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Nocturnal Wonderland: Discovering the Hidden Delights of the Night

As the sun sets and the moon casts its ethereal glow, this magical world unveils its secrets, inviting you to explore and indulge in its mesmerizing wonders. From pulsating music that sets your heart racing to breathtaking light displays that dance with the rhythm of the night, Nocturnal Wonderland is a sensory extravaganza that will leave you spellbound. Discover the thrill of roaming amidst the night creatures, the exhilaration of losing yourself in a sea of euphoria, and the joy of connecting with fellow nocturnal enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an avid night owl or simply seeking a new adventure, Nocturnal Wonderland promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the beauty and allure of the night. Get ready to immerse yourself in a nocturnal wonderland like no other. Step into a world where darkness reveals its hidden delights and the night comes alive with a symphony of colors, sounds, and vibrant energy.


When was the first Nocturnal Wonderland festival?

The first Nocturnal Wonderland festival was held in Downtown Los Angeles on February 11, 1995, making it the longest-running electronic music festival in North America.


Who owns Nocturnal Wonderland?

Nocturnal Wonderland is owned by Insomniac Events, a company that produces electronic music festivals and events.


Where is Nocturnal Wonderland held?

Nocturnal Wonderland is held at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, California. It’s a park that includes a water park, picnic facilities, disc golf, fishing, camping, and more.


When Does The Nocturnal Wonderland Lineup Come Out?

The Nocturnal Wonderland 2023 lineup was announced on June 6, 2023, by Pasquale Rotella on Twitter.


How much are Nocturnal Wonderland tickets?

This year’s edition (2023) sees two-day passes start at $149.99 (+ taxes and fees), with layaway plans available for a deposit of $9.99 down at the time of purchase.


When is Nocturnal Wonderland?

Nocturnal Wonderland 2023 will take place on September 16 and 17, 2023 at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino, California.


Why Nocturnal Wonderland is Famous

Nocturnal Wonderland is famous for being the oldest Insomniac Festival and the longest-running electronic music festival in North America. It started in 1995 in Los Angeles and has since grown into a massive event that attracts thousands of fans every year.

It features a diverse lineup of artists from various genres of electronic music, such as trance, drum and bass, breakbeat, and house. It also offers a fantastical world of art installations, performers, carnival rides, and camping options. It is a festival that celebrates the magic and wonder of the night.


Nocturnal Wonderland Places to Stay

There are different options for places to stay at Nocturnal Wonderland. You can choose to camp at the festival grounds, either in a tent, a car, or an RV. Camping offers a convenient and fun way to enjoy the festival and join the camping community. You can also book a hotel nearby through Insomniac’s partner site, which offers discounted rates for festival attendees.

Alternatively, you can park your vehicle at the venue or get dropped off by a friend or a rideshare service. If you are flying in from another city or country, you can check the nearest airports to the festival location.


Hotels with Shuttles near The Nocturnal Wonderland Festival

Hotels with shuttles near the Nocturnal Wonderland festival are part of the official hotel packages offered by Insomniac Events. They include round-trip transportation between the hotel and the festival site on both days of the event.

Some of the hotels with shuttles are Hilton Garden Inn San Bernardino, Hampton Inn & Suites San Bernardino, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Bernardino, and Residence Inn by Marriott San Bernardino. You can book these hotel packages online from their official website or Festicket.


When does Nocturnal Wonderland End?

The 2023 Nocturnal Wonderland festival is scheduled to end on September 17, 2023.


When Do Nocturnal Wonderland Tickets Ship?

The Nocturnal Wonderland tickets ship about two to four weeks before the festival date. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number when your tickets are shipped. If you have not received your tickets within one week of the event, please contact Front Gate Tickets.


What time is Nocturnal Wonderland?

The festival hours are 3 pm to midnight daily. The camping hours are from Friday, September 15, 10 am to Monday, September 18, 3 pm. The camping check-in hours are Friday, September 15, 10 am to 11:59 pm, and Saturday, September 16, 9 am to 12 pm. The camping box office and ticket help hours are Friday, September 15, 10 am to Saturday, September 16, 3 pm.


Who is Performing (Plays) at Nocturnal Wonderland?

The performers for Nocturnal Wonderland 2023 have been confirmed. The lineup features a variety of house and bass artists such as AC Slater, Claude VonStroke, Seven Lions, Dombresky, Eptic, Alison Wonderland, Subtronics, Pendulum, VNSSA, Wooli, YOOKiE, and more.

Final Thoughts

Nocturnal Wonderland is an exciting and captivating festival that celebrates the mesmerizing music of the night. From costumes to camping, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy at this two-day event.

Whether you’re a fan of EDM, hip-hop, or any other genre, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable experience filled with electrifying beats and unique experiences. Make sure to bring the right clothes, tickets, and camp essentials so you can make the most out of Nocturnal Wonderland!

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Is Nocturnal Wonderland a Rave?

Nocturnal Wonderland is a rave, which is a term used to describe a large dance party with electronic music, lights, and visuals. Nocturnal Wonderland is also a festival, which means it has multiple stages, artists, and attractions

Is Nocturnal Wonderland Free?

No, Nocturnal Wonderland is not free. You need to buy a ticket to enter the festival. The tickets vary in price depending on the type and availability

What is the Age Limit for Nocturnal Wonderland?

The age limit for Nocturnal Wonderland is 18 and over. You need to show a valid government-issued photo ID to enter the festival. If you are under 18, you will not be allowed to enter the festival even if you have a ticket or are accompanied by an adult

Is Nocturnal Wonderland the Biggest Festival?

No, Nocturnal Wonderland is not the biggest festival in the world in terms of attendance or size. However, it is the oldest Insomniac festival and the longest-running electronic music festival in North America. It attracts thousands of fans every year and features a diverse lineup of artists from various genres of electronic music

Can you watch Nocturnal Wonderland Online?

There is no official live stream for Nocturnal Wonderland 2023, as the festival is meant to be experienced in person. However, you can still enjoy the sounds of the festival stages by tuning in to Insomniac Radio, which streams 24/7 electronic music from various Insomniac events. You can also explore the world of Nocturnal Wonderland on their website, which features information about the stages, performers, art, and community

Are Nocturnal Wonderland Tickets Refundable?

Nocturnal Wonderland tickets are non-refundable. All sales are final and there are no refunds. However, if the festival is canceled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund or a credit for a future event

Can you Resell Nocturnal Wonderland Tickets?

Yes. You can resell Nocturnal Wonderland tickets through authorized platforms such as Ticketmaster Verified Resale or Festicket Resale. These platforms allow you to sell your tickets safely and securely to other fans who want to attend the festival. You can also transfer your tickets to someone else through your Front Gate Tickets account

Is Nocturnal Wonderland Safe?

Yes. Nocturnal Wonderland is safe as long as you follow the rules and guidelines of the festival and take care of yourself and others. Insomniac Events provides security, medical staff, and emergency services at the festival site to ensure your safety and well-being

Is Nocturnal Wonderland 24 hours?

No. Nocturnal Wonderland is not 24 hours. The festival hours are from 3:00 PM to midnight on both days of the event. This means that attendees will have 9 hours to enjoy outstanding entertainment from world-class DJs and artists. However, some pre-parties and after-parties extend the festivities beyond the official hours for campers and VIP ticket holders

What to wear at the Nocturnal Wonderland festival?

There is no dress code for Nocturnal Wonderland, but you should wear something comfortable, colorful, and creative that expresses your personality and style. You can also wear costumes or accessories that match the theme of the festival, which is a fantastical world of art and music inspired by nocturnal animals. You should also check the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothing and footwear for different temperatures and conditions

Can Nocturnal Wonderland tickets be Transferred?

Nocturnal Wonderland tickets can be transferred to someone else through your Front Gate Tickets account. You can log in to your account and select the option to transfer your tickets to another person’s email address. The recipient will need to accept the transfer and create their account to access the tickets

When did the Nocturnal Wonderland Festival Start?

The inaugural Nocturnal Wonderland festival was held on February 11, 1995, in Downtown Los Angeles. Originally known as the “Nocturnal Festival,” the event was renamed “Nocturnal Wonderland” in 2008 to better convey its theme and ambiance

Which Nocturnal Wonderland Festival is the Biggest?

The biggest Nocturnal Wonderland festival in terms of attendance was the 2010 edition. It attracted over 50,000 people to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California. It was also the first time that the festival expanded to two days and featured five stages

How many days is Nocturnal Wonderland?

Nocturnal Wonderland is a two-day event that usually occurs in early September around Labor Day. The next edition will take place on September 16 and 17, 2023

Where to stay at Nocturnal Wonderland?

You have several options for where to stay at Nocturnal Wonderland, depending on your preference and budget. You can choose from hotels, motels, campgrounds, and RV parks near the festival site. There are also official hotel packages that include shuttle service to and from the festival.

If you prefer to camp at the festival, you can choose from different camping options such as tent camping, car camping, waterfront camping, lakeside camping, and RV camping. Camping at Nocturnal Wonderland gives you access to pre-parties and after-parties, a silent disco, a water park, yoga sessions, arts and crafts, and more