his professional career by performing as a DJ in local clubs.

How did GORDO get his stage name?

He adopted the name GORDO after losing weight and becoming healthier. GORDO means “fat” in Spanish. The highly acclaimed DJ chose this name as a way of celebrating his transformation and embracing his roots. Before adopting this name in 2021, he was previously known as DJ Carnage.

When did GORDO become famous?

He became famous in 2012 when he released his debut single “Bang!” on Fool’s Gold Records.

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Is GORDO the best DJ?

The best DJ is subjective, depending on musical preferences, mixing style, and performance experience sought. GORDO may be a favorite for some due to his unique skills and stage presence, but countless talented DJs exist worldwide. Exploring different DJs and music styles helps find what resonates with personal tastes and preferences in the diverse music industry.


The popularity of GORDO

How did GORDO become famous?

Music DJ and producer Gordo became famous in 2012 as Carnage by releasing his debut single “Bang!” on Fool’s Gold Records. He also gained popularity for his remixes of songs by Hardwell, Zedd, Krewella, and more. Throughout his career, Gordo impresses fans with his powerful and diverse sound. He also collaborated with many artists and played at many festivals. Finally, he launched his label, Heavyweight Records.

Why is GORDO so popular?

DJ GORDO is popular for several reasons. His unique and captivating music style sets him apart from other DJs. His ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere has earned him a loyal fan base.

Additionally, his charismatic stage presence and magnetic personality draw people to his performances. DJ GORDO’s consistent delivery of high-quality music and his reputation for creating unforgettable experiences have solidified his popularity in the industry.

What is GORDO’s most famous song?

His most famous song is probably “Hombres y Mujeres.” The song features a powerful drop and a catchy melody. The song received critical acclaim and has over two million views on YouTube and over 15 million livestreams on Spotify.


GORDO and music production

What does GORDO use to make music?

DJ Gordo uses a variety of tools to make music including digital audio workstations. He also incorporates MIDI controllers, synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers to create unique sounds. Additionally, he utilizes plugins and effects to enhance his tracks. Overall, Gordo takes advantage of technology to produce his energetic and bass-heavy music.

What DAW (software) does GORDO use?

GORDO uses Ableton Live as his preferred DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. Ableton Live offers a wide range of features and tools for music production. This makes it a popular choice among many producers and artists. He finds Ableton Live intuitive and efficient for creating his musical compositions.

In what styles of music does GORDO make tracks?

DJ Gordo is primarily known for his work in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. Additionally, he also makes tracks in other styles of music such as trap, hip-hop, and festival trap.


GORDO gigs, shows, and festivals

Where is GORDO playing?

Between now and the end of this year, this DJ has five upcoming concerts. In August, he will perform at Ultra Hamptons in Southampton, NY, US, the ilMuretto in Jesolo, Italy and at HQ2 Nightclub & Beach Club, Atlantic City, NJ, US.

On September 3, 2023, DJ Gordo will be playing at the Boat Cruise Summer Series in Boston, MA, US and at Memoire in Everett, MA, US. You can check details of his upcoming events on his official website or Songkick.

How much does GORDO charge per show?

The exact amount that GORDO charges per show is not publicly disclosed. However, it’s estimated that his fee for a corporate event or performance booking falls within the starting range of $15,000 – $24,999. However, this fee could fluctuate beyond this range depending on any recent changes in demand and popularity among other factors.


GORDO and ghost producers

What does GORDO think about ghost production?

DJ Gordo is among the artists who publicly discredit ghost production. He advocates for artists to create their tracks and be transparent about their production process. Gordo believes that ghost production eliminates creativity within the music industry!

Does GORDO have a ghost producer?

No. He doesn’t use ghost producers for his music tracks. In a past interview, the DJ revealed that he does all creation work for the music he releases.



GORDO has made a mark in the music industry through hard work and dedication. His passion for music production and collaborations with top names in the EDM scene has earned him a global fan base. His outstanding sound is described as an eclectic mix of various genres.

Although GORDO has gained recognition and acclaim in the music industry, he is against ghost production and encourages artists to create their tracks. For years to come, his impact on the music industry will endure.