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Navigating RouteNote: A Comprehensive Guide to Music Distribution

In the dynamic landscape of the music industry, artists continually explore innovative avenues to showcase their music to the world. RouteNote, a prominent figure in digital music distribution, offers a platform that empowers artists to share their music across streaming services and online platforms. This article delves into the nuances of RouteNote, including its inception, functionality, ownership, and pricing structure, providing artists and enthusiasts a comprehensive understanding of this distribution tool.


What is RouteNote and How Does It Work

RouteNote serves as a digital music distribution platform, streamlining the process of getting music onto major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Established in 2008, RouteNote’s mission is to bridge the gap between independent artists and global music distribution. Acting as an intermediary, the platform simplifies the intricate journey of uploading, distributing, and monetizing music content. Operational on a freemium model, RouteNote allows artists to choose between a free plan and a premium plan, which offers added benefits.


Where is RouteNote Based and Located

With its headquarters situated in the United Kingdom, RouteNote capitalizes on the UK’s vibrant music scene. The company’s main office in London strategically positions it within the heart of the global music industry, enabling it to connect with artists and industry professionals on an international scale.


Who owns RouteNote

The company was founded by Steven Finch and Rolf Munding in 2008. Steven Finch is still the CEO of RouteNote.


How to use RouteNote

RouteNote’s platform simplifies the music distribution process, catering to both novices and experienced artists. Here’s a simplified guide to using RouteNote:

Account Creation: Start by signing up on the RouteNote website, providing essential details like your artist name and contact information.

Music Upload: After creating an account, you can begin uploading your music. RouteNote supports various audio formats, requiring track details such as title, artist name, genre, and release date.

Distribution Options: RouteNote offers free and premium distribution plans. The free plan enables music distribution to major streaming platforms without upfront costs, while the premium plan offers quicker processing and higher revenue shares.

Release Date and Territories: Select your music’s release date and the territories where you want it available. Opt for a global release or specific regional launches.

Monetization and Revenue: RouteNote facilitates revenue generation from your music through streaming platforms. The revenue split depends on your chosen plan and the platforms used.

Review and Confirmation: Before finalizing distribution, review the provided information. Once satisfied, confirm the release, and RouteNote handles the distribution process.

Performance Tracking: Post-distribution, RouteNote provides tools to monitor track performance, including streaming numbers and revenue earned.


How Much Does RouteNote Cost?

RouteNote offers flexible pricing to suit varying budgets and requirements:

Free Plan: This option involves no upfront fees. However, RouteNote retains a percentage of generated revenue. The exact split varies based on platforms and distribution channels.

Premium Plans: RouteNote’s premium plans require a one-time upfront fee. These plans offer benefits like quicker processing, higher revenue shares, and increased release control.

YouTube Monetization: RouteNote also provides a YouTube monetization service, allowing artists to earn from music videos. This service caters to both free and premium users.


What Platforms Does RouteNote Distribute To?

RouteNote serves as a bridge between musicians and various digital platforms, allowing artists to distribute their music across a wide spectrum of streaming services and online stores. Some of the prominent platforms that RouteNote distributes to include:

Spotify: As the leading global streaming platform, Spotify provides artists with an enormous potential audience.

Apple Music: With a vast user base, Apple Music offers artists a significant channel for exposure and engagement.

Amazon Music: Being one of the largest online retailers, Amazon’s music platform extends the reach of artists to millions of potential listeners.

Google Play Music: Although Google Play Music has transitioned to YouTube Music, RouteNote still facilitates distribution to this platform, tapping into YouTube’s immense music consumption.

Deezer: A popular streaming service in various regions, Deezer offers artists a diverse audience to connect with.

Tidal: Known for its high-fidelity audio, Tidal caters to music enthusiasts who value premium sound quality.

YouTube Content ID: RouteNote also assists artists in monetizing their music on YouTube through the Content ID system, enabling them to earn from user-generated content.


Where Does RouteNote Distribute To?

RouteNote’s distribution is not confined to specific regions; it extends its reach globally. This enables artists to transcend geographical boundaries and connect with audiences worldwide. Whether an artist is based in New York or Nairobi, RouteNote helps bridge the gap between cultures and languages, allowing music to resonate with a diverse array of listeners.


How Long Does RouteNote Take to Upload?

The upload process is a crucial aspect of any music distribution platform. Artists often seek platforms that offer a streamlined and efficient upload process. RouteNote aims to provide just that. The duration it takes to upload your music to RouteNote depends on various factors, including file size, format, and metadata accuracy. On average, once an artist submits their music for distribution, RouteNote’s review process typically takes a few business days.


How Fast Does RouteNote Upload?

The speed of RouteNote’s upload process can vary based on factors beyond the platform’s control, such as your internet connection and the size of the audio files you’re uploading. However, RouteNote itself strives to ensure that the technical process of uploading and processing your music is as swift as possible. Their servers and infrastructure are designed to handle the influx of uploads, ensuring that your music reaches its intended platforms without unnecessary delays.


Does RouteNote Promote Your Music?

Distribution alone isn’t always enough to capture the attention of listeners in the vast digital music landscape. RouteNote understands this and offers various promotional services to help artists stand out amidst the noise:

YouTube Promotion: RouteNote offers YouTube promotion services, helping artists get their music in front of a broader audience through targeted advertising on the platform.

Playlist Placement: The platform actively works to secure placements for artists’ tracks on popular streaming playlists. This enhances the discoverability of their music.

Social Media Marketing: Leveraging the power of social media, RouteNote assists artists in creating and executing effective marketing campaigns.

Content Monetization: With YouTube’s Content ID, RouteNote ensures that artists receive revenue from user-generated content that includes their music.

Sync Licensing Opportunities: RouteNote explores opportunities for artists’ music to be featured in films, TV shows, commercials, and other media projects.

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Does RouteNote Copyright Your Music?

One of the primary concerns artists harbor while utilizing distribution platforms revolves around music ownership. RouteNote, functioning as a digital distribution service, does not assert copyright ownership over your music. Upon uploading your music to the platform, you retain complete ownership of your intellectual property. RouteNote’s role encompasses expediting the distribution of your music across diverse streaming platforms and music stores.


How Does RouteNote Make Money?

RouteNote operates on a freemium model, offering artists two key options: Free and Premium. Under the Free model, artists can upload their music without charge, with RouteNote deriving revenue by taking a percentage from the earnings generated through music streams and downloads. On the flip side, the Premium model empowers artists to retain 100% of their earnings by paying a modest upfront fee for distribution.


Does RouteNote collect publishing royalties?

Indeed, RouteNote does provide publishing administration services, albeit exclusively to Premium users. Publishing royalties stem from diverse usages of your music, spanning performances, radio broadcasts, and more. These royalties originate from varied sources, including Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) and mechanical royalties from streaming and sales.

Through its publishing administration, RouteNote assists in collecting these royalties on behalf of artists. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to note that RouteNote claims a percentage of the collected publishing royalties as part of its service charge.


What Types of Royalties Does RouteNote Collect?

RouteNote centers its efforts on collecting two primary types of royalties: mechanical royalties and performance royalties.

Mechanical royalties arise from the sale or streaming of your music on different platforms. These royalties are allocated to the songwriter, composer, and publisher for the utilization of the musical composition. RouteNote facilitates the collection and distribution of these royalties to the appropriate recipients.

Performance royalties, on the other hand, materialize when your music is played in public spaces, broadcasted on radio, or streamed online. These royalties are gathered by PROs like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC in the United States. Although RouteNote doesn’t directly collect performance royalties, its publishing administration service aids in managing these royalties for Premium users.


Does RouteNote Upload To YouTube?

Certainly, RouteNote extends YouTube Content ID monetization services to artists. This entails that when you distribute your music through RouteNote, it can be registered within YouTube’s Content ID system. This system facilitates the identification and monetization of videos on YouTube that incorporate your music.

As someone incorporates your music into a video on YouTube, RouteNote’s system detects it, allowing you to earn a portion of the ad revenue generated by these videos. This avenue provides artists with an extra avenue to monetize their music and amplify their reach through the immensely popular video-sharing platform.


Payment at RouteNote

RouteNote maintains a transparent payment system, albeit with varying timings and methods contingent on the service type chosen. For Free users, payments are typically disbursed once your account attains a minimum balance of $50. Conversely, Premium users, who retain their earnings in full, often receive payments more frequently — monthly or quarterly — based on the payout policies of the platforms.

How Does RouteNote Pay You?

The process of getting paid through RouteNote involves a few steps:

Upload Your Music: Artists sign up on the RouteNote platform and upload their music. They can choose between two options: RouteNote’s Free model, which offers distribution at no upfront cost but takes a percentage of revenue, or the Premium model, where artists retain 100% of their revenue after a small upfront fee.

Earning Monetization: Once your music is available on streaming platforms, RouteNote helps generate revenue when your songs are streamed, downloaded, or purchased. This revenue comes from sources such as streaming royalties and digital sales.

Accumulation of Earnings: As your music accumulates earnings, RouteNote tracks these earnings in your account dashboard.

Withdrawal: Artists can request a withdrawal of their earnings from RouteNote once they meet the minimum payout threshold. The funds are then transferred to the artist’s chosen payment method, such as PayPal or bank transfer.

How Often Does RouteNote Pay?

RouteNote offers flexibility when it comes to payment frequency. Artists can choose between two payment schedules:

Monthly Payments: Artists who opt for the monthly payment schedule receive their earnings at the end of each month. This is an ideal option for those who prefer a consistent, regular income stream.

Quarterly Payments: Artists can also choose to receive payments on a quarterly basis. This means that earnings will be paid out every three months. This option is suitable for artists who are comfortable with less frequent payouts but potentially higher amounts.

How Long Does RouteNote Take to Pay?

The time it takes for RouteNote to process payments varies based on the chosen payment schedule and the platform’s internal processing times. For artists who opt for monthly payments, they can typically expect to receive their earnings within a few days after the end of the month. On the other hand, artists who choose quarterly payments will receive their earnings a few days after the end of each quarter.

It’s important to note that payment processing times can be affected by factors such as the volume of transactions, the payment method chosen, and any potential delays from third-party payment processors.

How Much Does RouteNote Take?

RouteNote offers two distinct payment models, each with its own fee structure:

Free Model: Under this model, artists can distribute their music for free. However, RouteNote takes a percentage of the revenue generated by the artist’s music. The percentage varies depending on the platform the music is streamed on and the type of subscription (free or premium) used by the listener. This model allows artists to get their music out without upfront costs, but they share a portion of their earnings.

Premium Model: Artists who opt for the Premium model pay a one-time fee per release but keep 100% of the revenue generated by their music. This model is suitable for artists who want to maximize their earnings and maintain complete control over their revenue.

How Much Does RouteNote Pay per Stream?

The payment per stream varies widely depending on the streaming platform, the region where the stream originates, and the user’s subscription type. RouteNote, like other distribution services, receives payments from streaming platforms and then distributes these earnings to the artists.

Streaming platforms pay artists based on a complex formula that takes into account factors such as the total revenue generated by the platform, the number of streams an artist receives, and the artist’s market share. This means that there isn’t a fixed payment rate per stream, and the earnings per stream can vary significantly.

When Does RouteNote Pay?

RouteNote processes payments to artists once they have accumulated enough earnings to meet the minimum payout threshold. The payout thresholds may vary based on the chosen payment method. Once an artist reaches the threshold, they can request a withdrawal of their earnings, and RouteNote will initiate the payment process according to the chosen payment schedule (monthly or quarterly).

What Percentage Does RouteNote Take?

The percentage RouteNote takes from an artist’s earnings varies based on the distribution model chosen:

Free Model: Under this model, RouteNote takes a percentage of the revenue generated by the artist’s music. The exact percentage can range from around 15% to 25%, depending on various factors such as the platform and subscription type.

Premium Model: Artists who choose the Premium model retain 100% of their revenue after paying a small upfront fee per release. This means that RouteNote does not take any percentage from their earnings.

In an era where technology reshapes the music industry, RouteNote emerges as a pivotal platform democratizing music distribution for independent artists. With its user-friendly interface, adaptable pricing options, and extensive distribution channels, RouteNote empowers musicians to share their art globally while retaining their creative rights. Whether you’re a budding artist seeking a platform to launch your musical journey or an established creator aiming to expand your reach, RouteNote offers an effective solution to navigate the intricate landscape of digital music distribution.


Can I fix the audio once it's already posted on RouteNote?

Modifying audio after posting on RouteNote can be challenging, with limited editing options available post-release.

Can I change the artwork on RouteNote?

You can change the artwork on RouteNote before distribution by updating it during the submission process.

RouteNote, how long to get on Spotify?

Typically, RouteNote takes 1-3 weeks to deliver your music to Spotify, although timing may vary.

Does RouteNote make CDs?

RouteNote primarily focuses on digital distribution and does not handle CD production.

Does RouteNote sell CDs?

RouteNote doesn’t facilitate CD sales; its services are centered around digital distribution.

Does RouteNote still exist?

RouteNote currently still exists and successfully provides its services.

How to cancel a RouteNote subscription?

To cancel a RouteNote subscription, navigate to “Account Settings” after logging in, and follow the cancellation instructions provided.

How to change your name on RouteNote?

Changing your name on RouteNote might not be feasible after account creation; contact their support for assistance.

How to contact RouteNote support?

For contacting RouteNote support, visit their website’s “Contact Us” section or email them at [email protected].

How to delete a RouteNote account?

Deleting a RouteNote account isn’t always straightforward; contact support for guidance tailored to your situation.

How to email RouteNote?

You can reach out to RouteNote by sending an email to [email protected] for general inquiries.

How to split royalties on RouteNote?

Collaborative royalty splits can be managed during the track upload process on RouteNote, facilitating artist collaborations.

Is RouteNote any good?

RouteNote’s quality can vary; explore alternative distribution platforms to ensure the best fit for your needs.

Is RouteNote legit?

RouteNote is a legitimate platform for digital music distribution, providing services to independent artists.

Is RouteNote Pro worth it?

The value of RouteNote Pro depends on your requirements; assess its features before considering an upgrade.

Is RouteNote safe?

While RouteNote aims to offer a safe experience, exercise caution as you would on any online platform.

Is RouteNote worth it?

RouteNote’s worth is subjective and depends on your music goals; compare its benefits with other platforms.

Is RouteNote a publisher?

RouteNote is a music distribution service; it helps artists get their music onto various online platforms.

What does RouteNote do?

RouteNote assists artists in distributing their music to a wide array of online platforms, enhancing their online presence.

What is RouteNote Pro publishing?

RouteNote Pro Publishing likely offers advanced distribution features for artists, possibly for a fee.

Who does RouteNote distribute to?

RouteNote distributes music to various platforms, including streaming services and online music stores.

Does RouteNote have an app?

RouteNote has developed a mobile app. Check app stores for the last version availability.