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Prices for one track in Ghost Producing

Today we are going to talk with a founder of the Ghost Production Service called ‘I am Ghost Producer’ – Vered Anatolii (a DJ and musician under the name ARYS).

Anatolii, please tell about the prices for one song on your website?

To say it shortly, the prices per one track are in the following range: from $199 to $699.

What influences the price?

There are several factors that affect the price. When we receive a new track, we listen to it and evaluate its idea, quality as well as genre it’s written in. So, all of that is used to define what the price of a particular track will be. Some music styles are sold quickly, and there are some genres that have a worse demand.
By the way, the tracks that we define as high-quality and that have a good idea, we publish in the section called Premium.

Do you provide discounts on your tracks?

Actually, we’ve got a special page for that, where our customers can buy a track with a discount. The section is called Super Sale. Anybody may purchase a track according to the budget. The minimum prices start from $199 per track.

What if a customer wants to order a custom track, can you help with that?

There is only one variant in which we make custom tracks.

How it all happens:

1) You transfer us $100 and we start making a track based on your reference.

2) When the track is ready, we send it to you for listening.
a) If You are satisfied with the result, You transfer another $599. The total will be $100 (your deposit) + $599 = $699. And We will send you all the track files;
b) If You don’t like the track, We’ll just upload it to the site and sell it. In this case, We do not return the $100 to you. These funds are given to the producer for spending his time writing the song. As You understood, with the worst schedule – you spend $100.

3) An important detail. We do not edit finished tracks. You can do this yourself or with your assistant producer, if there is one.

It’s up to You, our friend. If its good for you, write us at our WhatsApp.


What is the average net income from one song that a Ghost Producer gets?

On average, it is about $125 – $399 per song. More details about the income of a Ghost Producers here.


Anatolii, thank you so much for the answers!


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